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scales havent budged


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Aww I'm sure that when they do budge it will be a couple of lbs!!
Good luck & don't lose heart xx


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Congratulations on your fantastic losses so far. You know what this diet is like one day the scales dont budge the next its 3lb down, dont worry hun im sure thy will move soon.xx


I try not to weigh myself daily, but am failing miserably.....just can't help myself. You may be retaining fluid alright but keep the faith, if you are sticking to CD it will show soon......


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All you have done WILL still count to your next weight loss. Don't lose heart, if you carry on doing the right thing it will probably drop a few lbs at once. Hang on in there, your're doing fine x


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you will get a sudden whoosh honey. it can't fail to be working. don't fret. and i'm sure if you are staying the same weight you'll still be losing size so get measuring!!

abz xx
hey hun, same for me too, scales not moved since tuesday, i am not worried though cus i know by wednesday they would of dropped!

keep glugging and sticking with it 100% and measure yourself too! make sure your going for a number 2! i lost 2 pounds last week after i went to the loo! (sorry) ... lol ..

good luck hun xx
Don't worry I'm sure they will move today!! You sound like me I can't keep off the scales although I have been good so far today and only weighed myself once this morning.

Good luck



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your losses have been amazing but for now try to stay off the dreaded scales as they ony dishearten you, wait for your official WI
Hi Your weight losses are amazing trust your diet it does not seemed to have let you down so far.
I am sure it will move but best to share your anxiety on here LOL Simone:scale:
The powerof the scales,what are we like !
I read through my old lighter life diary which I did last year, and there were two instances where the scales didn't move for four days during one week, but at the end of the week I had lost 3-4lbs. You'll get a sudden dramatic loss overnight one of the days
awwww thx every one xxxx love u loads .well its 2 days since i wrote this thread and they have only gone done by 1 pound ( how rude) well proper weigh day is tuesday so we,ll see then anything less than 3 and im gonna be gutted cuz havent cheated at all but i do have a coke zero a day but i did that last week and lost 7 pounds !!! and im still in ketosis roll on tueday xxxxxxxxxxx


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Awww, this does happen, just you wait, in a few days you'll have lost. Funny our bodies, hey!


Here for the Journey
2lb is 2lb. Well done you! x

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