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Hang in there... have a hot drink, get your shake down you, you'll feel better for having it and sip some water. It will get better.... promise!



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Can only echo Porgeous....... Keep your water intake up and drink that shake.

Just look at Porgeous photos and see what awaits you if you stick with it!!!

Ketosis is only a day or 2 away and that will blunt any hunger!

xxxxxxxxWishing you loads of willpower!xxxxxxx


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Agree with above posts. Only 5 days til your WI, and you will be so glad you stuck at it. Have a nice bath, water, shake and have an early night. I was lucky enough for ketosis to kick on day 3 (16 weeks ago!!)and then it gets so much easier, and you will glad you stuck at it. Hang in there and you will be glad u did, I promise x
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Drink a pint of water, have a hot cup of peppermint tea or such like, take a bath and gulp that shake down, then get your head down. Trust me it is worth it! You will hit ketosis and everything will be fine.

I still get bad days as Im sure everyone else does, you get through them. Thats why were here!

Keep going!! xxxxxxxxx


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OMG im soooo hungry :( ... HELP... havent had my third shake as cant even face it, i feel sick at the thought!! :cry::cry:
Hi Emmabella, I'm on day 4 (round 2) and, thank God, feeling a lot more comfortable now. Hunger pangs gone and detachment from food setting in.
Hang in there, you'll be so very glad you did!


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Hope you are feeling better.....get through the next few days and it will be so much easier...you get to the point where you just think shakes and nothing more! I know, strange, but it is true.

Keep thinking of the goal...you can do it!!


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OMG im soooo hungry :( ... HELP... havent had my third shake as cant even face it, i feel sick at the thought!! :cry::cry:
Hey Emmabella, Im on day eight now... and honestly it gets easier. Last week i struggled, but stuck to the shakes and dranks lots water. I got weighed on Monday and i'd lost 12.5lBs in 6 days.. so use this as an incentive hun, coz its keeping me going :eek:)


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Hi Emmabella,
wishing you all the best, hope you are feeling better, remember it is easier now to go on than to stop, regret it and try again. Once you are in ketosis you will feel fine. Have an early night, things will look brighter tomorrow.
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Emma, just hang in there. As everyone says it does get better! Trust us, it may seem that it won't but it will, honest! I'm on day 11 but last week I was the same as you and thought ketosis was never coming and I would succumb to temptation. I made it and now find myself thinking at the end of the day "I don't think I've had my last shake!"

Also, the shakes begin to taste better - I look forward to mine - try varying the amount of water in them.

Good luck hun.

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Tell us please how you got on........keeping EVERYTHING crossed that you didn't break the LT diet...........:cross:

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