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Seph's weight loss wedding diary - Last week!


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Couldn't resist making one after reading everyone else's! X3

So, I'm getting married on the 17th of October this year to my dream guy. <3 I'm determined to get down to my target size before then and astound everyone as I walk down the aisle. I've picked out my dress and I'm just saving for it at the moment!
Zoe - by Maggie Sottero

I luckily have no problem maintaining a weight, but moving in with my guy at the start of last year really did me in. I was a muppet and forgot my rice cooker so started eating what he did. Two months of pasta with cheese on top and I was 2stone heavier and not a happy bunny! T.T Since then thankfully I've not gained a single pound (when my body sticks to a weight it sticks to it!) but annoyingly I've not lost it either.
I have IBS so going for the "just eat more fruit and veg" isn't exactly an option when the acids in it make me bloat more than a super spicy curry! LT has not only helped me lose weight but my stomach hasn't been this calm in years!

I'm 20, in my second year of a Psychology degree (yay for being a poor student). Aside from my wedding my other reason for going on LT is my hobby; cosplaying (short for costume play, making and wearing costumes from books, tv, games etc).
I've been making costumes for about three years now (I even run my own commission service for wigs and a few other things) and I've always wanted to do some of the more revealing costumes but have never felt right doing it at my current size. As soon as I'm down to my target weight I've got a pretty special one planned: (That may or may not leave the house)

I'm a week into LT now, started last Wednesday at 85kg/187lbs and will(!) be getting down to 65kg as soon as I can!
Went for my first weigh in yesterday and I've lost 10lbs (though by this morning I'm down to 11lbs already!) and I'm down to 80kg.

This is me at the moment size 16 (as you can guess I don't take many photos of myself outside conventions):

I'll take more photos for every stone I lose and hopefully see the difference!
I hope I can be as successful and everyone else! You've all done so well!
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Here we go again!
Good for you Seph. I absolutely love the wedding dress. It's so beautiful. You will look amazing and stun your guests. Good luck.

Congrats on the first weigh in result, that's brilliant, keep up the good work!
Your dress is stunning, you will look beautiful and im sure the thought of you in it on your wedding day will spur you on.Good luck



I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya Seph, Wow your dress is gorgeous!!

Welcome to LT and the forum xxx
Steph, you will easily lose 20 kg by October. Your beautiful dress gave me goose-bumps!!! Just stick to LT 100%, we will all help encourage you, darlin' and the time will pass really quickly.


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Thanks so much everyone! I'm finding it a lot easier to stick with now I'm not actually hungry anymore though those smells are still so tempting. I'm making a list of all the things I want to eat once I'm done. X3
Your dress is gorgeous ...Goodluck x
Blah been feeling more and more rubbish this week. The flapjacks are terrible so I've only been managing to eat half of one each day and I'm sure it's really slowed the weight loss, I've been stuck at 80 dead on all week. Going to be really annoyed if I've not lost anything by Tuesday. Switching to just shakes next week considering they're the only decent thing to eat.
Feeling really great today! I've dropped another two 5lbs since my last weigh in and it's not even tuesday yet which means I've lost over a stone in less than two weeks! Took my measurements and I've also dropped 2 inchs off everywhere! I honestly can't see the difference myself but the inches don't lie!

We're going to book the registry office on tuesday after my weigh in so I'm going to be on a total high! I'm going to Bath the week after to take a look at wedding dresses too. I've found some more online including one exactly like the first I've picked but a little puffier so I've got to take a look at them all and see which I prefer.
Thanks so much! ^^

Had my second weigh in today and I'm down 5lbs! Not as much as what I would've liked but considering I've been having 2 meals a day mostly this week I'm pretty happy still. Got a huge stock of chocy and strawberry shakes for the week so I'm looking forward to getting through them! Ideally I'd like to lose around 7lbs or up next week now I'll be back on track and not starving.
Glad to see the back of those flapjacks! I think they're the cause of my dodgy tummy this week which still hasn't gotten much better.
Has anyone else had massive fits of hiccups?! I noticed I was pretty bloated and gassy all week and in the last two days I've had three lots of hiccups!


Slowly but surely!
Well done on you loss hun, over a stone in 2 weeks is amazing! I only tried the flapjacks once and hated them as I do most the LT stuff lol I have lived on choc shake alone the last 4 weeks lol x
Over a stone in 2 weeks is great, well done!
Really looking forward to WI 3 tomorrow! Just looked up my ideal weight and I'm only 13lbs away from a healthy weight!

Just took my measurements and I've dropped another inch off my bust and hips and 1.5 inches off my waist!
Currently: 43-32.5-43
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Ended up not going to the weigh in today because I was too busy. We're heading over tomorrow instead.
I did get a nice surprise today however when I tried on my old jeans. My new ones were far too baggy but I'd gotten too big for my old pairs (that are actually my fiance's old jeans from year 8!). Slipped on a pair and they're close to too baggy! I have a great pair of jeans that are a size smaller and I'm looking forward to getting into them! They're close to doing up atm so a little more and I can wear them again!
your dress is gorgeous, wishing ya all the success with the weight loss, ya seem determined and thats one last hurdle to get over with. Well done on your weight loss of this week, good result
Went for the weigh in today and I've lost another 5lbs. I'm almost half way there now! Really looking forward to stopping LT and getting back onto good food!

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