Sarah's Paleo Food and Weight Loss Diary

As I looked through this section of minimins I noticed that this Paleo section is very bare and there aren't many recent posts. However I am going to have a diary here anyway. I'm hoping by recording my food it will help keep me accountable. Even if no one reads of replies.

I started the Paleo Diet today and I am currently reading Robb Wolf's book on my kindle. I have never really struggled with food and my weight in the past. Since having my daughter I seem to have piled on the pounds, not through pregnancy but since I've had her. The reason I'm doing Paleo is because I think I have a reaction to something. I've had adult acne a long time now, I've been reading recently and it seems I could have an intolerance to a certain food. Paleo cuts out many allergens so I am hoping thins will improve. I've also just sent off my 'yorktest' so I'm hoping that make answer some questions.

In terms of Paleo I want to follow it the best I can but I am allowing myself 1 coffee each morning. I'm not going to weigh myself for a month. I want it to be about how I feel as well as weight loss. For the first month I want to have a relaxed feel about the diet, and not track everything I eat. If I struggle to lose weight I can start tracking every bite. But for now I will listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry.

I was tempted to do the whole30.....but I think it might stress me out too much lol!!!

So it's very early 7.45am but I'm up 6.30 most days with my daughter. So we have had breakfast. While my husband and toddler sat with their cereals..........

1 X egg cooked in coconut oil
1/2 avocado
Some smoked salmon
Handful of mixed nuts
Coffee (my 1 and only) with a splash of almond milk
Here to follow you.:)

I did have a diary here from Apr 2012 from when I first started doing Primal.I had it in this section for 3 years but got it removed before the old forum closed down. I have maintained my weight now since Oct 2012 eating Primal.I had to stop eating Primal due to illness but am now on the mend so I have a diary in the members only section which you need 50 posts to see.
Over time I will post some recipes in this section.

Looking forward to seeing how you find this way of eating.

Good Luck.:)
Thanks to both of you! I'll be sure to find your diary once I reach 50 posts.

Yesterday went well. To be honest it didn't feel like a diet, probably because I'm not counting calories yet. I just ate 3 meals and snacked if I was hungry.

Breakfast - as above
Lunch - Salad. Kale, spinach, pepper, avocado, onion, tomato and chicken. Olive oil, basil and lemon dressing
Dinner - Chicken, broccoli, salad and chia seeds on salad. 2 of my daughters sweet potato chips
Snacks - crispy kale, small handful of nuts

I slow cooked the chicken and I was going to use the bones/juices to make a bone broth. However I just used the juices as the base flavour for my soup. So today we have some sweet potato, leak and roasted red pepper soup.

Don't feel too great this morning, I'll put it down to tiredness.
P.S you can sign up to do all the BeachBody workouts for a month for free. I've already cancelled my payment to stop it coming out by mistake. If I like the workouts I would consider paying.
I'm not doing a crazy workout like Insanity though, I'm way out of shape compared to a year ago. I'm starting with a 90 day workout program called 'chalean'
First workout today.
Day 2
Breakfast - Scrambled egg, pepper, mushroom, tomato
Lunch - Homemade Soup Yum + a Green Smmothie after my workout (kale, Apple, almond milk, handful nuts, honey and chia seeds)
Dinner - Chicken and prawn srirfry with courgette spaghetti
Snacks - few segments of tangerines, celery and a hard boiled egg

Steps - 17k
Workout - Chalean Extreme Burn Phase C1

Feeling good, although hungry this evening. I'm not sure if that's the workout making me hungry. Or I'm late for my period by 4 days so I know it's due any day and I'm usually hungry around then. But late to snack now.....I have some water.
Got my food intolerance today. The one thing that's annoying, the two foods I expected dairy and kiwi are right of the top and the dairy in particular is very highly Intolerance. It's kind of good to confirm that, rather than me just thinking it. Wheat is also a intolerance. Then there are lots of other foods in the 'yellow zone' which is a 'slight' intolerance and loss I'm fine with.

Useful to know. I'm excited to see what happens now I've cut them out
Great that you know now :)

I actually ordered the starter test kits for my kids.