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September 09 wedding

Hi my name is Mary and Im getting married in September. Im 5 foot 4 and weigh 15 stone 6 at the moment so very overweight. I would like to shift as much of this as possible but just dont know what diet to do or follow?? :confused:

Have been doing ww for 4 weeks and have lost 4.5lbs. Would like to try CD but I have a lot of social commitments between now and the end of March. Maybe ill try it in April and May?

I was also wondering about calorie counting??

Any help and advice is appreciated.
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Hi Mary. Well done on your weight loss so far. I am in a very similar situation to yourself. I am getting married in October this year & after a lifetime of being fat, I have decided that on the most important day of my life, I will NOT be the fat bird in the white dress!
I have tried WW before & had ok results - although counting points is an easy way to track, I find that I have always ended up obsessing about food all day long!
This time I have taken a different approach & am on the W8 programme. Results so far have been encouraging & I keep telling myself that one day I will be able to eat normally, just not at the moment! Different things suit different people, but whatever you go for, you have to have the determination to do it! - You can see how I'm trying to convice myself!
How are you getting on today?

Ive never head of W8? Dont think we have that in Ireland? Im thinking Im going to give Celebrity Slim a try. Its restrictive but not as restrictive as CD or LL. Gonna go to the shops tomorrow to get it and start on sunday morning!

Watch this space!! :D

Hows your wedding plans coming along? Did you get your dress yet?
I've never heard of celebrity slim either! Everyone is different & it's good that we have choices. That's why I chose W8, because at least I get to add-a-meal everyday if I decide to.
Had my weigh-in today, only 1lb off - not happy, but not going to let it put me off!
Haven't started the dreaded dress shopping yet - can't bear the idea of it! My first appointment is in 2 weeks - scared that nothing in the shop will fit me!
How about you? Do you have the dress?
Hope the start of this new programme treats you well - let me know how you get on. x
Hey ScaryMary,

I'm getting married 5th September this year - 5th Jan I weighed 15st 8lbs - I'm in my 8th week of CD and have lost nearly 2 1/2 stones! - I would recommend Cd to anyone - I am a very sociable person who always has this or that party to goto - there are ways of doing it - I found it hard to not drink at first but the way I see it is what is 4 months without going for a drink or a meal? the biggest treat of all is seeing such fast results!

I haven't got my dress yet - I've been to try on a few but have a few appointments towards the end of march.

Best of luck with whatever you decide and no matter what you'll look fantastic on your day

Hi guys, im getting married 4th september and am on slimming world. Only just begun and hoping to lose about a stone or slightly more. Bought my dress in a size 12 and only just got the zip up so hoping by september it will fit beautifully. Good luck ladies x
How's everyone getting on? I'm going back to the bridal shop on Friday to try on the 2 dresses I narrowed it down to on the first visit. This time I'm taking my mum & sister to see what they think - they probably know me best, even if their taste is about as far removed as you can get from mine! I'm also going to ask the latest that I can leave it before ordering - I just worry that ordering a size smaller will all go horribly wrong!
Starting to get comments from people noticing the weight loss - it feels GOOD! :clap:


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How are you ladies -who still have a lot to lose- going to go about choosing a dress or at least a style for the dress? I would love to at least rule out some but I have spectacularly much weight to still lose and no clue what will be appropriate then!

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