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Sarah's Newest Journey To Slimsville...

Hey all,

As you can see by looking at my signature I have been on many a journey to Slimsville! Except I always seem to end up in the same place...

After I'd had my daughter at the start of December 2010 I dropped nearly 2st in water and baby and after I got Christmas out of the way, I started again. This time I'm in partnership with my other half as he realised he has got bigger than he wanted to as well...

So, here goes...

Start weight; 15st 7lbs
Goal weight; 12st (for now!)

Week 1; -4lbs
Week 2; -2lbs
Week 3; +1lbs :cry:

I know what happened last week! I know why I put on and its my own fault... But I'm back on it this week!

Has anyone else got a similar target on the weight loss front!? Buddies?!

Hope everyone's well...

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I realised yesterday that I was 12st 1lb when I met my other half 18 months ago... My 12st target seems even more appropriate now!

Just been for a nice long walk with the pram, done a few errands and spent an hour out of the house to stop me eating! :D
Hi Sarah,
Just to say good luck with your weight loss, This site really helps me as the support is fantastic x
Hi liisa,

What diet you doing?
Hows it going?
Hi! I'm counting calories. It's my 3rd day now :) I think it's going alright. Trying to keep it less than 1200 calories. It's doable if sweet stuff will disappear from the world :)
I'm trying to not to see it as a diet but more healthy eating. I think its low carb too. Not eating bread, rice, pasta and trying to keep away from potatoes!
I don't really know what I'm doing just trying :)
Do you follow a specific plan?
"I don't really know what I'm doing just trying"

Oh, how that made me chuckle :D
I know the feeling!

Well, we have cut out bread completely, along with white pasta and rice. As I don't like brown rice we have basically cut that out completely! Buying loads of veggies, fish and meat and cooking pretty lush evening meals, but hopefully healthy ones!

Like you, I don't think we are really following any real plan but I've done sooooooo many diets that I know what works and what I can eat to still lose weight! It seems to be working so far, 4 weeks in and still going strong...

I put on 1lb last week thanks to a bread binge. I don't know what came over me! :( So this week I'm "trying" to be really good. There's that word again! But I think it's working this week...
I just bought some bread I really don't fancy. I put in the freezer in case I do fancy it. It's WW brown bread and has only 60 cal. I like bread with oats and seeds so it's not really my thing. :)
My boyfriend has bread what he likes but I'm not allowing myself to eat that.
Morning all...

Another day at behaving... Here I come!
My darling daughter is having a fussy morning so probably means she won't give me chance to eat! And loitering around here reading everyone's diaries for motivation just in case...
Monday brings the end of the first month back on the wagon since baby...

I need to lose the 1lb I put on last week at least or I'll cry!
Been to Asda today and bought lots of yummy (and hopefully healthy) things to keep us going through this week. :D I'm such a geek for liking this... Thing is when I have healthy foods and snacks in the house at least I know I can snack if I really need to.
Being here all day most days on my own with a 7 week old, who apart from falling asleep on my lap has no way of stopping me stuffing my face, means I have to be accountable to myself and the scales or I'll just carry on eating!

Here's hoping I can have a good weekend on the food... I've got a complete treat day in store for tomorrow and I'm so excited! Haircut in the morning and then...

An hour post pregnancy reflexology treatment...


An hour full body massage...

Start weight; 15st 7lbs
Goal weight; 12st (for now!)

Week 1; -4lbs
Week 2; -2lbs
Week 3; +1lbs :cry:
Week 4; -4lbs :D

I'm well happy this morning because I've managed to break into the 14's!!! :D:D:D

Here's to another good week...
Thanks for the positive comments girls. But as usual I've gone and done the stupid binge thing to ruin it! The only positive spin I can put on this is that at least it is Monday and I've got 6 days until I have to get on the scales again...

2 x Asda Caramel Bites = 362 cals
1 x Asda Nutty Bites = 202 cals

1 slice of white toast with 2 cheese slices, ham and extra light mayo. Like the extra light mayo makes up for it all!

I wish I didn't do these things anymore...
Yesterday was better than Monday. Thankfully. I managed to not ruin a good day with a binge. Here's hoping I haven't messed it up for this week!

Got to take baby to clinic today so get out for a good long walk, as well as being away from food for a bit!
Thursday and so far the rest of the week has been ok food wise after Monday's blip!

I have an extremely grumpy 8 week old today, so without her screaming the house down I'm not gonna get a chance to eat much today... She is happy as long as she is sitting on my lap or on my hip and won't nap for longer than 15 minutes after I put her down!

I also have an excuse (in my head) for Monday's choccie binge now as my TOTM finally came back today. So grumpy baby and me wanting to munch my way through first day period pains...

AND... Somebody has left a tray of rocky road, and a tray of caramel shortcake in the fridge! I was so tempted but ended up retreating with strawberries, grapes and a yoghurt.

Let's hope I can just survive today and the damage on Monday isn't too bad! I'm expecting not to lose now cos of TOTM though...

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