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Sarah's Slimfast Diary

Okay then Week One

I have lost 4lbs! :bliss:

I'm really chuffed with that because i did have a blip mid week where i came home and ate everything that wasn't nailed down!

Want to say thank you to everyone on here for your support, this is much better than attending a weekly class. Your all stars!
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well done wooohoooooo xxxxx fantastic stuff


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Well done :talk017::wow:
Thanks everyone! I feel great.

So my weekend.......

Well on the food front i did okay until Sunday and then i spent Sunday/Monday eating everything that wasn't nailed down. Don't really have an excuse for that i know i shouldn't have.

Saturday i did a 10mile walk but no proper exercise sun or mon. I guess i'll have to wait till Sunday and weigh in to see if it's made any difference. But today is a fresh start.
Just realised i have put this in wrong place, it should be in the diary's section! D'oh!
Okay.... Could i feel any worse today? I'm so tired i can barely keep my eyes open and i feel really sick. To top it off after 11am today i can't have anything to eat or drink as i am having a ultrasound on my gall bladder at 5pm. :(

So here's the menu for today:

Breakfast: Strawberry Shake
Snack: Apple
Lunch: None
Snack: None
Dinner: Pork Chops and Veg
Snack: Strawberries
Well done on your loss :D Hope you feel better soon though :( Good luck with your US, I had my gall bladder removed earlier this year, so if you have any questions, just yell :) xx


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Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly:hug99:

Good luck with your US this afternoon.

By the way I am very impressed you walked 10 miles:eek: I did about a mile and half yesterday and it nearly killed me:eek:
good luck with the U-S. i will be in a similar boat tomorrow as having a tooth out under sedation. no eating or drinking after 3am and i wont be able to eat much after as will have 2 stitches! should help the weight fall off though :D
Thanks everyone. I know this will sound daft but i really hope they find something. I've had allsorts of tests done to try and find out what this pain is and everyone has come back negative. If this one does too i think i'm gonna cry. Seems stupid to want to have something wrong with you doesn't it!

FortyandFat you have my sympathy. I hate anything to do with the dentist.
how did the scan go? xxx
It went okay. I'm disapointed to say that she didn't find anything in my gallbladder or the surrounding area and they didn't find anything when they stuck the camera down my throat earlier in the year so i'm a bit stumped as to whats causing this pain and quite annoyed as it struck me down at 2am last night and i've barely slept. Consultant still needs to check the scan but i'm sure if she can't see anything he won't be able to either. Back to the drawing board i guess.
O no, thats rubbish - i know what you mean about wanting to actually find something wrong. I was like that after 2 blue lighters to hospital! Really hope they manage to diagnose something x


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Sorry to hear you did not get it sorted Sarah:hug99:
Was very bad at my nephew's party last night. I ate loads of snaries and a big piece of cake so i'm guessing i'm not gonna lose much this week and next week will be my TOTM! Think i was miffed with my test results but that's no excuse i know. Hey ho today is a new day!
we all have our bad days. would kill to be able to eat a sarnie now. i know i am going to have a binge when my mouth is healed then regret it the next day! but if we didnt then life with food would be boring. as long as we pick up where we left off it will be ok :)
Yeah i'm not too worried. I'll pay on it on weigh day and that will be punishment enough.
Yep paid for my bad behaviour this week byt staying the same when i got on the scales. Must try harder this week.

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