Saraians food diary


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Just starting a food one as well as i dont want to fill my diary with the mush i eat.

Total points 24

b: Oats so simple golden syrup - 3.5 points
Milk - 2

l: 3 toast - 3
egg - 2
marg - 0.5
mushrooms - 0

Yoghurt - 2

Still got loads left for dinner - which is good as im having roast pots, roasted chicken, peas and sweetcorn. No gravy though as its too many points and i try not to eat it anyway. Might have some ketchup instead.
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Today girls i am having an off day, no choc or anthing rubbishy. Just not counting points. Im having a difficult day with stephen - as a few know hes autistic and I have little timr to fart let alone worry about myself counting points lol. Havent dont any damage, eating pretty much what i have the last couple of days.


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B: 2 x weetabix

L:baked potatoe with chicken curry tipped all over with it - double yum yum

D: tiny bit of chicken plenty of new spuds and swetcorn.

Am going to try and not snack for the rest of the evening and live on tea!
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First of all - happy new year to me! New years resoloution is to lose weight - no going back now as ive signed up for a monthly pass!!!!! woop woop.

Good start to new year - had a nice cuppa tea.
Bacon and eggs cooked in fry light - 2 cals a spray - 3 slices of bacon and 1 egg, 5.5 points double yum yum!

Lunch: mushroom omlette, with 2 rggs and a massive slice of ham! only 4 points!!!
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I keep flippin forgetting this is here lol!

Ive had a fried egg sandwich so far today for 4.5 points yum!

Lunch is chicken in white sauce with long grain rice. 3.5 p

Tea will probably be pork with something!

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Hiya, have noticed you haven't posted for a while. Is everything ok. Hope it is. :confused: Take care.