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Sara's weight loss diary

Hi Everyone

I am soooo happy, I started CD today!! :bliss:

I went to my CDC on Saturday morning but had long term activities planned for the weekend which included alcohol and eating and so planned to start today.:sign0137:

I have had a strawberry for brekkie, a a choccie tetra brick (yummy) for lunch and am on my 3 litre of water so far.

Why am I doing this?

I am 39 now, 40 in January and refuse to be fat when I'm 40. I have been trying to diet using every method known to man and some not :eek: forever, I cannot do something like weight watchers or slimming world because I have finally accepted that I am greedy!:ashamed0005: I love, love love food. I need to do something like CD because I have issues with food that I need to address before I get too much older because if I don't I'll continue to be obese (which is what my category is now :cry:), unhealthy, and most of all unhappy.

I tried LL last year, through pretty bad planning on my part my eldest daughter's wedding was on week 7. I had lost a pound under 2 stone by week 7 and was feeling pretty pleased with myself but bowed to pressure from family members to eat. I think I just decided from that point that it was'nt worth it, LL is much more expensive than CD which is a big factor and I just gave up.

How will I make sure it works for me this time?

Well I'm counting on your guys:p for one, I've been lurking here for a while and have been impressed by the amount of support that is given to members, I think with your help this time I can make it!

My husband has decided that he needs to lose a bit of weight and so will be giving me lots of support whilst he is losing some himself.

I REALLY WANT THIS and so am prepared to address my issues with food. Even at this stage I know that bread for instance is a real problem for me. I think when I'm coming to the end of my CD journey I may have to accept that bread is something that should be a treat to me because my control over portions where bread is concerned is ridiculous, so I'm looking forward to examining that sort of stuff.

Am I going to succeed?

Damn right I am!:)

Todays emotions:

How do I feel? - damn good
How is the water intake? - on track for 4 litres

I hope you enjoy reading my journey in the future, feel free to add comments and advise, I will be grateful for it all.

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Day 2

Morning All

I really enjoyed my first day on CD yesterday:D, took a choc tetra brick to work had a strawberry for brekkie and made a muffin out of a choc pack last night.

Got home last night a bit late from work as I had a late meeting and had a bit of a headache but by that time I had drunk 4 litres and did not want to be up and down any more in the night:wave_cry:

Just so hoping I can hold it together this time. I'm trying to think positively and I have to say that the taste of the packs I have had so far is far far superior to the LL flavours, just my opinion of course, horses for courses, I think its just what works for each individual.

Drank 1 litre of water on the train on the way to work, finding myself planning loo stops which will take some getting used to and I've found I like the taste of black tea so life's not that bad.

Today's emotions:

How to I feel? - Relaxed and determined
Hows the water intake? 1 litre down 3 to go.


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