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Secret Santa - new thread - likes and dislikes!

Ok... those taking part are in this year's Secret Santa are...


THE LIMIT IS £5 (you don't have to stick to this rigidly, but this is the suggested amount that is spent, incase of any losses in the post etc)

I'm going to do a list of likes/dislikes, so if all of you on the above list could copy and paste your answers into a reply here, it would really help your secret santa to have an idea what to get you! :D

Here's the list that you can c+p -

Favourite colour -
Favourite smell -
Favourite food -
Food dislikes -
Smell dislikes -
Colour dislikes -

What make up do you wear -
Do you collect anything -

Are you offended by rude (Saucy) stuff -
Do you have any peircings -
Any allergies -

Modern or traditional -
Sparkly or plain -
Fun or serious -

I'll PM you the person you'll be buying for this afternoon (i'm picking the names out of a hat).

If you could all PM me your addresses aswell that'd be great. I'll only pass your address on to the person who is your secret santa (although you all might get a card and a little surprise from me aswell seeing as i'll have all your addys mwahahaha :giggle: )


Thanks guys, and enjoy!!! :D
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Go on smile! =)
First beki a big THANK YOU! for taking the time out and sorting all this out.

Favourite colour - Blue
Favourite smell - Vanilla
Favourite food - Peach!
Food dislikes - Nothing
Smell dislikes - Poo
Colour dislikes - Pink

What make up do you wear - Only around the house
Do you collect anything - Stamps (joking, nothing really)

Are you offended by rude (Saucy) stuff - Nah
Do you have any peircings - No
Any allergies - Is exercise one? (no i dont lol)

Modern or traditional - Modern
Sparkly or plain - Plain
Fun or serious - Fun

I'll Pm you my address now beki x
You're welcome - i looooove secret santas! It's nice to know you're going to have at least one totally random pressie that you have no clue about! :D

My list -

Favourite colour - white/pink
Favourite smell - vanilla
Favourite food - chocolate (is that considered food? haha)
Food dislikes - peas/beans/nuts
Smell dislikes - spicy-smelling perfumes
Colour dislikes - umm.. don't really have any?

What make up do you wear - everything LOL
Do you collect anything - aside from lb's? no

Are you offended by rude (Saucy) stuff - nope
Do you have any peircings - ears
Any allergies - no

Modern or traditional - traditional, but sometimes modern lol
Sparkly or plain - sparkles all the way baby!! haha
Fun or serious - fun!

Favourite colour -
Favourite smell - Berries or Vanilla
Favourite food - Pizza
Food dislikes - Liquorice
Smell dislikes - Liquorice
Colour dislikes - Yello

What make up do you wear - Lip Gloss
Do you collect anything - Books on Ghosts or Serial Killers lol

Are you offended by rude (Saucy) stuff - Heck No
Do you have any peircings - Just my ears
Any allergies - Avon Skin So Soft

Modern or traditional - Modern
Sparkly or plain - Sparkly
Fun or serious - Fun

Just a bit more about me, I am a Manchester United Fan, I like all things paranormal and I love anything that has starts on it.
You could prob get a few more hints if your really stuck from my facebook page. (Jen Conn)
Favourite colour -Purple
Favourite smell -Citrus scents..mandarin/lemon
Favourite food -Choc (but please dont buy me it!)
Food dislikes - Olives yuk
Smell dislikes -Lavender
Colour dislikes - Yellow/orange..nothing too loud!

What make up do you wear -Nothing day to day
Do you collect anything -Nothing that will be covered by a fiver!lol

Are you offended by rude (Saucy) stuff -No!
Do you have any peircings -Only my ears!
Any allergies - No

Modern or traditional -Modern
Sparkly or plain -mmm dificult one!
Fun or serious -Fun fun fun!

Cheers Beki for your time:D


'this time i'll do it!'
thanks beki for arranging this, its nice for you to take the time to do this......

heres my list..

