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So whats in it that makes it possible to eat?

Only could find this Calories in Sauce, Ready-to-serve, Pepper, Tabasco

1tsp has 1 calorie no fat or carbs just sodium... it seems like black magic to me.

also are we allowed other types of tabasco other than the red original?

I know its not in the book, but what about dried herbs and spices? I guess it may have some carbs in or citric acid...but surely in essence its the same as leaf tea, probably not.

I wont risk it but I am just curious as to how I could "spice" up the packs.
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Determined to succeed
Hi Flex. We were told strictly only normal tabasco or pepper. Not sure why but i wouldnt risk it - your doing too well to chance risking it

I think it is mainly to keep you from being psychologically tricked. If you start messing about addingthings, to make it "tastier" - it could perhaps make some start adding a little bit more of this and that and soon enough they are adding a drop of olive oil, or parmesean, etc.

I do not think anything will affect ketosis - but its to readdirm that the time spent on abstinance is head-work, and not about making things tasty. :)

That is what I always figured. We too were told only S&P and tabasco.

If you get bored with flavours, try micing them half and half to make new tastes. :)


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In my first 2-3 weeks i loved most the soups and tabby(aka tabasco)was my new best friend.:8855:
im off soups now though.


Determined to succeed
Oh im just addicted to the Thai Chilli soup. It is sooooooo lovely. Tried it the first week and felt sick and couldnt take it - funny how tast buds change. Suppose when you havent been eatin for a few mths anything tastes delicious :8855:


Determined to succeed
Lol. I love the chewy bits in it. Oh by the way - what are the chewy bits :confused:
yeah, thats right, ....was getting the mushroom soup confused....forget there was another chewy soup on LL. I think you are right...soya or tempeh - sue has the conistancy of that.

I loved the Thai soup - it was my favourite, and I was dissappointed if there were not a lot of bits...some packs had a lot of those little pieces and others not so much. But it makes it nice the had something to chew, even if it is only litte.


Determined to succeed
Oh im just starting a mug of thai chilli soup and it is gorgeous and this mug has loads of chewy bits :8855:
iwgt ur such a tease.


Determined to succeed
Oh dont worry - my soup never stays in my cup long enough to loose any of its goodness :D.

Dazzle how u doing luv. Are u finding it any easier this week x
hi iwgt, ive been on and off this week:confused: i was a little out of routine this week as i took some anual leave and have my sis n kids round. almost didnt go to my meeting but dragged:rolleyes: myself there in the end. lost another 2 lbs.(atleast i havnt gained).need to sort out this chatterbox and pile up the strokes. talking of which, i'm wearing a gorgeous white tunic today (comfortably and loose almost) which last year i barely squeezed into.:8855:its made my day!


Determined to succeed
Well done Dazzle. Hope that is enough to get you motivated again. Dont look at what is ahead of you - look at what you have achieved and be proud of yourself. I done an hour spinning class on thurs night and another hour this morning. Before i started LL i would hardly leave the house except to go to work. I wouldnt even go into tescos - as i was so ashamed of what i had become and somehow felt that i didnt deserve to be in buying food. I actually took panic attacks around people because i felt everyone was talking about the size of me.So it was such a big thing for me to walk into a gym and across the floor in front of everyone and get on a spinning bike. I thought i was going to be sick. My palms were sweating and i thought my legs were going to give way - but i did it and got on the bike and completed the entire class. That has got to be my biggest achievement so far - walking into that gym x
Well done I Will Get There.
What a scary thing to do! Well done you.
Remember that feeling.
You WILL get there. xx

Dazzle - well done you for making yourself go to the class.
It is definitely harder when your routine is disrupted. Try and work out a contingency plan if you know that kind of situation is coming up next time. It does get easier - honest!
Hold that feeling about the white tunic - things will only get better.
LL works so well if you stick to it 100%
Good luck xx

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