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  1. xsarahx

    xsarahx Gold Member


    I'm Sarah (my middle name as I don't want to be found!) and I've been on this site for years. Firstly on this section and then on Slimming World. I've always struggled with my weight and made some good progress a while ago, losing 3.5 stone and then keeping about 2/3 of that off for the years I was at uni, but since last Summer I have piled it all back on about a stone more. It makes me so sad!

    Since last Summer I had a difficult break up, my Granny died, I got into a new lovely relationship and I've spent 2 months in America so I am not surprised I put on weight!

    I thought about my weight a lot in America and used it as a good time to think but didn't try to diet out there... Really no point as we are out every day! However, many times I felt I couldn't do things I wanted to because of my weight and size so I am going to use this as motivation!

    Anyway, I'm going to stick with calorie counting as this was the best for me before and it does work. I can't afford the gym at the moment but will be walking and cycling more until I can.

    So here is my diary for today...

    B: Muller light strawberry and banana
    L: cous cous salad from a deli with two small pieces of baguette
    D: wrap, low fat cream cheese, ham, salad, tomatoes and wotsits.

    I only came home from America yesterday hence lunch out and a strange dinner. However, calories are less than 1200 and my aim is 1700.

    In my future posts I'll be more specific about calories but for now just a quick post as I am exhausted from travelling and Jetlag!!

    S x
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  3. xsarahx

    xsarahx Gold Member

    Well I'm happy to say that I have lost 4lb in the last 24 hours! It'll be the combination of water weight gone from flying and the first day if being good always has an effect! But, either way, it's 4lb off and 4lb less to lose!

    So a little more about me...

    I've always struggled with my weight for as long as I remember. I can eat healthily and have no problem with portion sizes etc. My issue is definitely binge eating and sabotaging my own efforts.

    I'm from a fit family. My brothers both play rugby and are naturally very fit and slim. My mum is slim and my dad is slim but muscly. I am definitely the odd one out!

    I began properly losing weight about four years ago and lost 3 stone quite quickly. I did this through calorie counting. I then started university and mostly fluctuated about a stone up and down.

    The most I lost was about 3.5 stone but since last summer it has all gone back on. I was about to start my last year of uni and moving in with my boyfriend. He broke up with me the day before we signed our contract so I was emotionally not very well then and this definitely affected me. My granny then died suddenly which affected me even more and I actually went the other way than usual and manically hit the gym and ate well and I lost more weight.

    However, I injured my hip in a charity swim and I was told not to exercise for 3 months. It just ruined it all for me and I began eating badly and obviously couldn't exercise.

    I then met my lovely boyfriend and we have been together for almost 8 months. He is overweight, not that it matters to me, however we both ended up probably making each other worse by accident. He is very comfortable with his size and is a rugby player and is very strong and fit and active underneath his size.

    We ate out a lot and had lots of takeaways... The standard new relationship things!

    I've been in America for the past 2 months teaching and travelling, the latter part with him and I am now at my highest weight.

    I came home yesterday and today have instantly begun my diet and have told everyone I am doing it and I am to have no distractions!

    Over summer it is my birthday, two weddings and a hen do. I may go camping and away for a weekend. These will be my only stumbling blocks hopefully and I am determined to begin making healthier choices rather than seeing them as opportunities to eat badly.

    I have an interview on Monday to prepare for, as well as this Jetlag to get rid of! Once that is out of the way then the exercise will begin too and I'm looking forward to having money to go to the gym again!

    I haven't calorie counted for a while and would love any advice that anyone has!

    S x
  4. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Welcome, Sarah!!

    You seem to have identified the series of unfortunate events that perhaps contributed to your binge-eating so at least you know it is a sort of emotional tie you have with food and can work hard to address this. I know it can be so so difficult at times but you seem to be off to a good start - long may it continue!

    Here to support :)
  5. xsarahx

    xsarahx Gold Member

    Thanks for the welcome!

    I've always known the problems I have ... I just need to really address them this time!

    I've lost another lb today - in the future I won't weight every day but for now, at the beginning as it drops off a bit faster, it is great motivation! So that's 5lb off so far.

    I've had the worst nights sleep - I got to sleep at 5, and I have to prepare an interview lesson for Monday so am panicking slightly!

    I've missed breakfast because of getting up late because of my Jetlag so at least that is some calories saved!
  6. xsarahx

    xsarahx Gold Member

    I've had a weird day but a successful one!

    Managed to get to sleep at about 5:30am - I had the worst Jetlag! I then slept til 12, had lunch and did some work. Then headed to a BBQ that I hadn't planned for but I did eat sensibly there and made good choices and have arrived at about 1400 calories for the day.

    I have just finished planning my lesson for my interview so at least that is off my mind!

    I'm already down 5lb so happy with that!
  7. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    You are making great progress :) keep at it!!
  8. LilEm

    LilEm Full Member

    Here to subscribe. Looks likes your head is in the right place :)x
  9. systema

    systema Gold Member

    Hi to Calorie Counters - the more the merrier. :wavey:
  10. xsarahx

    xsarahx Gold Member

    Thanks everyone!

    Another pound down so that's nice.

    Had a bit of a nightmare day. Got to sleep late again and slept til 1:30. I've decided to deal with the Jetlag when my interview is over!

