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  1. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Hey girls and guys, well I started lipotrim yesterday so day 2 today so far so good... Went bowling with my brother and my daughter today... Guess where he wanted lunch... KFC!!!! So while they sat there eating I just sipped my water, I didn't touch a thing, I am so proud of myself for not slipping (I know it's only say two) so 100% so far lol...

    I have about 6/7 stone to lose... I am around a size 18/20 (mostly 18) would love to be a size 12 (10 would be amazing but I think it's too much to ask when I look at myself).

    I have tried many diets and I just can't stick to it as I'm more of a "want quick results" girl, a friend recommended this to me she lost a huge 6 and half stone in 4months!!! Amazing! So I'm on a mission, my mum and dad are renewing there vows in September, do you think I will reach my goal of a size 12 by then?? I have done myself a little chart (sad I know) with my goals on it so I can tick them off as I reach them, I am so excited but I can't see myself being smaller, did anyone else feel like this? I am 27 and since the end of primary school the weight piled on :eek:( so its time for a huge change! Any way peeps I'm sure I have all bored you now lol...
    Sammie xxx
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  3. iwillbthin

    iwillbthin Member

    hi im 26 and im the same size im 13 stone 3 and started monday i have 4 children too but i have been on this b4 when i had more weight to loose and lost 5 stone in 4 months so it is achiveable gud look x
  4. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Wow that's great!!! Thank you, I love reading people's goals and that they have reached them, the most inspirational things for me is seeing people's before and after pictures and in such little time it took them... Dying to have something to chew on next week lol... X
  5. Dusty67

    Dusty67 Just keep swimming!

    Hi Sammi,

    There's no reason why you shouldnt have 5 stone off by September as long as you stick to the shakes 100% and drink LOTS of water.
    I only lost 1lb this week, but I had a slip up and thinking back I hardly drank anything all week (I think I even missed two shales because I was so stressed). So sip sip sip and you'll soon lose, lose, lose!!
  6. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Hey hun, thank you for the advice, I am being good so far lol only day two though lol... I drink lots of water (bottled) I won't drink it out of my tap tastes odd lol!!! 1lb is still a loss so well done... How much have you lost in total and how long have you been on?? Xx
  7. Dusty67

    Dusty67 Just keep swimming!

    I've lost 2 and half stone in 6 weeks. Yeah!!
  8. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Wow that's amazing!!!!! Well done! You must be very proud of yourself x
  9. Dusty67

    Dusty67 Just keep swimming!

    I'm starting to be. Not felt proud of myself for such a long time!
  10. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Hey fellow lipotrimers,
    Well im on day 4 100% and it's not easy, all you that have got so far I feel I have such a long way to go... 7 stone 13lb of it to go to goal!! I set my self mini goals so it doesn't seem so far, I can't stop thinking about food!!! But I have been very good!!! I just keep thinking "can I do this" then I think a little while later "yes I can" as it's only me that can lose it no one is going to do it for me and this must be the fastest way... I am going to go swimming Monday and Tuesday to help give my first WI on wednesday a boost... If that's possible!!

    I think my TOTM (if it's what I think that means is) has just arrived!!! Maybe doesn't help to me being so hungry!!!

    Anyway guys hope your all well xxx

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  11. AliGal

    AliGal Silver Member

    I don't think a list of goals is silly>>>in fact I think it's really helpful. And writing a list of all the reasons why you want to be there helps too. When you think you've finished, find another 20 or 30. Aim for 60+ reasons. Then you can look at it to strengthen yourself if you need to.

    I remember what it is like when you start. I can't believe I am nearly 40lbs down since mid Dec - and it seemed impossible when I started that I could a) do it and b) loose 100lbs+ > Now I think it's absolutely certain that I will get to a goal weight that suits me (somewhere between 10-12 stone - we'll decide when I get nearer). I've found that doing what I am asked to do, every day, and saying no thanks, when temptation is around really works.

    So congratulations on your great start. You'll be at goal maintaining well for your parents' celebration.

  12. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Wow Ali you have done fab!!! You must be so proud of yourself that is fantastic!!!

    Its hard isn't it, but I keep thinking in my head I have to do this, I want it so bad that's what is helping me from slipping, can't wait to get the flapjacks next week, I think that will help me loads being able to eat/chew on something...

    I have decided that I'm not going out (out out) until I have lost a lot of it, I haven't told many people either so it will be a huge shock to people... I'm always the "fat" one out of a lot of my friends.... (I do have a couple bigger than me) but I'd love for once to say... "wow sammie you look amazing"

    I have been so unlucky in love also so now I'm cutting off men until I'm ready to start again, I kinda have a thing with my male best friend but I won't say no more I don't want to jinx it (incase things turn for the better :) hehe)

    What was your start weight?? I'm 17.13lb I want to get to the same kind of goal as you 10-12 stone depending what size I am when I get to 12... As I'm a size 18 at the moment love to be a size 10/12 so we shall see everyone is so different and it's hard to picture yourself smaller lol!!!

