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Say's New [NewNew] Food Diary - Lots of pics!


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14th February - Monday

1 x Alpen light bar (1/2 hea)
1 x Medium Skinny Costa Hot chocolate (6.5)

Jacket Potato, Baked Beans, Cheese 42g (hea)
Salad - Tomato, Cucumber and Lettuce

SW Chips covered in paprika
4 x Quorn chicken style dippers (2)
2 x tbsp Brown Sauce (2)
Salad - Tomato, Lettuce and Cucumber
1/2 pouch of savoury rice

Apple, 1 x Alpen Light bar (1/2 heb)
Fibre plus bar (heb) Options Hot Choc (2)
Little bit of squirty cream (0.5)
350 ml skimmed milk in tea during day (hea)

Total Syns:12.5/15
For week 38/105
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15th February - Tuesday

1 x Alpen light (1/2 heb)
My manager bought me a small skinny hot chocolate! (5)

SW Chips
Salad - Tomato, Lettuce & Cucumber
1/2 pack of Savoury rice
2 tbsp brown sauce (2)
FF Viniagrette

Tesco Tomato & Onion Pasta in sauce
42g Cheese (hea)

Weight watchers yoghurt
Options Hot Chocolate (2)
Squirty Cream (1)
Fibre plus (Heb)
2 x treatsize caramel (8)

Total syns: 18

Weigh-in coming up on Friday morning!
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16th February

Was running late to work :(:(

After a 3 hour meeting thing with work I had a medium skinny hot chocolate

Tesco Pasta in Tomato Sauce and Onion
Salad - Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber
FF Viniagrette
42g Kerry Low Low Cheddar

Mid Evening
Weight watchers yoghurt

Tuna in brine (drained)
ELF Hellmann's Mayonnaise

2 x Alpen Light bars (heb)
1 x Fibre Plus (heb)
Hot Chocolate (2)
Squirty Cream (1)
Treatsize Crunchie (4)

16 so far

Total: 72/105

Days until WI: 1 (WI on friday morning)
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Managed to lose 2lb at weigh in this week yay!

That leaves me 35 weeks in which to lose 34lb. Need to keep this up and at least give myself a few weeks with a buffer!

My weigh in was this morning and I fell out of bed in a rush, it was absolutely throwing it down outside and I didn't really want to go, but thought all the hard work I'd put into being 100% I should really shift my arse.

So! Onto today's food:

Breakfast: None!
I grabbed a Medium Skinny Hot Chocolate in the city centre from Costa (6.5)
Dinner/Lunch: Jacket Potato, Baked Beans, 28g Kerry Low Low - it just seemed like quite a large amount for some reason.
Salad - lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

I've just nibbled away on a cementine.

Popped into tesco as well on the way home to grab a melon and as usual, there were none in stock :( Shame on you Cork Tesco!

Syns so far:15/105
Remaining: 90
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I have been having melon issues this week too! Either really expensive or dont actually taste of melon!!!

p.s loving your handwriting!!


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Oh some of the stores in Cork are awful for produce! Then again I spotted 2 melon's yesterday in Tesco and was going to grab them but we already had a load of things to carry home (no car makes it all the more troublesome!), then today they were gone! Boo!

Thank you about my handwriting, it's normally all over the shop, I have a different style for different hours of the day ;)


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19th February - Red Day

28g Porridge (with ryvita wholegrain crackerbread - hexb)
140ml skimmed milk (from hexa)
Honey - 1 tsp (1)


2 x slice of wholegrain bread (from 400g loaf - hexb)
ELF Mayonnaise (1)
1 x egg

Clementine and apple snack pack from tesco

Wedges of SW Quiche (bacon, ham, cheese 1/2 hexa, onion, cottage cheese, eggs)
ELF Mayonnaise (1)
Side Salad (Lettuce, tomato & cucumber)

Hot Chocolate (2)
ELF Mayonnaise (2)
Honey (1)
Squirty Cream (0.5)

Total Syns for the day: 5.5/90
Remaining: 84.5
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20th February (Tomorrow) - EE

Marked all my superfree in orange to make sure I'm getting enough!

