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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by scarymary, 28 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. scarymary

    scarymary Full Member

    Hello everyone,

    Im 26 from Dublin. Weigh 15 stone 5 and Im 5 foot 4. I joined ww 3 weeks ago. Lost 3lbs my first week, stayed the same my 2nd week and my 3rd weigh in is today. Im expecting to be up today because I was out a lot at the weekend.

    Im getting married in September so would ideally like to loose 3 of my stones before then - a lot of work to do.

    Ive recently been diagnosed with a bi-chemical dissorder in my brain and have tablets to take. When I dont take them I feel really down and eat a lot so I really have a battle on my hands at the moment.

    I had a long heart to heart with my hubby last night and even though he says he loves me I really truely believe that if I was a bit smaller it would make a big difference to both of us.

    Anyway....ramble over.

    Im looking forward to getting to know you all x
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  3. Baronessvongogo

    Baronessvongogo Silver Member

    Good luck with your weigh in today :D
  4. scarymary

    scarymary Full Member

    Well I put up a pound but I knew I would. I was out a fair bit at the weekend. It'll be off next week tho :D
  5. mrsm2007

    mrsm2007 Gold Member

    hi and welcome! a lb on isnt bad if you know why if you know what i mean?! im sure it will be off next week too even if not sooner :)

    goodluck and bet you cant wait for your wedding! i found it so hard dieting for my wedding as i found all the planning stressful!! theres a pic in my album of me lovely and slim though on my wedding day so think the stress must have helped lol

    suz x
  6. scarymary

    scarymary Full Member

    Morning all,

    Well today is not a bad day after all ;) Im feeling brighter than I have done in a long time. I have my food planned out for the day and feel really positive.

    Brekkie: Porridge made on water and strawberries 3pts
    Snack: Apple 0.5pts
    Lunch: Chicken 2pts, salad 0pts, honey & mustard dressing 0pts, 2 ryvita and LF philly 2pts
    Snack: innocent smoothie 1pt
    Dinner: 60g brown rice 3pts, chicken 3pts, veg 0pts, sauce 1pt

    Daily allowance 23
    Total used 15.5

    MMmmh Ill have to use some more points.......whats the maximum i can save a day?

    Im going on a walk later too!
  7. Donna39

    Donna39 Full Member

    Welcome and good luck on your journey!!!

    Think the maximum points you can save is 4 per day!!!
  8. Less Rotund One

    Less Rotund One Gold Member

    Hi Mary and welcome.

    3stone by September is an achievable target if your head is in the right place.

    You can bank 4 pts per day to allow yourself some breathing space at the weekend.
  9. Baronessvongogo

    Baronessvongogo Silver Member

    Its good that you are so positive :) that seems to be half the battle most of the time.
  10. scarymary

    scarymary Full Member

    hi everyone,

    im sorry i havent been around lately i kind of went off the rails for a bit. I was toying with the idea of doing CD or celebrity slim but again I have changed my mind. I think the only way to go is weight watchers so I need to get stuck in now for good as stop messing about.

    just under 7 months to my wedding.....aiming for 2.5stone.....
  11. CurvySam

    CurvySam Full Member

    Its do-able and you will do it! Hope you have are having a good weekend and hubby to be spoilt your for Valentines!!
  12. CCPM

    CCPM Maintaining

    Come on Scary 2.5stone is very do-able, let us help you focus and get down to a slinky weight for your wedding.

    Good luck


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