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Scientific Experiment


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I'm going to put myself through an experiement for the good of all. Erm, well, not really.

Getting weighed is a big issue for most of us, especially the dreaded scales and the elation/deflation we feel when we get weighed countless times over the week - even though we know we shouldn't.

I've decided to log my daily weight at 2 different times during the day, firstly my early morning WI - butt naked and the second one when I get home from work, just before tea time which is when I get weighed just before I go to class on a Wednesday.

On Wednesdays I will also give the WI result from class.

By doing this I'm hoping to point out that the scales fluctuate dramatically over the course of the week and that it is indeed pointless to get weighed so much, as you can tell, I'm trying to convince myself as much as you.

So here goes:

Morning: (W) 11st2
Teatime: (W)
Official: 6/8 -
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Great idea, think we are all guilty of the SWI - was good last week, got hubby to hide the scales, but have been on them everyday so far this week..
sounds great!
Very interesting - look forward to seeing what they read in a week. Im a daily weigher (although the batteries on my scales are telling me they're low) and yes, mine fluctuates, but I have noticed that I dont see much of a difference in the number until WI day xxx


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thanks for the comments, I can't wait to see how it goes myself, from what I've gathered previously I weigh more Thursdays & Fridays, less and the weekend and then up again Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday WI is totally hit n miss. Hopefully this 'experiment' may make some sense out of it all. I might even have to carry it on a little longer than originally planned to get the perfect results for you all lol.
Morning: (W) 11st2
Teatime: (W) 11st4 3/4
Official: 6/8 - 11 st 4.5
not bad at all considering I got dressed to go to class! lol
that's just so I know what day it is, I can put each result side by side that way
Morning: (W) 11st2, (T) 1.5
Teatime: (W) 11st4 3/4, (T)
Official: 6/8 - 11 st 4.5

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