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*~*SarahandMolly*~* Food Diary

Well here I am, I am new to SW so I may aswell give this a bash to see if it will help me on my 'journey' - no not off anywhere fancy, it's my weight loss journey! :giggle:

Well today is Extra Easy for me, as I had already cooked a few bits etc and planned so here goes:

Breakfast: Mandarin Muller Light Yoghurt & 1 Medium Banana
(This is normally a smoothie but because my 2yr old decided to play silly ******* this is all I could manage!)

Lunch: 1/2 Onion & Potato Tortilla from the latest SW magazine

Dinner: Boneless Pork Chops with probably Veg and Potatoes. I may push the boat out and make a tomato based sauce to go with it :)

Snacks: Grapes, Apple, Banana, Seafood Sticks, 2 cans coke zero, 1 pack Walkers Lites

Healthy Extras: Cheese & Bread (Both with dinner... Mmmm)

So that equals so far 5.5 syns for today - reason being I went over a tad yesterday with a bit of wine :rolleyes: but hey, that's what felxible syns are all about.

See y'all later :cool:
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loves food and cooking
Oooh! so you thought you would give it a try eh?! Nice to see a food diary - I find it helps me stay firmly on the straight and narrow :D

Just checking though, I am not sure if you know that if you put fruit in a smoothie it is no longer free, it becomes synned? Fruit is only free if 'whole from the bowl'

... anyhoo, have a lovely day - I also have pork chops for tea yummmm
Good Morning All :)

Well sorry I didn't post yesterday, I teach dancing and I also went out to the cinema last night so I didn't have a chance to get on here at all :eek: Not good!

Anyhow, Hi Angie :wavey: with my smoothie, normally all I have is 1 banana, 1 apple, 2 kiwi's a Mullerlight yoghurt and a splash of milk... the fruit is all free, along with the yoghurt and as I don't really use milk I count it as 1/2 syn as it really is only a small amount, not enough to use as a HEX... if I am wrong then please tell me as I don't want to bet getting it wrong ;)

Anyhoo - here is my diary for yesterday and what I predict for today


Breakfast: Small bowl of branflakes / Milk
Lunch: 2 Slices Wholemeal Toast / Thinly spread Bertolli
Dinner: Cinema Hotdog :sigh:
Snacks: Apple, Mullerlight
Hmmm seem to have had a bit of a vague day yesterday by the looks of it :rolleyes:

Sunday - Extra Easy as out for lunch today

Breakfast: 2 Slices Wholemeal Toast (hexb)/ Thinly Spread Bertolli

Snack: Apple

Lunch: Chicken or Turkey roast dinner (Whichever is served) I will have vegetables (Plain... so no cauliflower cheese etc) and boiled potatoes

Dinner: Probably a small salad as I will be bursting from lunch :)

Today can be subject to change - so I will update if necessary :)

Have a lovely Sunday all xx


loves food and cooking
Yep - sorry hun, your smoothie has to be synned. All fruit has syns if you puree, blend or cook it. It works out as : banana (4syns) apple (2.5syns) kiwi (2x1 syn) plus muller (free) milk splash (1/2) - so your smoothie is actually 9syns :eek:

Instead, chop the same fruits as a fruit salad with a muller on top, it will be free :D
OMG!!!!! :eek::eek::eek: Well I can safely :wave_cry: goodbye to those for my breakfast and maybe have them as a treat! Oh well! Thanks Angie hun! xx


loves food and cooking
yes - soooo sorry to be the bearer of bad news :(

mind you, those fruits would make a fab fruit salad in the morning :D
Morning All :wavey:

Angie thanks for that hun! No smoothie for me this morning! Lol

Extra Easy for me today :)

Breakfast: 2 x Alpen Light Bars (HEXB)

Snack: 1 banana, 2 Satsuma's

Lunch: Ham, potatoes, celery, spring onion mixed in a very low fat fromage frais/extra light mayo & mustard powder dressing (1syn)
1 normal sized Scotch Egg - 7.5 Syns

Snack: Slice of SW syn free quiche made with red pepper, onion & mushrooms

Dinner: Aromatic chicken curry & rice from the EE booklet (Can't syn it as yet :) )

Snack: 42g lump of reduced fat cheddar (HEXA)

Also a 1.5ltr bottle of water and 2 cans of coke zero :)

Total syns so far - 8.5

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Good Morning All!

Weigh in day today for me :fingerscrossed: even though I am looking forward to it, I am scared as well :rolleyes:

Well EE again for me today. Here is my menu so far...

1 x Alpen Light Bars - HEXB

2 x Plums
1 x Banana

Tinned Tuna
Syn free salad
Seafood Sticks x 8
2 tblsp Extra Light Mayo - 1 Syn

Syn free quiche

Remainder of Aromatic Chicken Curry & Boiled Rice

ETA - HEXA - 2 x Babybel Light cheeses

Treat (After WI)
A glass of red wine

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Think I am going to have to re-read my books! I stayed the same this week and absolutely gutted :(:(


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Found it! I have no idea about EE, but I agree about trying some proper red and green days. Also, try and be consistent in your daily food - the day when you had the cinema hot dog you ate hardly anything, which is going to knock you out of kilter. If you starve your body one day, it'll hang on to what it gets so it doesn't starve again.