    Sorry for going on and on


    That's a pic of me now (well last weekend) xx

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  13. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Ooooo very odd my feet and legs have gone all cold and I'm under a blanket.... Strange x

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  14. fondant

    fondant New Member

    Hi Sammi, I am on day 4 of lighter life and like you I want to lose 4-5 stone (im a size 18/20) I want to get to a size 14, I am very cold today, I'm usually boiling!, I put some fleecy pjs on but ended up having to get in bed, no doubt I will have to get up to the bathroom a million times, all this water!! good luck with your dieting and keep us posted , xxxx
  15. fondant

    fondant New Member

    Wow Dusty what an inspiration your doing terrifically well! keep up with the posts please as they keep me going! xxx
  16. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Hey hun, thanks for your reply, I will go to bed in abit, just having a sneaky peek through the summer catalogue lol...
    They are freakishly cold!!!
    I know the feeling of the trips to the loo... I don't think I have ever been so much in the past 4 days then I have in the year lol!!! Good luck to you too xx

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  17. fondant

    fondant New Member

    Ooh I daren't look at summer clothes yet! I will not let myself buy anymore clothes until i've lost some weight though. I have a wardrobe full of clothes that i never wear as I feel uncomfortable in them , buying to many clothes to try and look slim! lol, I just keep thinking to myself, I can't wait to be slim, and getting excited about how I might, No sorry, WILL look! lol xxx
  18. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Lol haha I won't be buying until its started to drop off me lol... Just "page shopping" lol I can't wait to feel comfortable in new clothes I never thought I'd ever be able to wear.... Watch out world here come the new sexy girls of 2012 lol xx

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  19. AliGal

    AliGal Silver Member

    Thank you, Sammie. Yes - I am proud of myself. And yet it seems to so simple and easy. Just doing what they said and doing it every day. I remove temptation...I had to tell my DH to remove the Xmas cake with all that lovely marzipan and icing!

    I think it helps to stop thinking 'this is hard' and to switch it to I am doing this. Slipping isnt an option, cos you are not a Cheater.

    I absolutely understand you not going out. You'll feel much more comfortable with going out as you get good results. I am now very comfortable to request very specific veggie food in line with the restrictive list of veg in specific portion sizes and tiny amopunt of oil. Before, I would have found that embarrassing. I have attended several parties and drank sparkling water. Like you, I tell myself this is the most important thing - and I really want the results.

    I haven't told people either - unless I need to beacuse they are preparing food for me, except a couple of supportive friends. I havent succeeded in other diets so I prefer it this way. Apparently one needs to loose a shedload of weight before people notice!

    My start weight for Alizonne is below my name in lefthand column - just below 300lbs - My highest weight last yr was nearly 23st. I lost some eating paleo. I'm now 18st6lbs - so still heavier than you! I'm probably slipping from c24 to 22 and look forward to getting to size 18. Like you, I want to be size 10-12. I've taken to asking women I know well enough, what size they are.

    Sammie - you and I and many others will be amazing! We'll get there and stay there - amazing women that we are!


    PS It's worth those trips to the loo as lots of water helps prevent gall stones, so I've been told. I think I stopped 3 times in a 3 hour car journey home this evening.....and managed 3 almost acceptably clean service station toilets - a better record than usual.
  20. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Wow that's a fantastic loss already!!
    We WILL do this, like you seems to be the best/fastest way I can do it, no other "food" diets has ever worked for me, this forum is great it's helping me keep on track ESP seeing all them before and after pics, wow wow wow!!! I want to be/ am going to be along side them girls who have all made it, so will you hehe...

    Funny enough my "friends" that are bigger than me are the ones that try "warn" you off diets like these... My body my choice!!! I think it's because they don't want me to change so much to make themselves feel good.... Shame that because I am going to if they like it or not :)

    I'm actually really excited about my first WI that's so sad lol!!!

    I keep also watching "don't tell the bride" I love it!!! Also wish "maybe one day" (how random was that)

    Do your days seem to go as slow as mine? They keep dragging fast forward 6months time Please!!!

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  21. AliGal

    AliGal Silver Member you say it, my days started slow...but suddenly, I'm two months on. So I feel I'm really under way. In some ways it feels like forever, and yet in some ways it feels like just a few minutes.

    And I can't really really believe that I am 3 stone+lighter. I so know I will reach my goal ...the first time ever I have felt this way.


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