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Sauces on Working Solution


Mistress of the Dark

I'm due to start my first add a meal week next week and just wondering about sauces. I know the book says worcester, soy, chilli or tabasco but are there any others you can have? Can stock cubes be used at all?

Also, can anyone recommend any good fat free salad dressings and where to buy them? I tried the Salad-Lite ones and I hated them! xxx
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Hellmans do a really nice fat-free vinaigrette, and in Asda's light range there is a herb dressing and also a balsamic one which is good too. You just need to spend hours in the supermarket reading labels basically.

I didn't use stock cubes, mostly cos to thicken a gravy made with them you need flour or cornflour which has way too many carbs/cals. I sometimes have boiullion cubes as a hot drink though.

I made a lot of my own. Fat-free plain yogurt makes a good base for sauces that you can use as dressings or marinades. Add chopped mint and cucumber for a raita, or try a teaspoon each of garlic & chilli purees to make a prawn cocktail. Chopped parsley and chives is good too, Fromage frais with herbs and/or pepper is an excellent fish sauce.

Half a pack of your soups made up thick can make really good fish or chicken sauces too, especially the mushroom or thai chicken ones.
Incidentally when you are on AAM or WS you can do quite a bit of "tweaking" with your packs to keep to your 3 a day plus cals.

Make your shakes up with s/s milk instead of water for example, or make them very thick and add some berries - doesn't half perk up the strawberry one if you chuck in a small handful of real strawberries and whizz it in a blender! Blueberries go well with vanilla, raspberries with banana and pretty much anything goes nicely in chocolate!

Soups, as well as using them as a sauce for a meal you could chuck some diced chicken, pak-choi and beansprouts in the thai chicken. Try prawns and extra mushroom in the mushroom. Or fish, broccoli and sugarsnaps in the veg. Quorn or chicken pieces and grilled courgette can go in the tomato. I've done all of the above over the months. :)

Break your bars up into little pieces and stir them into a small plain yogurt.

You're working with very limited ingredients so you need to use your imagination and get inventive! :D


Mistress of the Dark
Thanks Yambabe :D I am probably the most unimaginative person when it comes to cooking lol! I don't have soups but I will try the fruit in the shakes and the bar in the yoghurt :D x
thanks yambabe some great ideas there

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