But like I said in my other post, I bet you have a big loss next week.


Is so very nearly there!
Yes I agree mixing your days may work better as your body adjusts, I do EE but chuck red days in now, v rarely have green now!?

Dont forget ya syns too - have at least 10 a day :)

Keep going and im with Harrie you will have a loss next week! x
Thanks for the advice ladies, much appreciated. I have planned to do a red day tomorrow and green the days after and will take every 2 days as it comes. Will carry on posting my menu's and if you could have a look and offer any advice if needed I would be grateful. Thank you again xxx


loves food and cooking
just sending you some <hugs> as I have got in from WI and checked in on us tuesday weighers.

I am positive you will have a great week next week - take care xxx
Thanks Angie, it means a lot xx
Good Morning all :D

I am back with a vengeance! :giggle: Don't get me wrong, I did find it hard this morning to get up and get motivated to cook my lunch / breakfast but I did and glad I did too :) If you could all do me a favour, read my food diary for the next week just so I know I am doing the plan right... any advice is greatly received as you all know already.

Well today is a RED day for me :)

Salmon (Free) & scrambled egg (Free)

Grapes (Free)
Mullerlight Yoghurt (Free)

Chicken / Bacon / Lettuce / Red Onion (All free - cut fat off bacon)
on 2 Slices of Wholemeal Bread (HEXB)
1 tblsp Extra Light Mayo - 1/2 Syn

3 Babybel Light Cheeses (HEXA)
1 Banana (Free)
2 Satsuma's (Free)

Beef Chilli (Using Bovril for gravy) - Free
Added carrots, mushrooms & celery (Free)
100g Wholemeal Pasta (HEXB)

ETA: I done 4 out of the 5 sections of the Charlie Brooks DVD - 40 mins exercise :)

Any advice appreciated :D xx
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Can someone have a look and tell me if my red day I had yesterday was ok please?

Today is a GREEN day :) As follows:

2 x Alpen Light Bars - HEXB

Mid Morning Snack:
1 small pot of raspberries,
3 Mini Babybel Lights - HEXA

2 Slices of Wholemeal Bread (400g loaf) - HEXB
Very Low Fat Cottage Cheese
Mixed Salad Leaves

Mid Afternoon Snack
1 Banana
1 Mullerlight Yoghurt

SW Chips
Tin of Mushy Pea's

Late Night Treat: 2 fingered Orange Kit Kat - 5.5

Total Syns for today: 5.5

Also can you be kind enough to look at my day today to make sure I am right :) Thanks in advance xx
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loves food and cooking
Both days are fine Sarah - you are using your A and B choices, and the things you think are free, ARE free!

As ever - usual reminders - make sure you are eating lots to satisfy you appetite. Re today (green) I might have moved the bread from lunch to tea (so bread, chips, mushy peas) then having either pasta or jacket pot or cous cous etc for lunch with the cottage cheese and salad.

Good to see you will have some wine tonight, as yesterday you didn't have enough syns - try to fit some in somewhere!

Keep drinking plenty of water (do you try to have a certain amount of glasses a day? are you a tea/coffee/squash drinker?) - water helps your body process all this wonderful food, and can aid your loss (although don't drink too close to weigh in - water weighs heavy!)
Hi Angie,

Thanks for having a look through for me, I am glad things are looking right! :D (For a change ;))

With regards to moving the bread to my dinner, I eat late and what I had filled me up until this morning. So really there is no need.

Drinking, all I drink it water and the occasional can of coke zero... I easily drink over 2ltrs a day. I don't drink after 4.30 on WI day as my WI is at 6.30pm... hope that it ok.

I am finding it hard to do green days, but hey I am going to stick to it... I want and NEED a loss this week :giggle: xx
Morning All :D

Sorry there wasn't a post in this thread yesterday, I was busy having a clearout due to me moving house in 3wks. I was hardly on my laptop yesterday (Which makes a change) :giggle:

Anyhoo.... here is yesterday's menu:

Yesterday - was a RED Day

2 rashers of bacon (All visible fat removed)
2 'Fried' Eggs (Frylight)
Button Mushrooms

Lamb Shank
Brocolli / Carrots / Green Beans
New Potatoes - 1.5 Syns
175ml Glass of Dry white wine - 6.5 Syns :rolleyes:

2 Mini Babybel Light cheeses - HEX A

Beef Burgers (Homemade)
- Lean Mince Beef - Worcester Sauce - Onion - Mixed Herbs
- Frylight so all free
2 x 95g wholemeal baps :eek: 1 bap was 2 x HEX B and the other was synned at 11 syns :eek::eek: Won't be eating those again! Lol :D

Syns for today - 19 :copon:Oops! :( But I hardly had any yesterday, I am also doing the weekly syns instead of the daily ones... so I am still on track :)

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