science behind water consumption?

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    was LL now diet chef
    i know 15 weeks in this is probably a daft question that i probably should know the answer to

    .....but apart from needing to replace the water we are not getting from fruit and veg etc why do we need to drink so much water?

    if we do drink only the recommended 2.5l why will we lose less than if we drink say 3.5l?

    what is the science behind it?

    pete? - are you still about, you have been very quiet recently!

    daisy x
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    Lighter Life

    I asked my sister this a few days ago she is a deitition but is doing her research PhD on VLCD.

    Basically the reasoning behind it is that when the body is getting the optimium level of water consuption, the liver helps the kidneys to get rid of it. The liver helps to metabolise fat. So when the liver is helping the kidneys get rid if the waste productd i think more fat cells are expelled??

    I think im on the right lines, if i ask my sister again she will think im a loon - plus she does not know I'm doing lighter life!! She will want me as a research guinea pig!!
  4. Foxtrot

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    I've upped my water to 4 litres over the past few weeks and my losses have been dire if at all! I'm seeing what they are this week and if it's not good I'm going back to 2.5.
  5. marmite 330

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    foxtrot just watch the water intake, too much is dangerous, the water as I understand it helps flush out toxins and as water is retained in our muscles if we dont get enough then it clings onto it if we dont keep drinking it, if you get my drift.
  6. slendablenda

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    I don't know the science, Ijust know with 4 litres a day I lost fine and when I reduced it to 2.5 litres the losses slowed, but I do know everyone is different and it probably is partly dictated by your age and hormone balance too I suspect. I think you just have to find what works for you. The LL analogy seems to be to imagine your body as a water wheel, keep up a steady flow of water to lubricate, not sudden gushes. Makes sense, easier for the body to process, in and out.
    Am considering writing a guide to ladies loos in Surrey and Sussex for VLCD followers !!:D
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