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Secret Slimming in Paris

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by La Parisienne, 3 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member


    I am fairly new to slimming world. Did a stint in 2008 and lost 2 stones, then I moved to Paris and caved in to all patisseries, vienoiseries and cheese... and put it all back on (and more!)!! Started again on the 6th Jan and so far have lost 11lbs. I have been on the Minimins side lines since I started again, reading everyone's diary for inspiration and thought I might start one myself!

    So, I'm 23, live in Paris and am supported by my lovely lovely husband (Fabien) who loves me despite me being so gross! I finally feel like I'm ready to do Slimming World for me, I've got my head in the game and am ready to really work hard! I feel like I'm at a comfortable point in my life, great job, great marriage - all that is missing is the great bod!

    I tried doing EE during the first week and lost nothing (I don't think I understood it well enough...) so have gone back to my trusty Red/Green days.


    Breakfast: Banana with fat free fromage blanc

    Lunch: mac&cauliflower cheese (half a packet of pasta and whole cauliflower boiled up with a stock cube, mixed up with some mushrooms, 46g cheddar cheese (2xHEA) and fromage blanc. Put in the oven with a crunchy topping made of 2xwholemeal slices of bread from a 400g loaf (HEB), red onion and thyme. I was delish! Shared it with hubby so only really 1xHEA and 0.5 HEB

    Tea: Sliced new potatoes cooked in my actifry with 1tbs olive oil (0.5 HEB - shared with OH!) with baked beans.

    Snacks: Strawberries, banana, orange and rasberries.


    I have Mondays off (since I work Saturday) and went and bought some electronic food scales as otherwise it's impossible to measure 28g of cheese! Popped in to New Look and decided to chance trying on a pair of jeans (I haven't worn jeans for about 6months, when I had to get size 22!) and to my DELIGHT I fit into a size 20!! Needless to say I bought them!

    It was such a relief as I was feeling down after my weigh in this morning (-0.5 lb). Really makes it all worthwhile!

    I really hope I can stick to it!


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  3. beslim2014

    beslim2014 Full Member

    Hi there and welcome. Who would'nt cave in with all those lovely cakes and pastries! 2 dress sizes down, well done. Good luck with your weight loss :)
  4. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    Thanks beslim 2014! Well...to be fair I think New Look generally have quite generous sizing and I probably picked up a faulty pair of jeans or something...but I don't even so that label is so motivating!
  5. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    Ok, so I start work at 2pm today and so (since I have the time) treated myself to an amaaazing breakfast!

    2 slices of wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf (HEB), grilled bacon, a dry-fried egg and a big mug of coffee. YUM!!

    It's really strange but I have found that since starting Slimming World I have so much more energy and need so much less sleep!

    I woke up at 7am this morning with loads of energy so went for an hour long walk (Paris was so sunny this morning!) then came back, went to the supermarket to stock up on fruit and veg, came home to make a huge vat of bolognaise and clean the house.

    So far a very productive day!

    As you can probably tell, today will be a red day today. I think I ODed on carbs yesterday.

    Planning on freezing the bolognaise (although I may have a cheeky bowl before going to work!) and will probs have chicken breast and broccoli this evening. I finish work at 9pm so by the time I get home and am ready to eat it'll probs be quite late and don't like eating heavy stuff before bed time.

    Last week I had such a small loss and I'm wondering if it could be down to eating too many bananas on red days? Anyway, I'm going to try and cut them out this week and see if things speed up!

    I'm going to Barcelona at the end of the month and would love to at least have lost a stone (in total) by then!

  6. MrsGinger

    MrsGinger Silver Member

    Stopping by to subscribe! I started at 118kg and that's only 4 months ago although I do calorie counting and MFP not slimming world but I see people have great success with SW. Looking forward to seeing your journey unfold, good luck x

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  7. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Gold Member

    Thought I'd stop by and say hello :)

    How incredible that you got to move to Paris!! And yeah, you'd have to be a bit insane to not cave in to all the lovely food ;)
    And I'm pretty sure you're not gross and your husband in no way thinks of you like that!!

