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Remote Medical Second Opinions

A team of experienced Johns Hopkins physicians will review your medical records and provide a remote second opinion.
The Johns Hopkins Medical Second Opinion services allows patients who reside outside the United States to remotely access and consult with a Johns Hopkins physician without having to travel to the Johns Hopkins Medicine campus in Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A. This remote Medical Second Opinion service is a convenient alternative to confirm diagnosis and obtain treatment recommendations from a Johns Hopkins physician without having to leave your home country.
A second opinion from an independent and experienced Johns Hopkins specialist can help you face a challenging situation with confidence and allow you to make an informed decision about treatment options available for your condition.
Based on the medical information provided, a Johns Hopkins Medical Second Opinion will use the latest available knowledge to confirm the diagnosis, review the current treatment plan, and recommend a treatment plan should you decide to travel to Johns Hopkins. Two consultation types have been developed to meet the needs of the international community.

Complex Consult

For several subspecialties that demand a longer review period and are complex in nature, a higher fee will be charged. This is due to the additional time spent by the physician to review the case. The need for a Complex Consult will be communicated to you prior to processing your request.

Here is the link for more information:

Johns Hopkins International - Second Opinions

I thought this was a great idea...
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Minimins gal x
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Totally agree with u Mini its a great idea.Its so amazing the way the internet has changed our lives most of the time for the better.
Some time ago my doctors surgery were booking app 4/5 weeks ahead of time if u did not pre book u could not get an app so i searched for a doc online in a hospital emailed them my symptons(it was only water retention but quite bad) filled in a detailed medical form then the doc rang me and prescribed water tabs and mailed out a prescription all at a hefty cost though and it was the smae tabs as my doc had prescribed me.

This is how much things have changed even in the last 5 years.

Sorry i waffled on sooo much,have a good day Mini xx


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Hi Roch,

I think the internet has become so much a way of life for us now...I am beginning to wonder how we ever managed without it.:rolleyes:

Broad band has really changed things for the better...don't know if I could use the net with a dial up connection ever again, it would be like eating dried feathers.:eek:

I heard a good one not so long ago about this guy went to the doctor and the doctor typed his symptoms into the computer and then told him what was wrong and charged him 45 euro for the privelege...your man said he could of done the same thing at home for nothing....

Can't swear this is true...but it sounded plausible when he was telling it.

Love Mini xxx

Love Mini xxx