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Scooterchick's please stalk me diary

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by scooterchick, 3 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. scooterchick

    scooterchick She's me in a few months

    Here we go again. This must be the millionith restart. I must be close to breaking the record of 'how many times can one person start this diet and fall by the wayside within 3 days'. In fact even right now I'm eating, and determined that tomorrow will be the beginning of my final journey on Cambridge. I'm back to my original counsellor in the hope that will get me back on track. Last year I lost nearly 4 stone!!!!! And I've managed to put about a stone and a half back on. I had a period of around 4 months when I had a full wardrobe of clothes, now I'm back in the limited fat clothes I have left.

    I HAVE to do this. I have a new diary. The old one(s) are floating around somewhere, no point going back, this is a new journey, can no longer be counted as a continuation of last year. It's new. I have so many things I need to lose weight for this year, the first being in 3 weeks time when I have a session with a photographer for publicity shots, kind as he is, I know the face ain't what it used to be and a stone, only a stone, will sort the face out, he'll just have to be creative with the big body shots. Then in Mar I'm meeting a whole load of people I only know from the 'net'. They've all seen that pic, the one to the side of me, and even though I say so myself, I look gorgeous in it. Unfortunately reality is not so kind, it really was just a good angle. Then in Apr another internet meet, same scenario, May, my son makes his first communion, Jun we go on Holiday and throughout all of this, photos and videos a gogo.

    So, my plea. Hunt me down, if I vanish please someone contact me, stalk, keep on at me, I really have to do this, I really want to do this!!! 5 stone. That's what I want off. 5 stone but I'll start with 1 stone in the next 3 weeks. it can be done. Thank you all xxxx
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  3. Lily

    Lily Well-Known Member

    Nope, sorry. I hold that record and you're about 100 restarts away from catching me up. :D ;)

    Good news. I'm on my one million, one hundred and first restart (well, it feels like it) but this time I'm doing it. Doing it hardcore like the first time and it's working! Come join me! Come join the Hardcore Hotties on the CD Teams forum, where we're doing zero tolerance on cheating. :D

    Stalking you, hun! Are you starting today?
  4. scooterchick

    scooterchick She's me in a few months

    Thank you so much Lily, I've started! Had a bar????!!!!! already, however it'll keep me on track, get today over with and tomorrow will be plain sailing as I'll be back at work. Just started my second giant mug of tea, earl grey, hot, no milk or sugar. I saw you've lost 22lbs, that's fantastic babe!!!!! If I'd kept on it at the start pf they with you I could be in the 14's now, what a stupid ***** I am. Anyway, make sure I don't catch you, I want you to be one step ahead from now on in but I'm hot on your heels lol xxx
  5. scooterchick

    scooterchick She's me in a few months

    gosh, female dog, thats all i wrote :D
  6. Lily

    Lily Well-Known Member


    Well, you're starting from round about the same place as me (assuming your stats are right), so you'll see the 14s twenty days from now. That's not so bad is it? 20 days? Rooting for ya! Go Scooterchick! :clap:
  7. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Well-Known Member

    We all have similar amounts to lose and same starting weights! I got my first weigh in on Wednesday, only 5 days in but my CDC can only do Weds. Fingers crossed still a good loss! Look forward to keeping an eye on you girls toooooo, we will be skinny in no time :happy036:
  8. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Well-Known Member

    Hello Scooterchick, I think there are many of us on her who have done the diet before a few times! Good luck with your final journey you can do this! I look forward to seeing how you are doing and will hunt you down! I think we all need this from time to time I know I have over the many years of serial dieting! You can do this!

    I started my journey in Oct 11 and lost 7 stone but put back on 23lb so am back to loss this and a bit more! I lost 7 stone before on WW when I was 30, 17 years ago and put it all back on so this time I am determined not to have to do that again so need to get to goal and learn how to maintain!

    Good luck Hun you can and will do this! X
  9. lisalollipop13909

    lisalollipop13909 Well-Known Member

    love to follow u. pls see my diary??
  10. scooterchick

    scooterchick She's me in a few months

    Thanks for all the replies ladies. It's been a mixed day, not perfect, but a start. Tomorrow will be perfect, I'm back to work and that makes things a lot easier. Believe it or not, I am actually determined this time, as Yoda says, do or do not, there is no try. Well I'm damn well going to do it! I've also asked my husband to hide the bathroom scales, i usually weigh daily, but I'm going to try a different tactic and see if that makes any difference.

