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hi there x welcome x
yeah theres some scottish here,somewhere.
yeah i couldn't put my pic up until 50 posts.i'm sure someone managed to do it somehow before that but i'm not too good at computer things x
well done on your losses so far.i've done same as you first 2 weeks
Yeah there's a few scotties (don't quite know if that's offensive or not -I do mean it affectionately though...someone will put me right I'm sure. :D)here -sadly though none of them are James McAvoy. Or Ewan Macgregor. sigh. Love them all the same though! :D

Glad you've decided to post! Congrats on your losses so far & good luck for the next weigh in!

I think it is 50 posts before you can have a picture, yeah. You'll soon get there!



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Hi and welcome,
well done on your losses so far, they are excellent. Now that you have come onboard, so to speak, you will be hooked in no time. I'm not Scottish but Irish, but lots of lovely Scots on here. Enjoy.


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I've been lurking in the background of this forum for the past month and my 4th WI will be on Monday. I decided it's time to post! I've not noticed anybody else from Scotland on here... is there anyone?

Also, can I not out a picture up until I've posted 20 times?!

I am Scottish,Strawberry, although live in England now, but come from Glasgow.

How you getting on?

Welcome to the forum by the way! YOu have come to a brill place with lots of support!!!
hiya and welcome to the forum!
Well done on your losses so far :) you're doing great, hope you feel good too!

Keep up the good work ;)

(am half scottish, does that count?. lol)
Hi, I'm 0% scottish, any good?!

Very best of luck with your LT journey.
Welcome and good luck. I'd love to visit Edinburgh I'm not Scottish but I do have Scottish ancestors, does that count?



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I'm not Scottish but I have watched Braveheart, Trainspotting, Taggart & also enjoy Buckfast, domestic violence & deep-fried Mars Bars.... can I be an honorary Scot :D

Just teasing ;) Welcome aboard :D x
oh yum, deep fried mars bar was surprisingly good when i tried it many years ago.


Eloquent hooligan
Never tried one but I'm intrigued... :D

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