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Scan bran. Honest opinions & ideas!

I actually don't think its too bad! When using it as a crispbread type thing I find it nicer if the topping goes on the flat side or else when you bite into it it's like cardboard!

I've just had 5 with a whole pack of pastrami on, with cucumber and tomato. Feel a bit sick now tbh - never had pastrami before. Never will again probably!

What do you guys do with scan brans? (no jokes about using them to scrape ice off cars!).
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Well to be honest you could use them to scrape the ice of cars, only kidding. If you look at the recipe thread at the top of the SW forum there is some scan bran cake recipes which are very nice.:D
Good Morning lovely people .
I am so glad you mentioned the cake recipes. My mother made a wicked fruit cake last week ( how naught am I ) and I need her to make a SW one for me.
Must admitt never tried the crispbread as they do look like cardboard:p

Heres to another good week. Lets keep up the good work.

Isnt there a carrot cake you can make with them? It is meant to be nice. But sadly i havent got the recipe boohoo. If any one knows post here purlease!!!!!!!


11 sins total on both plans​
4 Scan Bran - crushed
1 Weetabix - crushed
5oz grated carrot
1/2 teaspoon mixed spice
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 tablespoon runny honey
2 tablespoons mincemeat
3 eggs beaten​
Preheat oven to 180 C or equivalent. Place all ingredients into a large bowl
and mix well! Cook for 1 hour.
When cooked, turn out onto a wire rack to cool while you make the topping
as follows:
Quark - Lemon Juice - And Sweetener To Your Taste
Mix to required taste and spread on top of cake when cold.​
You could slice it and freeze slices or treat yourself to half one day and half​
the next or JUST EAT It you are allowed about 10 sins a day!!!
Makes 12 slices at 2.5 sins each / 30 sins whole cake​
1 cup canderell
3oz mixed fruit
3oz wholemeal flour
1 level table spoon syrup
1 level table spoon black treacle
142ml skimmed milk
1 beaten egg
1 level table spoon mixed spice
6 scan bran
1 grated apple​
Break up the scan bran till you have bowl of crumbs
Add canderel, fruit, and mixed spices
Pour milk over mixture and leave to soak for 2 hours
Add beaten egg, treacle, and syrup stir well
Add flour and mix to a sticky consistency
Pour mixture into 1lb loaf tin​
Bake for 50 mins on gas 5 electric 375

4 scan bran softened in hot water then strain the water out.
1 weetabix.

1/2 cup canderel (or any other low cal sweetener
1 egg​
So far this is 1 B choice or 5 sins.​
The rest of the sins are in the flavourings. Please try some experimentation
but two I've tried are:
1 toffee Options and 1 tbsp syrup
1 tbsp mincemeat + 1 tsp mixed spice.​
Cook in microwave for 5 minutes - or until the sogginess dries out!

1 x Healthy B selection & 5 sins.​
28g porridge oats
4 Scan Bran (avail. from SW class)
1 tbsp. dark treacle​
1 teacup sweetener
1-2 eggs, beaten
1-2 tsp ground ginger​
1. Break the scan bran into pieces, pour on a little hot water to soften.
2. Once soft, mash with a fork. Add the porridge oats, sweetener, ginger and
treacle. Mix well.
3. Add the beaten egg a little at a time until the mixture is soft but not
4. Line a loaf tin with foil and spray with FryLight. Place the mixture in the​
tin at bake in a pre-heated oven at 180c for about an hour.
Our meeting leader is having everyone bring in a recipe or cook something for our meeting this week, and I am making the carrot cake, I will let you all know how it turns out

Our leader told us last night that SW are having problems with the supplier of scan bran/oat, and that they will not be offering it again until April/May so she pointed to her small stock and said once this is gone there is no more. anyone else heard this?


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Our leader told us last night that SW are having problems with the supplier of scan bran/oat, and that they will not be offering it again until April/May so she pointed to her small stock and said once this is gone there is no more. anyone else heard this?
My mum is a SW consultant and she has not said anything. But if it is true then you can get it from Holland & Barratt.


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Chocolate scan bran cake

5 scan bran hexb or 5 syns
1 options white choc 2 syns
1 level tbsp syrup 2 syns
28g raisins 4 syns
1/2 grated courgette (sounds weird but it makes it fluffy and cake like :p )
1/2 mug of sweetener

Cover scan bran with boiling water and soak and mash up, drain excess water if any.
Add options, courgette and syrup.
Add raisins then beat the eggs and pour over mixing well, leave to allow the raisins to swell for 10 minutes.
Lastly add sweetener and microwave on high for 5 minutes, leave to cool then tip out and put back in so the bottom is now the top and microwave for another minute.

This is absolutely lovely, give it a go, you will be suprised - hope you like it :flirt2::cool::D


There is only now
As a snack before tea I have one with quark and white choc options mixed in. V nice. I got tempted to eat three the other week because I was hungry - never again. Could not face my dinner because it filled me up so much!!

I've made the choc scanbran cake before and you do count it in the recipe as a HEB - but eat it the next day - it is much nicer.
I lov scan bran , take a bit of getting used to , but they really grow on you and I always have great losses when I eat them every day :) I like them with phili light and tomato on the top , or hot tinned mackerel in tom sauce , or egg mayo , and the low syn choc cake off the SW website is yum :)


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I bought scan bran and its sat in my cupbard ever since... will dig it out now and try some of these recipies though

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