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Scared about hair loss

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Hi all,

Well I am on week one of SS'ing and have read many stories on the net about hair loss due to CD.... Does anyone know if its due to it being a VLCD or being on a VLCD for alengthy period of time??...... is it due to not getting enough vitamins and does it happen to everyone??....... I have waist length curly black hair and i do not want to lose it!!!....

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I've not really had much hair loss in nearly 6 months :) so not everyone gets this

Unless it's because my hairs thick I don't notice? Who knows LOL


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Mini has posted a thread on this somewhere- it was a really helpful explanation^^

It's certainly NOT due to lack of vitamins- CD makes sure you have everything you need- I'm so much healthier than I ever was with food!

I'm currently losing hair, it looks a lot, but I have thick hair so it's not at all noticible. The reason is stress! I've always done it when I'm stressed, so I know it's not CD- I'm taking vit B5, C and B12 in addition to the shakes and it's definitely helping!

I know as well there's lots of new, healthier growth, so it won't be long before my hair looks lucious!!! Hope this helps :D
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I've been CDing for nearly 4 months and I started noticing hair loss in the last couple of weeks. Panic stations as I have fine hair. I had a hair cut last night, my hairdressers says that hair loss can be attributed to a shock in the body i.e. a sudden weight loss or stress. She said not to worry, it doesn't last long. The body adjusts to it's new state and your hair will be fine!


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I've been doing CD since the end of May, and thankfully, haven't noticed hair loss... mind you, i have lots of it so maybe i wouldn't have noticed much anyway. I've always lost hair in the shower, but I put this down to dyeing it to an inch of it's life... damn my grey hair!!

Funny how it affects people in different ways.

A lady in my office has had a really stressful few months... two house moves and losing her gran, and she suffered from hair loss - so that was definitely down to stress.



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No hair loss yet, but have a certain awareness that hair looking thinner if that makes sense - this might mean that I am having normal level of daily shedding of hair but it is not growing back at its usual rate. But I do know from previous experience of hair loss on Lighterlife that it all grew back splendidly!


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I have lost loads of hair in the last 8 weeks or so..my hair is really thick and I have lots of it so no bald patches or anything...but I definitely think it has got thinner....it comes out in big clumps when I wash it or brush it...not too worried though as I've heard that it is CD related and will grow back.


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I was terrified back in July that I was going to have no hair.
I was SSing from Jan-May, then started going up the plans. As soon as I started eating more calories, my hair started to fall out. By the middle of July it had stopped.
My CDC told me that when you're SSing, you're not eating enough calories for you to keep producing new hair, so instead of shedding the dead hair like it normally does, it clings on to any hair you've already got and doesn't make any new hair. As soon as you start eating more calories, it lets go of the hair it was holding on to, and starts growing new hairs again. That's why it feels like it is all falling out at once. It's not nice when it happens, but it soon grows back.
Helen x


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I've been on CD since May and no hair loss at all. It doesn't happen to everyone so I wouldn't worry about it unless it happens.
everyone loses hair everyday i have loads come out whenever i wash mine. but thats normal even before CD ... i have thick hair so hardly notice. i even have to have it thinned out. i am not worried xx

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