    Well, off to watch the new series of Being Human with a pint of water. Yum. :)
  11. lisalollipop13909

    lisalollipop13909 Well-Known Member

    How do u stop urself snacking?
  12. Lily

    Lily Well-Known Member

    Sit on your hands. ;)

    More seriously, keep reminding yourself why you're doing this. You're not doing it to punish yourself, you're doing it to get the slim and healthy body you deserve. Snacking's not going to get you there. Eating is simply something you aren't going to do for a while. You can't snack and do Cambridge - apart from anything else that gets really expensive!

    Drink water, brush your teeth, paint your nails, have a bath. In the early days it's all about distraction techniques. Weekends are harder than weekdays.
  13. scooterchick

    scooterchick She's me in a few months

    Well, at work now and the headache is kicking in. Just sank 2 paracetemol to try and keep it at bay. Why oh why do I keep doing this to myself? I go through the pain of carb withdrawal regularly, only to go and have a feast and then it's back to square one.

    I got up this morning to have my shower and the scales were missing from the bathroom dun dun dun!! (sang like the murderer has just been revealed). I was actually quite jittery in the shower because I couldn't weigh myself, how bad is that?? Even just writing it down I feel a slight panic lol. Well, nothing for it, I have to be good. No jumping on the scales and thinking 'oh good, I've lost 4lbs, I can get away with a little cheat and it won't affect my weekly loss'.......

    Think I'll treat myself to a hot summer berry drink. Have a good day everyone!
  14. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Well-Known Member

    I've chucked my scales out - am only going to rely on my CDC's scales, I've told myself by doing that I am less inclined to cheat because if I do, she will be able to tell and then I will feel bad! Once I hit my goal weight I will buy some more, in order to maintain :D Weird how diff things work for diff people! xx
  15. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Well-Known Member

    Hi Hun, you do this hun as you want to lose the weight and are going to do it this time! We are all going to help you! Know what you mean about the scales! I hid mine to start with as was constantly jumping on them! They are now downstairs as my partner is on Slimming World as is one of my sons! I don't get on them now though only the night just before I leave to have my official weigh in to compare! The reason I don't get on them is I like to weigh in naked! To see a true weight and there is no way I am getting on thence naked downstairs as the whole of the back of my house is glass and anyone could see me! And that would not be a pretty site! A saggy belly with stretch marks! Lol!

    It will take determination not to get on the scales but I am sure it will be worth it at your weigh in!

    Keep at it hun as you know the head ache will go and you will start to feel better x
  16. Lily

    Lily Well-Known Member

    Yep, definitely keep those scales out of sight. I've been scale-hopping this last week or so and it's done stuff all for my state of mind. It can be great in the first few days cos the weight comes off fast but after a couple of weeks things slow right down and it just gets frustrating. So if you get out of the habit now you can save yourself the heartache. I've decided I'm not getting back on the evil things until Saturday morning before my weigh in (I do what you do Theresa :)).

    Now, no feasting this time, ok? This last time I had a bl**dy awful time getting into ketosis, which was probably a good thing cos I never want to have to do this again! Let's get there this time, shall we? A slim summer shall be ours!
    :character00238: :banana dancer: :character00238: :banana dancer: :character00238: :banana dancer: :character00238: :banana dancer: :character00238: :banana dancer: :character00238:
  17. redhead66

    redhead66 This will be my year

    Please can I join the Millionth Restart club? I've got my supplies and am starting back tomorrow for millionth and first, and last, time!
  18. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Well-Known Member

    Wahey, good luck hun, keep us posted on how you are getting on! xx
  19. scooterchick

    scooterchick She's me in a few months

    Feeling better already :) when I get to target I'm going to give my CDC a treat and weigh naked (he's a bloke) lololoolololol

    Yip, absolutely, I want a slim summer for the first time since......oh let;s see.......2003. The year I got pregnant with my oldest. 10 frigging years!!

    Absolutely, the more the merrier! xx
  20. scooterchick

    scooterchick She's me in a few months

    Day 3 so far, so good. I'm feeling on top of the world baby!!! Just having my first hot chocolate after reminding myself to, as I've had no horrid hunger pangs today. I have no idea what I weigh cos my hubby's hidden the scales and so far I've resisted the temptation to go and look for them. Roll on fri for my first weigh in!
  21. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Well-Known Member

    Fingers crossed for you, keep at it hun! Hot choc is yummy xx

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