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Sarah's Cambridge Diary

Day 1 today

I've done VLCDs before but haven't touched one for a few years. This is my first time on Cambridge - I'm extremely excited but at the end of day one, head is thumping and forgot how hard these first few days are!

100lbs to lose and hoping to get 4 st gone by Xmas. Going away for Xmas so will need to hop up a couple of steps for that. Then hopefully back down to the lower steps until goal.

I'm daunted but I know I can do it because I dropped 9 stone on lipotrim a few years ago!

Breakfast: Banana tetra, lunch: chocolate tetra, dinner: choc mint shake. All rather nice!

Another entry soon - hope everyone's had a good day xx
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Good luck chick....Im on day 5 tomozza and the first two days were okay, had a ***** of a day yesterday and today has been good....as I have been saying loads recently "Eyes on the prize" xxx
Day 2 - not so bad. Lovely lay in this morning. Had such a terrible head yesterday I took myself off to bed early and this morning had a cheeky peek at the scales, 4lbs down - wishful thinking! I'm aware is water and glycogen but nice to see nevertheless.

Banana shake and butterscotch so far. Banana was no different from the tetra and butterscotch was nice. Think they might become my fix when I'm craving something sweet! Although today was pretty amusing as my boyfriends car air freshener is a jelly belly tangerine smell and it actually made my mouth water. Tragic x
Day 3 - not a great day. Diet wise fine, if not a bit silly.

By which I mean it's 19:15 and I've only had 1 shake. def have another in a sec and then try and squeeze in another later.

Just been in a bad mood today. We're decorating the house, which we bought in may, only starting on one bedroom but it's just so rubbish! We're doing it properly, stripping, sugarsoaping, sanding etc and it's just getting me down. The house is dusty, the room looks terrible and we don't seem to be making progress!

I'm useless at stuff like this but the boyfriend is very good. Feel useless, tired and grumpy.

A curtain pole fell off in another room and so we've had to go buy a new one and curtains (the old ones were not great!). The bf put them up and the middle support fell off Coz the previous people had made such a botch job of doing it before, the brick is mullered where they've drilled so much! We drilled new holes and the brick just crumbled!

Then we tried to bleed a radiator to strip the wall behind it, pipes bent and water arrived. Managed to stop disaster there.

Urgh. Lovely bath has sorted me now tho. Excellent rant.

Lol.....I think the only thing to do in a time like this is to smile and take yourself off for a bath!!! On a positive note at least day three went okay diet wise!! :) xxx
I am starting on CD on wed so I was wondering if I could join your thread. Do you find it better to keep a diary, I am thinking this might be a good way to keep on track and also take my mind off eating lol. Have you got any tips that would help me through the first few days x
Take it one meal at a time....drink as much water as you can, if you are especially hungry drink fizzy water and try to keep your goal in mind. I also gave myself a good talking to in bed every night to re-affirm all the reasons why I am doing this!

Also you will hear a lot of people say it is really easy.....I don't think it is....day three was a nightmare and then I have ha good days and a couple of bad days.....

You will be fine and dandy I'm sure...as long as you want something badly enough I think you can achieve it!!!

And yes, I would do a diary.....it gives you something to look back over and keep you going!!! Plus you can't rant when you get angry instead of eating!!! xxx

Good Luck xxx
hey dragondrop, of course! Join me on here!

Best of luck for Wednesday, the first few days are hard. I hit ketosis today, day 4, so know I'll feel better!

Drink the quota of water tomorrow to prepare you. Also it'll start flushing out nasty toxins. I find fizzy water can make me hungry - guess it bloats my tummy then I feel empty!

Stay busy - that's the trick!

Thank you both for the tips, I am getting really excited now. I will start drinking my quota of water tomorrow because I seriously struggle with that. I think I will start a diary because it will take my mind off eating, I always find it hard around 5pm - 6pm when I am sorting the children out and normally standing in the kitchen, so maybe I can just think about what I will write in my diary.

Thanks x
Hiya I'm on day 4 now and just beginning to feel better, my head was thumping the last few days. How's it going today Sarah?
well done on the first hew days - i promise it does get easier, and by the end of week two at the latest, from reading loads of diaries, I reckon everyone will be in the swing of things.
Hi gang, day 5 today - all ok. Did a ketostix yesterday and it went pinky/purple! Yay!

Back at work today, had a day off yesterday - took the boyfriend to silverstone as a birthday present to drive single seater race cars. Terrifying to watch but no problem on the diet!

Work was much better than day 1 on Friday. No headaches and much less grumpiness!

Weigh in day tomorrow, very excited. Can't wait for that motivation. Feeling motivated anyway as I can leave my scales alone at the moment (mine are now saying -7lbs but I'm not taking it too seriously as I don't want to be disappointed at my CDC session.

Can't wait to make progress you know. People at work say they can already see it in my face, as if I've just deflated a bit. Fantastic news at only day 5.

Hope everyone is doing ok today xx
Hi Sarahlou,
Your doing great, keep it up and you'll soon see the difference and it gives you a massive boost, good luck for your weigh in.

sending positive thoughts
Laura x
Well done so far. You are doing well.

I know how you feel about building and decorating work. We seem to have spent years living in a mess - OH does everything perfectly, which means when I am thinking we can start painting he is still laying on more wall fix and sanding it down, and that dust gets everywhere doesnt it! :( I have got through a lot of hoovers because of it! Henry is the best for wall dust! ;)

Keep on with the diet! :)

Day 12 and pretty grumpy! Fine on the diet but very tired and also suffering with menstrual cramps!

The pill I take stops periods altogether but when I do VLCDs they arrive again! Only once or twice in the duration but I'm struggling as I'm just not used to it!

Second weigh in tomorrow, fingers crossed! Sx

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