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Saving points....do you do it??

At my meeting last night, the leader told us to save points only when we're saving for a special occasion - she said that going below your points too often will mean that your body just holds on to what it's taking in more :confused:

I am confused now. It makes sense what she said - the points are calculated really carefully so as our bodies stay in fat burning mode without taking in so little that we hold on to fat etc...but...I was under the impression before that you could save up to 4pts every day if you wanted to! Technically you can do that, but she said it should really only be done for a special occasion and that you should stick to your daily points allowance as often as you can.

What do you do??

I'm torn, because although that makes complete sense, I also believe that having a higher point day boosts your metabolism - so saving a few pts a day and then having a bit of a splurge on weigh in day has always been my preferred route...but...not if it means my body will hold on to more of those 'splurge' calories than it would do if I just used them as I should - 22pts a day.

What do you think people?? :)
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Hi Marie

I was gonna start to try to save maybe 2 a day cos the weekends come and it is just so easy to go over on them... hmmm might have to rethink that one!!!

I have 24 a day. Maybe save the exercise ones for the day when you go over the points and just if there is a special occasion then save the 4 from your allocated points???

Gen xx
I always save some of my points for treat day and have lost most weeks. Sometimes I've even not managed to eat all my week's points and still lost :confused:

I think the main thing is to try and use them all up by the end of the week.


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I save mine but like the others its generally only to use them if Im going out at the weekend.

I think if your allowed say 23 and your only eating 20 but not using them the days that you do eat the 23 your body is fooled into thinking its being overfed??? I could be wrong but thats my thinking on it.
I think saving your points for days when you know you might struggle to stay in points makes very good sense. At the end of the day, your weight loss is determined by how many calories you eat over the course of the week.

Some people do believe that it boosts your metabolism to have extra one day, like you say Marie. Here's a link to the "wendie plan" (it's a WW plan) that does just that (Note, she never advocates going more than your alloted four points below).

The Wendie Plan

I agree with LucyLou; the danger is reducing your points and not using them up over the week in the mistaken belief that you'll lose more weight that way. That's a recipe for yo-yo dieting.

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