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Say back again and here to stay. - Mainly Green & EE


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I'm trying to remember how far I've come, I started at 17st 5lb and I'm down to 15st 7lb (1/2 a lb on this week - totm :()

Breakfast: 2 x Weetabix [heb] 125ml semi-skimmed milk [Hea] , strawberries

Snack: 1 x Muller light & 1 x Alpen Light fudge bar [1/2 heb]

Lunch: Tesco Tomato & Onion Pasta in sauce [1.5] 42g LF Cheese [Hea] Cup of tea - milk from Hea

I've got the doctor's in a few hours and going to ask about getting my thyroid checked.


Syns 1.5/105
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Thanks for popping in Liz and your kind words :)

It's been coming off and I've been having a hard time with it the last 12 months. After talking to my mum who has hypothyroidism and is on medication, my symptoms/how I've been over the last 12 months echo herself. :eek:

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Hiya Say!

Well done for starting your diary up. I usually do extra easy or green and I'm Hypothyroid too. I was 17st 4lb and a size 24 and now I'm a size 10/12 but don't know how much I weigh as I do not weigh myself any more. I hope everything goes well for you at the dr's today. xx


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Whee, thanks very much! Fingers crossed as should be getting the results on Tuesday-ish!

Breakfast:2 x Weetabix [heb] Strawberries, WW Strawberry Tart Yoghurt

Snack: 2 x Pocky [1] Muller light and alpen light bar [1/2 Heb]

Don't think I have time for lunch as helping someone move home! :eek:

Lunch: Tomato Mugshot \o/

Dinner: Baked Beans, dry fried egg and SW chips

1 x Alpen Light chocolate & fudge [1/2 heb]
Medium skinny vanilla latte from costa - Counting this as my Hea +2 syns

Syns:pocky [1] 1 x Jumbo Snack A Jack [3] Vanilla Syrup [2] Skinny Cow Double Chocolate icecream lolly [4.5] Options Hot Chocolate [2] Squirty Cream [0.5]

Syns total: 13
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Brunch (teehee up late): 2 x bread [heb] baked beans and worcestershire sauce 2 x laughing cow light triangles [part hea]

Snack: 1 x Alpen light bar [1/2 heb]

Skinny Latte [milk from hea]

Dinner: SW chips, rice and salad vegetables

1 x Alpen Light bar [1/2 Heb] and a muller light

Syns: 4 x foam banana sweets [4] Skinny Cow ice cream lolly [4.5] Options Hot Chocolate [2] Squirty Cream [0.5] = 11 syns

Honestly, this doesn't seem like enough food but you should of seen the mountain of beans oh and the mountain of chips :3

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Breakfast: 2 x Weetabix [heb] 1 x WW raspberry tart yoghurt, strawberries

Midmorning: 1 x Alpen Light bar [1/2 heb] Medium Skinny Vanilla Latte [Hea+2 syns]

Lunch: Jacket Potato, Baked Beans, 42g Kerry LowLow Cheese [Hea]

Dinner: Knorr Pastaria - Tomato & Mozarella [1] Quark stirred in

Snacks: Muller light, 2 apples, 1 x Alpen Light Bar [1/2 Heb]

Syns: Vanilla Syrup [2] 2 x Pocky [1] Pasta for dinner [1] 2 x Jumbo Snack a Jack chocolate ricecake [6]

Total Syns: 10
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Breakfast: Left over pasta from last night

Midmorning: Medium Skinny Latte [Milk from Hea]


Lunch: Mushroom omelette with cheese [Hea]

Mid afternoon, 2 x Alpen Light bars [Heb]
I slipped up and had a wispa [10.5 gawd wish I hadn't bothered now!], just had enough of the headache I'd had since lunch and just wanted to go sleep :( oops!
15g of popcorn [3.5]

Dinner: Tesco Tomato & Onion Pasta in sauce [1]

Total syns: 15 -Oh, no where as near as bad as I thought


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I seem to be really rather good at starting these food diaries and not continuing when I have a manic week at work :rolleyes:

Still waiting on blood results from the doctors, they had to get me to come back in and give more as there was an issue with the first lot.

Found out that at least I'm not anemic as the nurse checked my blood count for haemoglobin too and apparently it's 'excellent!' \o/

Breakfast: Mullerlight and 1x Alpen light bar (1/2 B)
Midmorning: Medium skinny vanilla latte (A+2)
Lunch: Tesco healthy living Jacket Potato with cheese and chives (3) Baked Beans

Dinner: Erin Soupful - Tuscan tomato and pasta (2) 2x Slices of bread (B)
Muller light and 1 x Alpen Light bar (1/2 B)

Snacks: chopped apples

syns for the day: 7
syns: 7/105
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Much better day, was ready to eat my face when it came to dinner - didn't help the entire apartment was smelling of roast chicken! :drool:

Breakfast: Bacon Sandwich - B for bread, bacon is free, 1 for extra light mayo

Lunch: Medium skinny vanilla latte: A + 2 syns, Muller light - really wasn't hungry after the massive bacon sammich this morning!