Was running totally late
1 x Muller light
1 x bucket of tea :D

Jacket Potato
ELF Mayonnaise (1)
Salad: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickled onions

SW Bacon, mushroom, onion quiche,
salad (lettuce, tomato & cucumber)
Pickled onions
2 slices of wafer thin ham
2 slices of wafer thin chicken breast

Healthy Extras:
A = Milk in tea during day
B = 3 x Pagen Krispbread

Options Hot Chocolate (2)
ELF Mayo (1)
Philly Light (35g = 2.5)
1 extra pagen roll (2)
Treatsize crunchie (4)

Syns for today 11.5
Remaining: 73
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Monday 21st February - Green Day

Muller Light
1 x Alpen Light Bar

Jacket Potato
Baked Beans
25g RF Cheddar Cheese (Part HexA)
Salad: Lettuce, tomato & cucumber
FF Vinaigrette

4 x Pagen Krisproll (3 = HexB + 2 syns)
35g Philidelphia (2.5)

Dinner - Undecided!
Make a green day quiche?
SW Wedges - remainder of cheese from HexA & ELF mayonnaise?

1 x Pagen Krisproll (2)
35g Philidelphia (2.5)
Options Hot Chocolate (2) x 2
Small Skinny Hot Chocolate (5)

Healthy Options
A = 350ml Skimmed Milk
A = 42g Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese
B = 3 x Pagen Krisproll
B = 2 x Alpen Light Bars

Syns total: 11.5
Remaining: 68

Days until WI (not including today): 3
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Muller light,

Lunch: Pasta,
ELF Mayonnaise,
Salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickled onions)

4 Pagen Krisprolls,
35g Philidelphia light,

Dinner: To be decided

Tuna (3)
ELF Mayonnaise (1)
Philidelphia Light (2.5)
Total = 6.5

Healthy Extra's
A = Skimmed Milk
A =
B = 2 x Alpen Light bars
B = 3 x Pagen Krisprolls
Wednesday was all hunky dory, until I got into work and started pulling tickets. Then realised I had a meeting at 10:30!

I was half asleep, not quite in-line with the world so ran to costa and got a drink and was in meetings up until my lunch at 15:00! :mad:

Not to worry though, lunch was fine-ish. I'd eaten all the fresh veg in the house and had run out, doh! I had my jacket potato, baked beans and cheese with a cup of tea.

Then it all just went downhill, I had a good handful of Maom :mad: 37g bag of maltesers :mad: then came home and er .. had a big bowl of cinnamon oat cluster (they're some odd irish brand that we get over here, so so yummy)

I didn't really eat anything else for the evening, it wasn't too bad calorie wise so I'm just going to move on.

Been very good today - first day of the weekend!

Breakfast: didn't get up until 1:30 bah haha!

Lunch: 4 x Pagen Krisprolls (Heb+2) 35g Phili light (2.5) some wafer ham.

I'm just not hungry or peckish and think that fruit would just over fill me right now. Slurping away on a bottle of sprite zero

Dinner: Chinese chicken rice! (homemade)
Rice, chicken, mushrooms, red pepper, green beans, beansprouts
side salad: tomato, lettuce, cucumber, pickled onions

^ how much superfree :D
ok WI was +1lb which wasn't surprising! :eek:

I'm having a meal out with the team from work tonight and I have a feeling that it's going to be naughty so I'll be flex-syning tonight!

Super speed will be in lovely teal this week!

Breakfast: Muller light, Melon

Scrap today! Ok, back on track from tomorrow onwards!
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Extra Easy!

Breakfast: Toffee Muller Light and 1/2 HexB Grape Nuts (nomnomnom) Melon

Lunch: Tuna, Pasta, ELF Mayonnaise (1) Tomato, Cucumber, FF Vinaigrette

Cup of tea - dash of milk (0.5)

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognase
(Passata, beef stock cube, extra-lean mince beef, courgette, bacon, mushrooms, onion, garlic, herbs)
Served with green beans!

