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Sarah's Food Diary

Ok, here goes. Figured this is where I went wrong the last time!!!

Today: EE
Breakfast - 2 Sunny Bisk (HEa) Milk (HEb)
10.00 Snack - papaya
Lunch - Leftover stir fry from last night sauce - 2.5syns
3.00 Snack - papaya
Dinner - Quorn chicken pieces, jacket potato, beans
8.00 Snack - 22g bag pickled onion monster munch - 5.5syns
2 litres of water throughout the day

Think thats only 8syns for the day!
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Try to eat loads more fruit and veg Hun...that will help speed up the loss.
Thanks Mrs V. First WI tonight so bit nervous to see how much ive put on since i left!!!

Today: EE
Breakfast - 2 Sunny Bisk (HEa) & milk (HEb)
10.00am - Grapes
Lunch - salad with potatoes, egg, ham, lettuce, carrot, peppers & sweetcorn
3.00pm - Sugar free jelly with grapes & mango in
Dinner - Quorn chicken fillets, sweet chili sauce (2.5syns), pototoes, carrots, peas, runner beans.
Cider bottle - 6syns
Well im 3 pound heavier now than when I last joined SW!!:cry:But im determined to lose it all!!!
Today: Green
2 Sunny Bisk (HEb) + Milk (HEa) + melon + strawberries
10.00 - melon
Lunch - chicken (5.5syns), lettuce, carrot, potatoes
3.00 - jelly (0.5syns) with melon and strawberries in it
Dinner - Quorn chicken with 5 laughing cow light melted with garlic (HEa), sweet potato, carrots, broccoli, sweetcorn.
Snack - Jelly (0.5syns) with mango and grapes
No i synned it as it had a coating on it, one of those birdseye ones hot & spicy to give my salad a kick! Wos only because my mum cooked it for me and I didnt wanna throw it out!

Today: Green
Breakfast: 2 Sunny Bisk (HEb), Milk (HEa), strawberries & melon
10.00 - just had black coffee as wasnt hungry
Lunch - baked potato & beans
3.00 - jelly (0.5syns) melon & strawberries
Dinner - Chinese (it is friday after all) thinking chow mein as know its fairly low syns & lovely!!!
Saturday: - was pretty bad all weekend!!!:cry:
Breakfast- Weetabix (HEb) & Milk (HEa)
Lunch - baked potato & beans
Dinner - tomato based pasta bake with garlic bread (whoops)
Snacks - Raspberry Bacardi Breezers x 8:busted:

Breakfast - Grilled bacon
No lunch
Dinner - sinagpore chow mein (not sure of syns)

Back on track today though!!!

Today - Green
Breakfast Weetabix (HEb) & Milk (HEa)
10.00 - melon
Lunch - 2 laughing cow light triangles (HEa) & 4 ryvita original (HEb)
3.00 - jelly (0.5syns), strawberry & melon
Dinner - sweet potato, quorn chicken, 3 laughing cow light triangles
Weekends are defo my downfall:sigh:


Yesterday - Green
Breakfast - boiled eggs
Lunch - pasta n sauce
No dinner
Popcorn - god knows how many syns!!!

Today - EE
Breakfast - 2 weetabix (HEb), muller light yoghurt
10.00 - melon, grapes with muller light yoghurt over them
Lunch - salad with lettuce, baby boiled potatoes, carrot, gammon
3.00 - jelly (1.5syns), melon, strawberries
Dinner - cod fillet with garlic, chilli, lemon juice with sweet potato chips and veg
Today - EE
Breakfast - Alpen Light Bar (3syns)
10.00 - muller light with grapes and melon
Lunch - 4 Ryvita(HEb) with carrot, 2x laughing cow extra light triangles(HEa)
3.00 - jelly (1.5syns) with banana & apple
Dinner - Turkey mince, 2x laughing cow extra light triangles(HEa) (made into burgers), sweet potato chips & veg

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