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School Nativity


Mini crazy cat lady
When i'm in new company, I always ask the same icebreaker..

What were you in your school nativity?

I was the innkeepers wife. How lame is that?! All i did was shake my head, whilst my teatowel wearing husband got to say "there is no room at the inn". My dad still ribs me for it now...

I've yet to meet a Mary. I know lots of sheep, donkeys, shepherds, the odd king and an angel.
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I was Mary one year, Angel Gabriel the next year (who should surely have been a boy?) and then I think I was demoted to a random angel another year! I used to love doing school plays! :D
in junior school nativity i was always the narrator, prolly cos I've got a bit of a mouth on me :p
in 2ndry school we didn't do nativity but did 3 or 4 musical things a year, i was always a prostitute or wench type female (Miss Siagon, Evita etc) not sure what that means :eek:
I was an angel.
The nativity was only meant for the year 6's but i was in year 5 with a very good singing voice. So they wrote in a part for me to sing a solo - "Mary's Boy Child."
I made everyone cry. :)
I was a Mary. And another year I was the Sugarplum fairy. Not sure how that fitted in with the nativity, but then I remember that Stuart Smith was a Smurf. Maybe that's just the costume his dad sent for him.

As a primary school teacher, I must admit that the christmas productions always make me cry. Actually some of the normal hymns in assembly choke me up at times too. I'm obviously just an old nostalgic fool.

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