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September Slimming World Buddy

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by Irishtweet, 27 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Irishtweet

    Irishtweet Full Member

    As September is looming, its time i got my finger out and got stuck in. Bridesmaid duties are in 3 months.. ive 3 months to shed as much as i can..

    Im aiming for 12lbs loss for September.. Are there any buddies out there that would like to join me??
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  3. Amy85

    Amy85 New Member

    Hi-I'm with you on this! Have just joined the forum tonight. I re-joined SW back in May and only half a stone down so far, but life just gets in the way sometimes! So I'm trying to kick-start myself and a challenge like this is what I need!

    I'm hoping for 10lbs off in September (minimum!) I have set myself mini-targets and aiming to lose 30lbs by my 4th Wedding Anniversary early December. So I guess we have a similar timeline in that respect?!

    Good luck, am sure you can do it!!

  4. dellyw77

    dellyw77 Member

    Im in.... need to drop 20 or so pounds for xmas !
  5. coughdrops

    coughdrops Silver Member


    I'll join too if you don't mind.

    My goal for September is to have at least 25 days on plan, if not more. I don't really have a weight goal, but would like to be well into the 13s by 1st Oct.

    I'm going to be doing red and green days, and drinking plenty of water. I'd like to post up my food diary every day to keep on track, but I can do that on a separate thread if you don't want it cluttering up this one.

    Good luck!
  6. sleepymum

    sleepymum Silver Member

    Hi folks

    Hope you don't mind me joining! I'm rejoining on Thursday but getting back into the swing of things... Slowly!!

    I would like to loose at least 10 pounds in September... Weigh in will be Thursday week!

    Best of luck everyone

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  7. Irishtweet

    Irishtweet Full Member

    Welcome everyone..great to have some buddies and looks like we're all on same page with targets this month..

    Feel free to upload food diaries here as it will give us all ideas as to what to eat and in addition point out any issues...

    Looking forward to being 12lbs lighter by 1 oct :)
  8. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Hi everyone! Mind if I join you? I'm hoping for 12lb off this month. My first weigh in is tomorrow!
  9. Irishtweet

    Irishtweet Full Member

    Didnt have a good start as ate alot of bread today..but I drank lots of water:) ..eek lol..great start eh!
  10. dellyw77

    dellyw77 Member

    I like the idea of mini targets ... Day 1 for me - no wine ! Good day and a fridge full of free food for tomorrow , my work uniform trousers are a but tight so that's inspiration enough

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  11. coughdrops

    coughdrops Silver Member

    Day 1 Sept 1st Green Day

    Breakfast- yogurt, coffee (milk from HexA1)

    Lunch- Jacket potato (1.5 syns - it was a shop-bought frozen one)
    45g reduced fat cheddar (HexA2)

    Dinner - taco seasoned quorn mince (1 syn)
    side salad of rocket, peppers and chopped apple
    coffee (milk from HexA1)

    Snack- Orange options (2 syns)
    2 Aldi benefit light bars (HexB)

    Ice pop (5.5 syns)

    2 litres of water, 1 mint tea

    Total sysns - 10

    Was happy enough with Day 1, but I have a rotten cold so I am also taking cough medicine which could very well be syntastic! I don't mind though, once I have my food/drink sorted.

    Good Luck with Day 2 everyone
  12. Irishtweet

    Irishtweet Full Member

    Best ofluck..Im not putting ydays up but I'll put today's up later...

    Just make sure u eat more superfree with every meal get the melon out!!
  13. BrokenMirrors

    BrokenMirrors Full Member

    I'd like to join as well please! My weigh ins fall so that I have 5 in September so would like to lose 12 pounds :) I've had a rough few weeks, my losses seem to have slowed right down so need a good kick!
  14. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    4lb off today! 8 to go this month.
  15. sleepymum

    sleepymum Silver Member

    Today wasn't a great day but not a total disaster either!!!

    Had a good Breakie, lunch and dinner, but then ate a lot of chocolate...

    Was good and know that the trigger was getting petrol in the car!

    Made me realise that the hubby will be filling up the car for a long time.. Lol

    Hopefully tomorrow will be good and then going to class on Thursday!!

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  16. sleepymum

    sleepymum Silver Member

    Well done dominoes! That's brilliant!!

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  17. Amy85

    Amy85 New Member

    Woo hoo great start everyone! I was pleasantly surprised at my weigh-in tonight, lost 4.5lbs since last week! I haven't been an Angel, however I haven't really binged which was a big problem for me! Big emotional/boredom eater so stayed in control somewhat more than normal.
    Keep going guys!!
  18. BrokenMirrors

    BrokenMirrors Full Member

    Down 3.5lb this week, 8.5 left to go this month!
  19. alliejayne

    alliejayne Member

    Hello everyone :) I'd love to join in! I joined back to slimming world last week, first weigh in is on Thursday. I'd like to lose a stone throughout September. I've got quite a lot to lose so I'm hoping that isn't too big a target!
  20. Irishtweet

    Irishtweet Full Member

    You can do it!! We all can!
  21. Bethanie

    Bethanie Full Member

    I'll join too if that's ok, 12 lb seems realistic so I'll go for that.
    First September WI today was 4 lb, 8 to go.
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