    What is it you and your Mr do?x
  8. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    Hello ladies!

    Thanks for subscribing :D it's funny knowing people are actually reading my ramblings!

    You both are doing so well! I can only hope some of your willpower will rub off on me!

    I came to Paris to go to Uni. Met my OH quite early on (knew it was right straight away) and we got married in 2012 when I finished my degree. I'm working in Cultural Relations and Fabien is a professional basketball coach, he does some refereeing and also plays for the local 'amateurs' team. So basically, I sit at a desk all day while he is running round like a maniac doing sport 24/7....hence why he can eat croissants and macaroons and pizzas and kebabs etc etc all day every day and why I ended up putting on so much weight!

    He is lovely though. I am a keen cook and he has been trying to savour all the new slimming world dishes I've been trying... I thought I'd really managed to win him over until I came home early from work on Friday night and caught him trying to quickly stuff down a kebab and chips before I came home and fed him salad!


    Lunch: Had a bowl of the bolognaise I made this morning. Everything in it was free except for a tbsp of oil. I'd rather syn it as I it will probaby make at least 6 portions (maybe even more like 10!) So I'll count 1 syn for that bowl. Also had 28g cheese grated on top (HEA).

    Snacks: I made 2 (yes 2!) fruit salads to take to work with me (I'm a big snacker and need to be protected from the chocolate machine!). One had strawberries, kiwis, and banana and the second one was made from frozen rasberries and frozen mango chunks. Both were definitely needed!

    Dinner:I'm just making dinner now. We'll be having a chicken breast stuffed with 1 light dairylea triangle and garlic. Would this be 1 syn for the triangle? I'll be having broccoli with it and Fabien will be having rice to keep his energy levels up :jelous:.

    Have a lovely evening!!

  9. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Gold Member

    Hehe yeah I can see how Fabien's work life would have such a positive effect on him physically. Plus, men lose/maintain weight really easily compared to us. B*stards ;)
    Lovely how you met btw. I think sometimes you just know :)

    I don't know how you didn't turn your day in to something else and have rice. Well done to you! I'm a proper carbosaurus!! :eek:

    Your fruit salads sound amazing! I do love a good fruit salad!! They help me out in work too, esp when I'm on long shifts. xx
  10. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    Yeah it's crazy! He can lose 10kg at the drop of a hat without even realising! After my 3rd weigh in I was really happy with a 3kg, then he gets on the scales and had lost 10kg since the last time he'd weighed himself (admittedly a couple of months ago). I have to try sooo hard!!

    Saying that I did just eat a whole head of broccoli so I think I compensated!!

    Yeah, fruit salads are so good :) I must admit I got the idea from your thread! The only thing is like 4 colleagues passed while I was eating it (I was eating at my desk as didn't have time for a break) and made diet comments. It sounds silly but I don't really want people knowing I'm on a diet. Mainly because I've almost failed in the past I guess and I don't want colleagues seeing this weakness in me (incase I do fail!)

    Anyway, just realised I hadn't really had many syns today so just made myself a hot chocolate (I think it's a like a French version of options the one I used, 40kal per 11g) and 2 cheese strings :D

    Now I'm going to glug plenty of water and go to sleeeeep.

    Mrs Ginger - what is MFP (sorry if I'm being a dope!) your weightloss is amazing!

  11. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Gold Member

    Urgh boys and their crazy weightloss. I dunno ;) Lol!

    You got the idea from me?! Wow :eek: That's really cool!
    I'm with you on the diet comments. I have a thing about people seeing me eat and commenting on my food. From way back in my fatty days ;) It takes a lot for me to eat in front of other people, esp new people, and it can be quite a problem. I'm a fan of big portions and I really suffer with comments in work because people are amazed I eat what I do and have lost weight. It makes me very uncomfortable. I know it's silly, but I understand where you're coming from!
    The thing is, it probably doesn't even cross anyone's mind that it could be a "thing".

