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schwartz lamb hot pot in slow cooker?


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Does it not tell you on the packet? If not 6-8 hours on low is usual for
most meat dishes :)

The good thing about slow cookers is that you dont need to be precise with timings


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And you'll probably only need half the liquid or it might be quite thin but as you don't normally add that much to those mixes anyway I'm not sure how that'd work. I'd guess about half a pint should do it.

Do you know you can get Shwartz slow cooker mixes? There are 4 flavours and were only available in Morrison's before Xmas but I'm sure they'll roll out to the rest of the supermarkets eventually. x


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Thanks guys no it's not one specifically for slow cooker it's a normal one but I love how the meat turns out in the slow cooker so wanted to do it in that rather than the oven if that makes sense? Cheers for the help. X


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Don't think so coz Lamb hot pot isn't one of the flavours :eek: there's a beef, two chicken and a sausage. If it was what she was asking about the instructions on it would tell her what she needed to know. :D x


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Yeah - I'd just reduce the liquid a bit or thicken it when it's cooked. Low for about 8 hrs or high for about 5 should do it. Good Luck xx

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