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Sarah's Lose Weight and Get Fit Diary!


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Hi everyone,

So I started a week and a half ago, and I have lost 4lbs. Really happy with that as I only did about 5 days well, the rest was a lot of chocolate eating!

Getting back in to it properly today though!

Will be using this thread as a diary of my food and exercise and hopefully people will comment!

Sarah x
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Hi Sarah!

Welcome aboard!

This time last year i weighed more than you do, and lost nearly 3 stone! I put a stone back on so i was up to 15 and a half stone but been calorie counting again now for 2 weeks & im down to 15 stone! All this rambling is just to say it can be done, & we can do it!

I wish you all the luck in the world!

Thats a good calorie intake i think, im aiming for the same! although some days its a little more & some days a little less!

The list of benefits sounds like a good idea, may have to try that myself! :)



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Hello there,

As you can see on my signature, I already know the benefits but alas lost sight of them temporarily... :cry:

Back in the saddle now though and looking to go back to good old calorie counting... with a low carb tendency as I really don't do well with them and tend to overeat them!

What kind of exercise are you aiming for? I walk... lots... but that's it. Have tried other things in the past but find them all a bore so prefer sticking to something I like... or at least something I'll do (cos I get up early to walk to work and usually am not awake enough to find myself excuses not to...)

I've a stone to lose... and given that I put it on in a month, wouldn't it be great if it'd go that quickly too? Alas the maths never quite goes that way...
Yesterday was an interesting day food and exercise wise! I only ate 835 calories. I was saving for a nice dinner but I got called in to work, so that messed that up!

I started the day with an exercise DVD and then did 6 hours waitressing, so this burnt 791 calories (as my food tracker tells me!) - so I have basically almost evened out food/exercise which I don't think is very good!

However, Mum bought me a pasty from Cornwall so I am planning on having that for lunch. I got up quite late and did an exercise DVD, so missed breakfast, so think I should be able to have it!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Urgh yesterday was horrible!

I started the day well, still feeling really confident about the whole CC - did an exercise DVD but had a pasty for lunch - still OK, estimated it to be about 600kcal being over generous!

Then spent the afternoon with my two cousins - one an 18 year old very skinny girl, and one a 5 year old. Five year old says - "She is really skinny but you are really fat"! Proceeds to say it a few times.... kids! I was upset, but what upset me more is that I know she wasn't being mean - shes a 5 year old and they just say what they see without thinking!!

Must have gone way over my calorie limit due to a big night out last night, but combined with the fact that I have had not many calories recently, plus the exercise I have been doing and the hours of dancing last night, I don't think it should be too bad!

Think the issue now is the need for greasy hangover food - I will resist!
Doesn't seem to be many people here...?!

Oh well, I will keep this diary up as a way of motivating myself!

Have been doing OK on the food/exercise front. Had a bit of a blip last night when I had some toast with peanut butter and syrup.... no idea how I came up with that combination! However, I had been working for 5 hours running around on my feet so think I porbably burnt most of it off then!

Weighed myself today and have lost 3lbs - that makes it 7;bs in a week and a half. Very pleased with this, although I know that I often lose a fair amount in my first week. Hopefully I can keep it up. So scared that I will find some excuse to stop the diet, as I usually do, but I think it has come to a point now where I know I need to do something.

Using Food Focus a lot and find this really helps, and am loving seeing my weight loss charted.

So... lost my first half stone, in to the 16 stone bracket and have dropped a couple of BMI points - all is good! :)

Would love to hear from others as I think and hope we can all motivate eachother.

Sarah x
Hi Sarah you are doing great!! xx
Thanks everyone! I am really pleased with myself!

This week has been quite easy as I am on my Easter break so I have been able to have lie-ins... missing breakfast! And I have had lots of time to exercise. I think it will be difficult when I am back at college... just need to try to find the right balance.

Today has been good so far. Missed breakfast, was actually going to have it but forgot had a driving lesson so it was lunchtime by the time I was back. Had a nice filling lunch:

Melba Toast - 75cal
Salad Cheese (60g) - 72cal
Pitta bread - 150cal
Ham - 30cal
Dip - 70cal

So I am feeling nice and filled up!

I have bought some Diet Coke, partly to get me through an all nighter of coursework tonight, but also because I find it a good substitute when I really fancy something sweet!

Sarah x
well done for that. i tend to step on the scales everytime i go in the bathroom which is a really bad thing for me, but i only record the weight i get on monday mornings, i can't wait until then!
So today, I have so far had:

Breakfast: none
Lunch: pitta bread, salad cheese, melba toast, sour cream and chive dip and some ham - 418cal (I think this is quite a lot for a lunch but it keeps me full until dinner and is really tasty)
Dinner: I plan to have 3 fish fingers, 4 new potatoes and lots of salad with fat free dressing - 274cal

That only adds up to about 700, so I will probably have a snack in the evening.

I have done a 40 minute exercise DVD this morning.

I am very stressed at the moment - I am as far in to my overdraft as I can go which is stressing me out. I am also waiting on exam results and if I fail the exam then I will have to wait another year to go to uni. I have lots of work for college, and we just found out a family member has cancer. Plus I have boy problems... but who doesn't?!

Usually I would probably find myself reaching for some chocolate and definitely some snakcs to get me through the long studying periods I am having, so I am really pleased with myself at the moment for resisting.

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