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Saturday Night...X Factor......And.....(food mentioned)

Oh I hate Saturday's on Cambridge!

My usual Saturday would be Garlic Bread with Cheese, maybe some wine gums, doritos whilst settling down to stuff my face and watch X Factor.

I am on Day 5 (again) ! And I am pleased I have survived this long as I know this diet works ! If I lost 51lbs in 13 weeks, I know I can probably lose 2 Stone in time for Xmas....and I know that I would kick myself if I gave in tonight and then had to do the whole ketosis thing again.

So I am asking tonight, for some support to help me, I am finding it harder this time that I did before, yet already the scales show a loss (I know I peeked) and I know the longer I persevere, the better I will feel.

I plan to order some of the Xmas pressies I have spotted online and keep myself busy. I have had to have 3.5 or 4 shakes on some days basically or I would have eaten the fridge! I know I don't go into ketosis easily and even tho the sticks show I am, I never have that feeling of not wanting to eat completely.

Help me ladies stay on track !!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Charley

Have you thought about having cambridge fibre or some other fibre supplement to help you feel more full??
I do this well not so much recently but restarted having psyllium husks it and it helps me. I'm sure there is lots of info about both items on here or i've written about it in my cambridge diary incase you are interested.

I used to have treats in front of the TV too and have now got back into sewing, is there anything you can do to keep yourself occupied??
I would love to learn how to knit.

Anyway good luck, well done so far and stick with it you'll do great!!


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Hi sugar!!

Saturdays used to be mine and Peter's dominoes night! A whole pizza each with garlic bread, chicken dippers the lot!!

Know your pain believe me!!!

I bought a chocolate face mask to put on holat xfaxtor is on to keep me busy!

Maybe you could do something similar and if not... Spent your goody money on presents like you've planned!!

Stay strong hun imagine how crappy
It will feel to say your back on day 5 again next week!!



Now Maintaining :)
I totally agree. Weekends are so hard when you are on a diet. My family always eats fast food on the weekend and having to say 'no thanks' gets hard sometimes. :(
Thanks Missr....I am not very crafty, but I could use my stepper suppose while I watch? Hubby watching football at the mo so taping x factor, that way I can skip the boring singers/adverts!

I have been doing my Xmas lists, have sorted all for my girls, just the family list to do now ! I haven't thought about husks, now that might really help! Thanks for the tip!

Thanks Lauren, mmm Domino's....same here, full pizza, plus extra nibbles each!

Ah 16 to 10, I know, it's like work over, relax, food, wine etc......I am having coke zero today (I know a no-no really but I am having a small glass to help the pain, or else the fridge I will go) !


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HI Charley i remember you from last time i used to read your diary! I also restarted 4days ago at a similar weight to you 14st 4, are you ss'ing or ss+ing?
Hi Debra, I remember you !!!!!!!
I am SSing.....I caved an had a mini babybel light as I actually had to get out of bed as I couldn't sleep as I was soo hungry :(

It's sooo hard getting back on track !!!!!!!!!!!!! Mice to catch up again, looks like you have done fantastic !


Back 2 finish my journey
i know what you mean i managed almost 6months 100% ssing but this time i just know i can't so i am ss+ing and for me all that means is adding a chicken breast to my mushroom soup but by god it tastes so good and i chew it forever!!!!
Hahaha I still HATE the soups ! Yack !
I have just re read my diary, sheesh, how did I do that!
Feel a bit happier now knowing the rewards that will come !

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