Favourite colour - red,yellow
Favourite smell - citrus,roses
Favourite food - chocs!!!(shhhh dont tell!)
Food dislikes - fruit cake
Smell dislikes - vanilla,
Colour dislikes - lilac,lime green

What make up do you wear - no7,
Do you collect anything -hello kitty stuff

Are you offended by rude (Saucy) stuff - nahh, like a laf
Do you have any peircings - only ears
Any allergies - none

Modern or traditional - either
Sparkly or plain - either
Fun or serious - fun,fun,

hope this helps whoever, thanks again to beki xx
shaz - now you've seen the post i don't need to PM you about the addresses do i? ;) xx
Favourite colour - pink/purple
Favourite smell -hugo boss perfumes!
Favourite food - indian
Food dislikes -chinese
Smell dislikes -musk
Colour dislikes - dont have any

What make up do you wear -any!
Do you collect anything - me to you bears

Are you offended by rude (Saucy) stuff -nope!
Do you have any peircings -yep just my ears lol
Any allergies -nope!

Modern or traditional -modern!
Sparkly or plain -sparkly!

ummm what else can i say im an arsenal fan love going out with my girlies!!!

cant wait to get mine!!
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fab guys! keep em coming! :D x i still need a few addys too, then as soon as i've got all of them together i'll let you all know the addy you need to send to :) x


gunna be a fatty for ever
Favourite colour - Pink!!
Favourite smell - cherry
Favourite food - hummm sweets
Food dislikes -onion, spicy stuff
Smell dislikes - farts, curry, feet
Colour dislikes - none

What make up do you wear - sparkly
Do you collect anything - erm do shoes count??

Are you offended by rude (Saucy) stuff - hell noooo
Do you have any peircings - ahem.. just my ears thank you
Any allergies - men

Modern or traditional - modern
Sparkly or plain - defo sparkly!
Fun or serious - little bit in between! :)

any thing else just ask!!!
Thanks beki.

Favourite colour -pink/purple/black
Favourite smell - jasmine
Favourite food - Salad now lol.
Food dislikes - Prawns yuk
Smell dislikes - Lavender
Colour dislikes - brown grey pale pastal colors.

What make up do you wear - maybelline
Do you collect anything - no but i like keyrings.

Are you offended by rude (Saucy) stuff - No
Do you have any peircings - Yes monroe and nose. (but very sensitive to metals so best avoid this one x
Any allergies - not as known unless your going to get me antibiotics haha.

Modern or traditional - any really.. i like modern retro stuff but love traditional stuff too.
Sparkly or plain - ethier.
Fun or serious - ethier.

i love all writing stuff ect , pens notepads.

Hope this all helps xx

will pm the address now.


gunna be a fatty for ever
heheheh whos got red for secret santa????

omg that's geeeeenius :D

i hope the person who's got red sees it! hahaha :rotflmao:
sorry i've been MIA guys... as you've probably gathered i've slipped off the old xen/healthy eating wagon :eek: and worryingly i have no inclination to get back on?!

also, i've been so busy (school hols, birthdays, being ill) the last couple of weeks i don't think i've had time to f*rt, let alone post much, most of the time! pmsl

anyway, i hope you're all keeping well? i'm going to be sending you all your SS recipient's addresses either today or tomorrow (depending on when i get a free second!), and from then on it's down to all of you to get your parcels posted out on time etc etc! :D

I've already got a few ideas for my SS recipient - i'm just hoping that s/he likes them!!!

Remember everyone,... if you've got any more details about your likes/dislikes that you think will help your SS then feel free to post! :)

I think we should have a deadline for posting the parcels, incase of delays nearer to christmas, don't you? How does the 12th december sound to everyone? xx
Sounds good 12th december it is :)


gunna be a fatty for ever
wooop woop 12th it is!

This might be a really stupid question but here goes anyway -
When I send the gift do I tell who it is from or is it suppose to stay a secret. I know back home in Canada when we did a secret Santa we would just keep it a secret until we actually gifted the item then we would include a card with who it is from, is it the same here lol


Go on smile! =)
I dont know, never done it lol. I think its suppose to be a secret better ask beki she's the organiser lol.

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