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Seem to be losing the plot....


Cute, but psycho!
Maybe it's because Christmas is close but I seem to be losing the plot, weight loss wise.
I'm not being strict enough, I'm not measuring syns and just having the odd 'this and that' now and again.
The stupid thing is that I'm not off plan, but equally I'm not ON plan either (if that makes sense). I've not been bad, but I haven't been as good as I should be. Star week this week too, which isn't helping.
Maybe I should just come off the plan until after the new year?
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Or keep as you are til Jan? If you decide to come "off plan" you may give yourself teh green light to pig out a bit. At least what you are doing now will keep you in control!
Also, think about what you want to weigh at your xmas weigh-in, and hwo coming offplan will affect that. And what about any possible gain? do you want your last few weeks work to have been for nothing? :)


Cute, but psycho!
I never have a weight in mind, no targets, they don;t work for me.
One problem I'm having is that at 18'5 stones, I'm not at a weight I was in my 20s (yes, I know) and I'm 40 next year. It's a comfortable and familar weight for me so I'm having trouble motivating myself...
Now what kind of thinking is this, coming off it till the new year. Sounds to me like you are looking for approval to do it, but you aren't going to get it on here hun. That is not the attitude you should have. Now pull the boots up, chin up and get back on to the plan 100%. It's still a couple of weeks to crimbo, that could be 4lb off, and it could be 7lb off by new year. Or, your way, fall by the wayside till new year and undo some of the good work you have already done only to have even more to loose come January. :whip: Hope this whips up some encouragement for you hun, just keep going. xx


Cute, but psycho!
No, I don;t want approval to do it - I know that's not the way, but it's how I'm feeling atm.
As I say, I've been struggling the last few weeks with this and I'm trying to think of reasons why I'm not 100% on plan, why I'm losing my motivation...and the only reasons I can think of are 1) I'm now at the weight I was 20 years ago and 2) it's nearly Christmas so what's the point.

Maybe I just want someone to do it for me!!
just think 6lb's of by the new year and you will be starting it in the 17's not 18's i have 11lbs to get to there by the new year come on we can do it !!!!!
If you are not on plan, then you must be off it already. I say, twoe more weeks strict, mega strict. Fourteen more measly days. Then let yur hair down for christmas. A third of a stone lighter!! Or maybe even nearly half a stone and in your 17s.



Cute, but psycho!
Well, I lost 2.5lbs this week, so I must be doing something right - unfortunately I put on 3lbs last week, so current total loss is 3 stines, 13.5lbs...seem to be playing with the same few lbs atm...
My body is playing with the same couple of lb's at the moment too-I feel your frustration!! But, like you, I haven't been 100% for a little while. Only got back on the wagon properly last week, so hoping I will lose something this week.
I know how you feel about Xmas coming up. I know I would really struggle to stay 100% over Xmas as my family want me to join in and eat 'normally', so I will be having a few days off over Xmas and a couple more for New Year. But I wont be going too bad and will still fit in as many SW meals as I can to help me at least maintain.
Try and stick to plan as much as you can until Xmas and then enjoy yourself. Oh and lots of love and good luck.xxx


Wishing and hoping!
it might just be a naughty habit - why dont you write down everything you eat then you might feel better in control. however, at the end of the day you have to do what makes you feel happy - take care!

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