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Saturday nights


No Coffee, No Workee
Am I the only one who's pathetic come Saturday night? God knows how many syns I drank . . .

Is there anyone who keeps the faith on a Saturday night? How? How? How??????

Me. But I think being on medication which interacts with alcohol so badly that it makes me really ill probably has something to do with it. ;)


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I don't drink (due to having a recovering alcoholic hubby who hasn't had a drink in 3 years!) so booze isn't a problem for me :D

Not much help to you though am I lol. ah well... today is another day


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Me!! I'd had about 40 syns all week up until last night and that was a good thing considering how many I 'drank' on Tuesday. But then last night, because it was 'Saturday' I still ended up having a drink. Aaaargh!! Not sure how many syns I had but I'd guestimate that I'm just about up to my 70 syns for the week if not over. Well all is not lost I hear you say?!
Well I'll be out of the house in an hour or so... to the pub, to watch one of the biggest games of the season, were the alcohol will flow freely. I'm going to stick to vodka and diet coke and alternate with just diet coke.
wi tomorrow!
Diet coke and vodka, but probably loose count after the first few lol! If im going out i try not to eat too much that day (dont use hex's or syns) just free food so it gives me a bit extra to play with plus i feel the effects of the vodka quicker lol, just got to avoid the pizza/kebab on the way home. I only go out 2 sats in a month which also helps.


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I drink red wine as I can keep count easier and can't put as much of that away as spirits (I'm a fish once I start lol), had 3 small glasses last night - 15 syns, which is more than I'd normally allow myself. Chuffed that I made ravioli on toast for squiffy OH when we got back despite his demands for me to call for curry with all the trimmings right away :rolleyes: I didn't have anything as I wasn't hungry, massive improvement for me as normally would have gone takeaway or kebab (you don't need to be hungry to eat those lol) that's my biggest naughtiness and if I can avoid that then I can stay on track. I figure once I'm a skinny minnie then I can allow myself the occasional booze up but until then I need to stay on track, it's not long to abstain x

I don't have ANY syns in the week in order that I can still enjoy some wine over the weekend with minimal guilt lol! I'm still losing, so it seems to work for me.. could you perhaps tweak your syns used in the week to accomodate a few drinks over the weekend?

Oh my god SW seems to just fly out of the window every friday and saturday!! I think its making my losses a little slower, I seem to be losing around a pound a week but I'm happy with that!!! You've got to live after all! :)
oh god tell me about it - one glass of wine and I was on the chocolate and haribos :( dont think there will be a loss this week! am going to walk the dog, in the sheer hope it will get rid of some of those fizzy cola bottles!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I'm a raver baby!
It is so hard not to though isnt it? I went out last 2 weeks ago and stuck to 4 vodka & diet cokes for 10 syns but last night I had 3 and a half (yes, a half - my boyfriend's mate was pissed and dropped a packet of sugar in the remaining half, I didn't want to consume extra sugar so he bought me a new one!), half a glass of rose (that my friend gave to me) and one tequila shot (that she also bought me!!) and it's really hard to say no in those situations, I just wanted to have fun with my friends. It's very rare for me though, happens no more than once every couple of months and like someone else already said, I can afford the odd booze up closer to target, there are more important things to think about right now.
I'm so lucky, alcohol disagrees with my system badly - even one drink, so I'm teetotal. I use all my syns on a big choccy bar on saturday night though, and once I start on that I lose count too! We all have our downfalls!

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