    Yay for leftover syns! I just had a hot chocolate too. On a fast day as well ;) Lol!

    MFP is My Fitness Pal :) An app for exercise and calorie counting and stuffs. Very useful! But we're not supposed to talk about these things on here :rolleyes: xx
  12. Tetris

    Tetris Gold Member

    Hey girl! Popping by to sub :)
    Sounds like you're doing great with SW- fantastic that you've already dropped a jeans size! And that you're feeling more energy- cool!!
    I've never really felt the more energy thing, always been a lazy git haha ;)

    Lolz @ Fabien scoffing a kebab! If I tried to feed my OH a salad he'd pie me with it- he won't touch anything green :p but he's managed to not moan through some of the awful SW meals I've made haha! (am not the best cook...!)
    All that wine and cheese in Paris must be sosososo tempting... Let alone the pastries! I was there in December and there were so many cheese pretzels on sale and they were so yummy!

    What confused you about EE days? Basically you mix eeeeverything from Red and Green days but you only have one of each Hex... So you can have chicken and rice but only one HexA and one HexB. Some people don't lose well with EE/Green days because of the carbs... I don't think bananas would effect you too much on Red days unless you had quite a lot of them! There was actually a huge fad 'banana diet' in Japan that promoted eating as many bananas as you wanted for breakfast, there was a shortage of bananas in Japan for a while because of it! They are about 100cal each though so yeah, if you're having 6 a day that's probably a 3rd of the calories you should be consuming in a day ;)

  13. MrsGinger

    MrsGinger Silver Member

    Oops didn't know it's not to be mentioned :/ naughty ginger!

    Once I'd lost some weight I increased my activity levels too... realised over time that I was finding it much easier to work further and that I actually enjoyed it therefore I'm doing loads of it now and I'm finding it helps a lot and offsets any little treats I have nicely so I think it will be more sustainable in the long run.

    My hubby has been dieting with me which has been really nice, at least your husband was TRYING to hide it so you weren't tempted! Keep up the good work xx

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  14. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Gold Member

    The not mentioning social media stuff is ridiculous!! Just didn't want you to get told off :rolleyes:

    I've never noticed the energy levels either! But I guess seen as I probably have ME that's not surprising lol! But yeah, think the energy increase is very hit and miss between people.

    Wow a banana shortage in Japan?! I don't think I could eat more than 2 bananas a day! They're nice, but there's other fruit I like more!
    If you're after fruit, but lower calories, I've found from doing fast days that berries are incredibly low calories! So maybe have a banana and then some berries too? Raspberries are 1 cal each and blueberries are even less. Strawberries are very low too :) Just an idea! xx
  15. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    Thanks for subscribing :)

    Tetris, did you enjoy Paris? I find it's much nicer in the Spring (it can look a bit grey in the winter time!)

    I could definitely eat at least 3 bananas a day! I have been limiting myself to 1 a day. Also, 100 cal for a banana?? That's crazy! I do like other stuff too, I've been having a lot of mangos and rasberries. I'll make sure I buy more on the next shop and forget the bananas!

    I'm terrible but I've always had a massive aversion to sport. I even feel really silly and out of place going into a sports shop! I do walk quite a lot, especially on weekends and I hope I'll feel more confident when the weight comes off a bit.

    That's lovely that your husband is dieting with you, Mrs Ginger. It must be a real source of motivation.

    I have had a massive FAIL of a day and am feeling really guilty!!!

    It all started when I woke up at 10am (the time I'm supposed to leave the house). I rushed around and managed to get to work on time only to find I'd forgotten to bring my lunch with me - ooops! Luckily I had made two fruit salads which I happened to pick up so ate those.

    I spent my lunch trip on a mad dash to M&S on the Champs Elysée (only place in Paris you can buy reasonably priced English food....i.e. sliced bread and baked beans!) then went to WH Smiths (ditto for English books!) then rushed back to work.

