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scarymovies exante diary

Well cant believe ive made it to day 9 :D ,i know some of you will think thats not a lot but believe me thats great! ive tried tfr 6 times and never completed a week before i caved in:(.
Day 1+2 i was all hyped up so this was easy by day 4+5 i had to munch boiled eggs and tuna to pull me through but ketosis started day 5 so felt great, mouth feels crap and even furry if im being honest lol
Well day 7 weighed and 6.5lb down:D:D
bmi nearly on 40 so its going down, trying to lose as much as possible before my holiday in may then ill take the rest off after i get back, so day 8 started 30 day shred was panicing id collapse so ate tuna and a boiled egg before starting,
day 9 now and done day 2 ouch im sure shes trying to kill me lol but got lots more energy didnt eat today but made me hungry so had an early shake
had a dream last night that i ate a bag of crisps when i got up i was so confused didnt know if id really done it or not... turns out i didnt we done have any walkers in the cupboard lol

Start exante J
Get past the 1st weekJ
Lose ½ stone
Make it past week 2
Drop a dress size
Lose 1 stone
Lose 1 ½ stone
Get under 200lbs
Get bmi under 40

Wk 1 -6.5lbs:D
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I will do this...
Well done on the weight loss! Great start.
shreds harder than it looks but feeling the burn now :( but at least that means its working, had to have an omelette for tea as i felt really weak
Be careful. I could never do anything llike the shred. I'm a smoker for a start and I would get too breathless quickly.


really trying again!
Well done scary movie- great start! I too tried about 5 times last year and would get into ketosis on day 2/3 then break it as soon as it go to the weekend! It drove me mad! Something clicked in my brain this year and am now quite happily in 'the zone'! Keep it up- ou're doing an amazing job xx

What's the shred???


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Well done on the loss and getting past week 1!

I am with Ladygaga, what is The Shred, seen it mentioned a couple of times now!
well day 10 and im freezing lol filled out my online ww tracker as its paid up untill 17th added my 6.5 lost it say well done you ve lost 1stone since starting 6 weeks ago then it says go see your dr your losing weight too fast and need to slow it down lmao for me its not fast enough ha ha anyway not sure wether to continue with the shred or not as its for building muscle as well as toning so would have an impact on my wkly loses so may just stick to wii fit till im closer to goal, im suprised in myself that im actually doing this diet not so hard at most times evenings being the worst i must have just sat here with a constant supply of food :( so good to be breaking that habbit, its my lil boys 1st birthday 18th so doing a buffet going to try be really good a little worried that ill mess up as i love a good butty and a slice of cake :(

Start exante J
Get past the 1st weekJ
Lose ½ stone
Make it past week 2
Drop a dress size
Lose 1 stone
Lose 1 ½ stone
Get under 200lbs
Get bmi under 40
Wk 1 -6.5lbs
well day 11 and im arguing with myself part of me saying stay at it the half sayin leave it and we ll healthy eat dont where this has come from :( been doing realy well ate an omelette with chicken and 1 musroom and its showing im just in ketosis? yesterday it was showing full so dont know whats happing there, on my 2nd shake not going to waste them ive got 22 days worth left so i am having them lol just hope i get out of this mood quickly because i know ill go back to my bad habbits if i leave
Are you testing in the morning at the same time? As you start to drink it will show fainter.

You need the Beck diet solution book! Get thee to amazon! xx
really want a biscuit and its driving me mad im on here facebook and reading my VD book again just to keep occupied :( im not even hungry and i dont know why but i really am going nuts about it :( want today to be over early night i think
well day 12 and im so proud of myself i beat the biscuits i did not cave in yeahhhhh felt really good about it this morning i know it may sound silly but i thought i was going to give up yesterday but kept pushing thought i ll just give it an hour c how i feel and look at me now still here :) looking forward to wednesday 4 my next weigh in
now im due to go on holidat may 10th am i best off stopping before i go and do a refeed ?? its all potatos and bread with everything once i get there luckily im not a fan of there cakes its a moussy crappy thing not like our cakes yum will try and eat small portions and behave then restart for my summer goal i want the lot of my weight off in july so fingers crossed may sound like too big a challenge but thats where im aiming :)
day 14 and still feeling good managed to make loads of pancakes and didnt nibble a thing cleaned round then had an omelette cant believe ive lasted this long im so chuffed yesterday flew by so didnt come on here was getting the house clean still a form of exersice, ordered more shakes today been doing shake at 10 then at 2 and soup in a mug between 6-7 so been keeping me full im amazed lol my second weigh in 2moz i cant wait 6.5lb off last week lost 7lbs before that on ww but if foods there i would eat it so im suprised im doing this but so so happy doing til end of april then holiday then back here for the rest :)

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