Dinner: Roast chicken, new potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots
gravy - 2 tsp - 2 syns

Might have a twister or a meringue with strawberries and yoghurt in a few :D Ok, going for a twister! - 4.5

Going to have a nibble at the green & blacks chocolate in the fridge. I've worked out the following: 35g - 9 syns = 11 squares from a 100g bar.
5 squares = 4.5 syns 6 squares = 5 syns

Syns for the Day: 14
Total Syns : 21/105
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Brunch: Baked beans, mushrooms, sauted potatoes, scrambled egg, 1 1/2 slices of wholemeal toast (almost a B)
Cup of tea (0.5 for dash of milk) HP Sauce (1) Marmalade (0.5)

Afternoon: Nectarine

Dinner: Homemade beef burgers (EL Minced beef, herbs, onion) Cheese ontop (A) I had roast parsnips and gave the last of the McCain wedges to the boyfriend (Because I'm nice ... or stupid not sure yet) and Salad vegetables. EL Mayonnaise (1)

Twister (4.5) 24g of Mayan Gold - Green & Blacks (6)

Haven't eaten much today but I'm stuffed!

Syns: 13.5
Total: 34.5/105
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Proposed menu for tomorrow:

Breakfast: depends on when I get up, I can pick from one of 4 on my menu planner.

Mid morning: Medium skinny vanilla latte (A+2) Apple, banana/nectarine

Lunch: Tesco Jacket potato with cheese and chives (3) Baked Beans

Evening: Apple, clementines

Dinner: will pick from 1 of the 4 dinners I've set out.


Better to Drink your Syns
Proposed menu for tomorrow:

Breakfast: depends on when I get up, I can pick from one of 4 on my menu planner.

Mid morning: Medium skinny vanilla latte (A+2) Apple, banana/nectarine

Lunch: Tesco Jacket potato with cheese and chives (3) Baked Beans

Evening: Apple, clementines

Dinner: will pick from 1 of the 4 dinners I've set out.
Is that a Tesco light choices jacket potatoe with cheese and chives?


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B:French toast (eggs, 2 slices of wholemeal bread -400g loaf - B, cinnamon, splenda) strawberries, dollop of strawberry muller light

Midmorning: Large skinny latte vanilla (A +2syns) apple and 5 grapes, nectarine

Lunch: Tesco light choices Baked potato with cheese & chives (3) baked beans, Tayto Velvet Crunch (4.5 - will check when I'm home)

Evening: 2 x Nectarines

Dinner: Erin Savoury Rice (1) 71g chicken (B), 42g kerry lowlow cheese (A)

Twister (4.5)
Options Hot Chocolate (2)
Squirty Cream (0.5)

Syns: 17.5 syns
Total for the week so far: 52/105
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No problem! Enjoy :)

Trying a Red day today! :eek:

Breakfast: Bacon Sandwich - 2 slices of wholemeal - B, 1 tbsp on Brownsauce (1)

Midmorning: Large Vanilla skinny latte (A+2 syns)

Lunch: one rather loaded ham salad sandwich with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and lighter than light mayo (1 tbsp - 0.5)

Dinner: Bird's eye simply salmon - I think this is one or two syns, will need to check it, vegetables (a massive pile of veg!)


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Ok, I'm going to try and simply go for 100% week this week. I found I always fail around a Tuesday with my WI being on a Thursday. I could do this maintaining lark... :'(

Breakfast: Bacon lettuce sandwich (b for 2 slices of bread) brown sauce (1)

Snack: 2 squares of green & blacks (1) 3 slices of ham,

Lunch: medium skinny vanilla latte (a+2) celery sticks, Philidelphia Light (1/2 a little tub - 1.5)

Dinner: Pasta bake - Chicken, bacon, mushrooms,
Pasta sauce made from can of chopped tomatoes, tomato spices and cajun spices, garlic. 3 syns of Kerry Low low Cheese on Top)

Twister (4)
Options Hot Chocolate (2)

Was soooooo tastey! Made sure to make a double amount - lunch tomorrow! nomnom!

14.5 syns
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Breakfast: Oops, got up too late - it's the last day of my weekend as well :D

Lunch: Left over pasta bake (1/4 portion - was 3 syns for half so 1.5) from last night with salad vegetables. 1tbsp of 70% reduced fat salad cream (1)

afternoon: medium skinny latte (A) nectarine

Dinner: Pasta, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, chicken, cajun spices 10g of kerry lowlow cheese (1.5 - need to double check this)

Pudding: 1 x Meringue Nest (2.5) Activia Fatfree Strawberry yoghurt, strawberries nomnom!

Options Hot Chocolate (2) and bed!

Bugger, just realised I haven't had a B option today! Off to scoff an alpen light bar at least it's half a B :p

Syns: 8.5
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B: Bacon sandwich (B for bread) Brown Sauce (1)

L: Pasta bake from last night (1.5) (chopped toms, cajun spices, garlic, basil, mushrooms, bacon, chicken, pasta served with lettuce, cucumber, tomato) tbsp salad cream (1)

D: Had a packet of savoury rice/veg with diced bacon and mushrooms.

Snacks: Medium vanilla latte (A) Nectarines, Activia Fat Free Yoghurt - 165g peach (0.5 (checking syns as we speak!) 1 x Alpen Light (3)

I bought 4 chicken breasts yesterday for the week, only to open one today and they were smelly! So I opened the other one ... also even more smelly!

I noticed that the labels were abit suspect the other day in Tesco but thought nothing of it. They're normally length ways on the packet only this time they were going sideways and the print wasn't very clear. They will had until the 22nd, just feel like Tesco in Ireland is letting me down, I've been clinging on to it as something that reminds me of home.


Syns: 7
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