Muller light, rest of HexB - Grape Nuts (total Hexb =28g) Funsize Aero (2.5)

Total syn: 4/90
Remaining: 86
Days remaining: 5
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27th February - Extra Easy!

Breakfast: Muller Light, 1/2 HexB Grape Nuts, Grapes, Melon

Lunch: Left over Bolognese
Pasta, EL Minced Beef, Passata, Onion, Mushroom, Courgette, Stock cube
Small side salad: Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato

Snack: Melon, Options Hot Chocolate (2) Cadbury Roses (Dairy Milk) x 1 (2)

Dinner: Chicken Casserole
Leeks, Potato, Carrot, Swede, Onion
Skinless Chicken Thighs
M&S Onion & Thyme Casserole sauce - 1/2 the pot (4.5)
1 slice of wholemeal bread (400g loaf) (2.5)

Pudding: Toffee Mullerlight with rest of Hexb of grapenuts < I haven't had this - just too full!

2 x funsize aero (5)

Milk in tea over the day: HeA

Syns total: 16/86
Remaining: 70
Days Remaining: 4
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28th Feb - Extra Easy!

Breakfast: Toffee Mullerlight, Hexb Grape Nuts (28g) Melon

Lunch: Pasta, Tuna, ELF Mayonnaise (1) Sweetcorn, FF Vinaigrette
Salad: Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Pickled Onion

Dinner: Chicken Casserole
(Chicken, potato, leeks, onion, carrot, swede)
M&S Red Wine Casserole Sauce (one pot sauce) (5) Slice of bread (400g) (2.5)

Snacks: Clementines, Apple, Melon, Grapes, Options Hot Chocolate (2) Squirty cream (0.5), cadbury caramel (8)

HexA = Milk in tea during the day
HexB = 28g Grape Nuts at breakfast

Syns today: 19/70
Remaining: 51
Days remaining: 3
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I'm trying this Extra Easy after friends mentioned to me how flexible and good it is!

Go go gadget-willpower!

1st March - Extra Easy!

Breakfast: Toffee Mullerlight, 1x HexB Grape Nuts (28g) <-- I love this breakfast! Clementine/Apple

Manager gave me an icecream which was 194 cals so I'm going to call that 10 syns :'(

Lunch: Pasta, tuna, ELF mayonnaise (1)
Salad: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickled onions, sweetcorn
FF Vinaigrette

Snack: Clementine, Apple, Melon, Grapes (I'm trying to limit my grape intake but up the superspeed) Options Hot Chocolate (2)

Dinner: Jacket potato, baked beans (I might syn some cheese to have on this)
Salad: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber

HexA = Skimmed milk during the day (350ml)
HexB = Grape nuts (28g)

I had 3 dairy milk caramel funsize :'(

Syns Total: 25/51
Remaining: 26
Days remaining: 2

I keep getting to this point and after being good all week, I just fubar it up! :(
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March 2nd - Green Day

Breakfast: Toffee Mullerlight, 1 HexB grape nuts (28g)

Snack: Alpen Light bar (1/2 HexB)

Lunch: Baked Beans, Jacket Potato, HexA of RF Cheddar (42g) 1/2 Hexb Alpen Light bar

Evening: 15g Bag of popcorn (4)

HexA = 350ml Skimmed Milk during the day

Syns: 4/26
Remaining: 22
Days remaining: 1


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3rd March - Green Day

Muller Light, 28g Grape nuts (HexB) Clementine, grapes

French Fries (4)

Knorr Pastaria Tomato & Mozzarella (0.5)

Options Mint Madness (2)
Squirty Cream (0.5)
1 x Alpen Light bar (3)

2 x Wholemeal bread (HexB)
42g Kerry Low Low Cheddar (HexA)

HexA during the day as skimmed milk in drinks

Syns total: 10

Just having one of those days where I've not been very hungry, had to force myself to eat the pasta earlier as I found a headache from somewhere. Thought it might have been because I hadn't eaten enough, so ... :eek:

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