    Woken up by a text from my brothers ex who had a worrying message from him. He is not well at the moment and having some suicidal thoughts so had a manic day looking after him and family crisis meetings!

    Didn't eat until 4:30 and just had the smallest slice of pizza and some tomatoes.

    Dinner was cous cous and ham and salad and I treated myself to mums homemade brownie and some yoghurt for pudding as I hadn't eaten much!

    So I am only at 1000 calories for today which I know it too little but it's a one off and hopefully I won't have a manic day like today again!

    Interview tomorrow and they are providing lunch so no idea what I'll have but I'll try to be sensible!
  11. xsarahx

    xsarahx Gold Member

    So I had my interview today and I got the job! Very stressful day and lasted from 8:30 til 4.

    Breakfast was banana and yoghurt and lunch was provided for us so I had two cheese sandwich triangles and a small piece of flapjack. I felt starving the rest of the day!

    I felt sick from hunger when I got in so had some wotsits and a square of brownie and two small toblerone from a box of them.

    Dinner was cous cous with veg and chicken.

    I did also have a small glass of pimms and a small one of champagne - I did get a job after all!

    Under calories still but may have something small later
  12. systema

    systema Gold Member

    Well done on getting the job :clap::clap::clap:
  13. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Woo-hoo!! Congrats on getting the job :D
  14. xsarahx

    xsarahx Gold Member

    Thank you!

    Weighed this morning and had lost again - I'm now up to 9lb lost in 4.5 days!! It's falling off bit I know it's all water weight and will gradually slow - I'm enjoying it for now though!

    Today I had a good breakfast but did have lunch out. Mum and brother had cake but I had a Thai spinach and coconut soup with a cheese scone. Gave mum some scone and the soup wasn't creamy really. Found the recipe from Nigella and it's not too bad so happy with that.

    Got drinks and nibbles now to celebrate job, coming back from travels and my brothers graduation so I'll try to be good!

    Chicken and cous cous again for dinner.

    Oh and went on a short bike ride earlier too.
  15. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    Hi here to sub, well done on the first few days and on the job x
  16. libby41854

    libby41854 Full Member

    Congrats for getting the job and your weight loss so far!!! Good luck with the rest of your journey x
  17. xsarahx

    xsarahx Gold Member

    Thank you!

    Had my first day in school today. Was a nice day and got to meet my class and get my room for next year. In again tomorrow.

    Food was yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, wrap, banana and crisps for lunch and Nandos for dinner. I had the mushroom wrap with sweet potato and corn on the cob. Had half a scone at school too and had a ripple later too.

    Ate more than usual today but just at 1700 cals which is my aim each day, although I usually have 1400.

    Walked home which was an extra bit if exercise and then went to my boyfriends new flat to build his flat pack - I worked so hard and sweated so much that I am calling it a work out!!
  18. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    You really are doing so well :)

    I'm currently doing the PGDE Primary - unfortunately I did not pass my final placement and need to do a resit placement in September but hoping that will go well and I'll go on the supply list afterwards. What year/age group are you going to have? x
  19. xsarahx

    xsarahx Gold Member

    Thank you!

    I did a BEd course so it's been a long four years. My class is Year Five, I only have 23 so a nice small class.

    Yesterday I had a bagel for breakfast as I knew my day would be pretty hectic and I wanted something more substantial than my usual yoghurt and fruit.

    I had a mini milk as a snack (bargain 30 cals!!) and my usual wrap, crisps and banana for lunch. Avoided the cakes, crisps and brownies in the staff room.

    Went to my boyfriends in the evening to do more flat pack furniture and move him in. Went to Giraffe for dinner and had a prawn, chicken and mango salad and some mango sorbet which came to a grand total of 600 calories - so pleased with that! It's just round the corner from my boyfriends so will go there more often, especially for such low calories for a main and dessert.

    I'm going camping this weekend. I'll have a good breakfast and lunch before we go. We are having fish and chips for tea so need to make a sensible choice there. I assume there will be a time for an ice cream, a pasty and we will have a BBQ on Saturday night. BBQ is fine as I'll just stick to meat and salad. I would love a pasty as I do love a proper Cornish one! And will probably have an ice cream but maybe a wrapped one like a twister which is low.

    Will be doing lots of walking and bodyboarding so plenty of options for exercise.
  20. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Oh how I wish I had done the BEd in stead. I opted to study English Literature for 4 years first - I absolutely loved that course though. 23 is a good size for a class :)

    Hope you have a great time camping!x
  21. xsarahx

    xsarahx Gold Member

    Have been slightly AWOL since Friday. I've not been horrendous but I knew this would happen so I'm not too fussed!

    It was my birthday yesterday so me, my two brothers, my mum, my bf and my brothers gf went camping for the weekend.

    We ate a couple of pasties and a nice cream etc and I had a fair bit of cider. However, other than that our food was healthy and we did loads of bodyboarding and jumping waves so exercise was pretty good.

    Yesterday I ate out for lunch and dinner and didn't choose the healthy options.

    Again, today I went out for lunch and just had what I fancied.

    Tomorrow night I'm having a BBQ but I'll be sensible other than that and then my only things to get in the way for the rest of summer are two weddings and a hen do.

    Tomorrow I'm doing some gardening for my grandad and it will be pretty hardcore I think! So I'm planning on getting some good exercise in there!

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