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Saving money losing weight

I thought going back on this eating plan would cost a fortune and would end up spending more money on shopping a week. But I have found the opposite. I do my one shop a week and that's it where as before i was doing my shop (spending the same amount) and then I would go to the shop for some chocolate and wine or something like that, end up spending over £10 a time and was doing this atleast 3times a week! :eek: I'm saving atleast £30 by losing weight so I have two things to feel good about and the money I save could go towards some new clothes every time i go down a dress size (that's my excuse to my bf :D)
Anyone else saving money by eating healthier?
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Yeah I find that I am saving money too.
Like you say the trip to the shop for wine and chocolates has gone and I am now doing my lottery online so I stay away.
I am making lots of soups that the whole family eat and as we have 4 children thats quite a saving and they like the soup too.
Potatoes and beans and noodles rice etc are cheaper than meat too so I am quids in lol.
Rach xx
I love walking round with a REALLY healthy trolley, knowing that I'm going to make all kinds of lovliness from these basic looking ingredients, and will eat like a queen for the next week AND lose weight. I find that a real confidence boost. Daft, I know. And, no, I haven't found it costs anymore. And if I go shopping without hubby, it costs even less, as I don't buy all the ready meals and crisps that he likes! lol ;-)
Yes, the only thing I'm finding expensive is the Quorn. I'd eat it every day, but I can't afford to.

I'm loving the savings from making lots of homecooked food from scratch, though. I forgot how much better it is than convenience food.
True, right enough, Quorn IS dear. But I've been eating it since the early 90s, so it's an expense I've had all of my life, really! lol


In it to lose it
I love making pasta sauce. Just some chopped onions and a tin of cherry tomatoes with a little bit of sweetener. I'd forgotten just how yummy that is. Can't wait till next years home grown tomatoes they are so nice with pasta.
True, right enough, Quorn IS dear. But I've been eating it since the early 90s, so it's an expense I've had all of my life, really! lol
Is there anything else that is free on green days that you would recommend?

Quorn is the only range of 'meat replacement' foods that I actually like. Can't stand Linda McCartney or shops own stuff. Shame, as it is generally way cheaper.
If you find anything, let us know!
I don't mind beanfeast....but the WIND it gives me is unreal! lol

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