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School in the morning....and after the Brighty meet


Gone fishing
Just a quickie (which will no doubt turn into a longie:rolleyes:)

So...I leave Jury's inn, after BG and Porgeous find my car for me:eek:

Drive to the Travelodge to book in. Takes about 5 mins :clap:

Nowhere to park in the Travelodge:cry: I go around the streets. Good on the streets I am :cool: Can't find anywhere to park though. All double yellow lines.

It's about 1.45am. Decide to go back to the travelodge and park in the one empty spot (disabled only):rolleyes: .......and no....I don't approve.

Wake up receptionist and ask to book in.

Tell receptionist that I'm very sorry but is it okay to park in Disabled.

Receptionist says "Yes..of course"...I thank her, but then she says "as long as you display your Disabled badge":rolleyes:

Explain there is nowhere to park and are they expecting anyone disabled at 2:00am?? She tells me that I need to park on the street...and no...she doesn't know anywhere suitable.


Get back in car and park outside travelodge and wait for anyone who may still be alive who might just decide to go out for a night on the tiles at 2:05am

Someone went!!! I grabbed the space.

Go into Travelodge. I'm on the 6th floor:rolleyes:

Oh...tell them I've booked for 2 people as feeling particularly large after those fish and chips.

Desperate for a coffee.

Find 10 sticks of milk, 2 sachets of sugar and one teabag:confused: One teabag for 2 people:confused: and if so...why 10 sticks of milk. No coffee? Odd people those Brighties.

Make tea. Try to phone Leah. Mobile out of money. Have that one cup of tea. Write article for work.

Go to sleep at about 3:30am

6-7 (can't remember). Terrific thunderstorm. Wow.

Go outside for a ciggie:eek: and to watch the lightening.
8:00am decide to have brekkie. So does everyone else. Seems the thunderstorm has woken all occupants of 8 floors.

We all sqeeze into a small room for brekkie.

Sit with a couple and chat. They are doing the fatloss4idiots diet :clap: Husband and wife team. Did it 4 times (it's a 2 week programme, then you do it again). Had a lovely chat with them for about 2 hours :D

Popped back to Churchill Square for a quick look around the shops and then came home.

School in the morning. Got to get back into work mode. Still have CDC modules to do. Lots of work and not feeling very work modish.

Can't believe the holidays went so quickly. Not feeling at all ready to go back.

Wonderful weekend though. So pleased I went.

Must sign off. Very best of luck any parents of new 'big boys and girls'. Sure they will be taken care of, and probably have a lovely time:cool:

Oh...talking to an American Teacher friend this evening. She was telling me that they have a Boo Hoo breakfast, where the mums of the new kids get to have breakfast around the table with a box of tissues in the centre. Made me laugh.

Right...definitely signing off now.

and Leah....no more piccies. Love you loads ;)
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Sooooooooooooo glad you came KD - was great to meet you. Please please please pretty please come to Cardiff .... will let you win pass the parcel game if you do!!!

ps don't tell anyone the last bit!!!!


Gone fishing
Please please please pretty please come to Cardiff .... will let you win pass the parcel game if you do!!!
Ooooh...tempting :cool: The pass the parcel game that is :D

Sorry though. Can't do the Cardiff meet
So sad. So want to
But can't do anything in term time. It's virtually impossible.

ps don't tell anyone the last bit!!!!
Oooh sorry. Secret is safe with me. Will edit first bit

[strike]Ooooh...tempting [/strike]

Excellent. Nobody will know now:cool:

Glad you managed a quick update there ;)

Sounds like you had a brilliant weekend x
Twas grand Sandy. Couldn't have wished for a nicer bunch of people to share the evening with
You really did just cheer me up! Its my dads birthday today, and at the end of the month is 15 years since he died. Thank you for bringing the only smile of the day to my face xxx

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