    Had a horribly crazy afternoon and when it was suggested we go for a well deserved after work drink I didn't have the willpower to resist....

    I ended up having 2 pints of Monaco (a weak shandy with grenadine). I reckon I used up at LEAST 16 syns :hide: This is all the more frustrating because I'm really not a big drinker and don't really appreciate alcohol. I very rarely drink so why oh why did I do it today??

    Pfft, anyway, my food diary goes something like this:

    Breakfast:Pink lady apple and a clementine

    Lunch:Fruit salad with banana, kiwi, rasberry, strawberry and mango. 1xdiet dr Pepper

    Dinner:2 x slices wholemeal bread (HEB), 1 tin of baked beans, 28g cheddar cheese (HEB)

    SYNS: 2xpints of Monaco 16 syns

    No spare syns today!! Do you think some of my 'unspent' syns from yesterday can cover for my shameless synnage today? I sure hope so!

  16. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Gold Member

    Ah dude sometimes we do stuff like that!! I'm not a big drinker either and can happily go for months without a drink. That drinks sounds horrible tho :p But then I'm a whisky drinker lol! And I do like my Swedish cider.

    I don't know why, but it made me smile that there's M&S' in Paris :confused: Lol!

    I've never been a sporty person at all! But I do have a thing for karate. And a couple of years ago I did take up running with my dogs - CaniX. And I LOVE swimming. I would swim everyday if I could. If I won the lottery THAT would be what I'd want :) Since I got ill though it's all gone to pot :( Looking at building up my dog walking again and then maybe gentle jogging, rather than all out running. I'm not very good at jogging and go all out in short bursts :eek: And I am looking at going swimming again soon :)
    I will NEVER be a gym bunny, no sir ;)

    Hope you have a good day tomorrow and remember your lunch :p xx
  17. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    Ah Monacos were my saviour as a student! Beer is about as cheap as wine (I really don't like wine) but I don't like the bitter taste. Adding lemonade and grenadine makes it lovely and sweet - and cheap! I really can't cope with anything hardcore like whisky! I'm OK with vodka, at a push, if it's reeeeaaaaally diluted with diet coke! It would also by much more syn friendly but theonly problem is it costs about 10€ for a vodka coke in Paris!

    Yeah there was an M&S years and years ago that shut down at some point long before I moved over. They re-opened on the Champs Elysées 2/3 years ago and now they have about 4 stores in Paris and it's suburbs. Honestly its amazing! Sometimes I definitely need home comforts like cheddar cheese, bacon, sausages, cottage cheese....a whole host of things you can't find in French supermarkets.

    It's great you love doing so much physical activity! I've never tried karate but I know I'm really terrible at running! Perhaps I'll give it a go when I've lost a bit more! Same goes for swimming...I'm too embarassed at the moment to put a swimming costume on! It's a shame you've had to stop because of your illness but I really wish you the best of luck getting back in to it!

    I hope I remember it tomorrow! I'll have to do my very very best to be syn free tomorrow to make up for todays splurge!

    Good luck for the early start! x
  18. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Gold Member

    Haha I'm a proper lightweight so even though whisky and bourbons are my drink of choice I can't drink very much of it. I do like Swedish cider, some American/Mexican beers, and also red wine. But yeah, I really can't drink much. Cheap date tho ;)
    10 euro's for a vodka and Coke?! Wow!!
    Then again when I was in Sweden we went to a beautiful cocktail bar and my friend treated me because I'd organised everything. Think it was £20 per cocktail :eek:

    It must be really nice to get favourites from home when you live abroad. I always love looking round supermarkets in other countries (proper weirdo!)

    Ah I don't do all that exercise any more. Not since I got sick last year. Not much hope of me ever really being able to do much of that again. Prob just short dog walks and swimming. Maybe the odd very light jog. But at the moment I'm doing nothing, walking my dogs very infrequently for 10-15mins at a time. I just can't do it any more :( Stupid b*stard illness!!
    Oh and I was terrible at running anyway lol. But I surprised myself that I actually enjoyed it. Wouldn't do it alone, but with the dogs it's much more fun :)

    Hope you're having a good day and remembered your food for work ;)x
  19. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    Living in Paris - that sounds soooo romantic! I know I'd really struggle with my weight there - all those gorgeous cakes, baguettes and cheeses; mmm.

    Am I right in thinking that you're using your old books? If so, you might be pleased to know that SW has now gone fully metric and as a result, you now get two grams extra of cheese! A HExA is 30g of cheddar, for example. A tiny amount, but worth knowing! If you look on the Syn Value forum, you'll find a thread called something like 'What are you using as your HExs today' - you'll get an idea of the new allowances from there and there may be other places on the site where you can pick them up as well. I know it's difficult to get certain things abroad, but have you checked that the yogurts etc you are having are both fat free and sugar free? Some of the yogurts previously allowed in the UK (Onken ones in particular) are no longer free because they changed the recipe and now have sugar in.

    I'm having some time in France in the summer so I'd really appreciate it if you could post names of products which are SW friendly. We tend to shop in LeClerc - I love their stores!

    Good luck with your weight loss - don't worry about blips along the way. We all get them and the important thing is to get back on the plan as soon as you can.
  20. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    Good evening!

    So, REALLY bad day work wise (I won't get into it as I have just managed to relax a bit and relaying it will bring it all back to the surface!) but a good day food wise!

    Cheekychinchilla, what a shame that you can't do it anymore! How frustrating! I know what you mean about being a lightweight though, 2 pints of monaco yesterday and I was gone!

    It is soooo nice to be able to get 'proper' food every once in a while! My family back in the North East of England always make fun of me because I'm clammering for a bacon sandwich! They can't get their head around it, as I'm coming from France, the home of 'la gastronomie'!

    Hi Notsofattypatty! Living in Paris feel really romantic some days and really stressful/depressing/claustrophobic other days! Parisiens tend to be very unfriendly, rude and really quite hostile! Some days it can really get me down but, if I walk from the Assemblée Nationale, over the bridge to place de la Concorde I fall back in love with Paris. It's such an amazing view it works every time! You see so many monuments and beautiful buildings on that walk (Hotel des Invalides, Assemblée Nationale, Grand Palais, Petit Palais, Concorde, Notre Dame, Sacré Coeur, Eiffel Tower) it really reminds me how lucky I am!

    Food wise, I tend to mainly buy staples/fresh ingredients. I buy 0% fromage blanc (which I think we'd call fromage frais in English...) That is 0% fat and 0%sugar and something like 20 cals per 100g so I count it as free. I buy a kilo of it at a time and use it for everything (I love putting a bit of lemon juice and a few chives to make a sour cream & chive dip!)

    Thanks so much for the tip! That 2 extra grams will actually make all the difference! (I love cheese! :D)

    I have a friend who works at Toni&Guy who is coming round tomorrow to cut my hair (YEYYY! - It is definitely time!) and in exchange I said I'd make him a beef stew with dumplings. I've made it SW friendly so far, thought I'd lift my portion out before adding gravy granules and dumplings to the rest of it! It's on the hob now, simmering away and it smells lush (my Mam said stews are always nicer the next day). I'm soooo tired but am doing my best to stay awake until it's done. Last time I made a casserole, one Sunday afternoon, my husband and I both fell asleep while it was on the hob. We were woken up hours later, the house filled with smoke and our next door neighbour stood next to us (luckily we'd left the window open!). Won't be making the same mistake twice!

    So, here goes for today:

    Breakfast: Rasberry and mango fruit salad

    Lunch: Ham salad (mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, green peppers and mushrooms) with a blob of fat free fromage blanc and 2xlight dairylea triangles (HEA?)

    Dinner: Steamed salmon and green cabbage

  21. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Gold Member

    Oh yeah big pan meals are always, always better next day!! Stew, bolognese, curry, chilli..... :D

    I'm sorry you had a crappy day at work :( Have a :bighug:xx

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