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serious pain, constipated and weight gain


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I hope someone can help. I have had serious toilet troubles, been straining to go (sorry if TMI) badly and yesterday ended up in so much pain I cried all morning. I finally went, with some relief, and am feeling a little better today. i have continued to take the movicol i am on and am using the Physillium now too. I intend for that to never ever happen again. My secondary concern is that I seem to have gained 3-4lb. Could this be water? I was wondering if my body was sort of in shock after my horrible day yesterday and whether it would go again. I have moved up plan this week to 810 to try and ease my problem and have remained in ketosis most of the week. I have upped my exercise too. i certainly havent eaten enough excess cals to gain that much weight! I feel so wrung out and in pain and this is making it worse. Please help!
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Oh sweetie, i totally sympathise.

I have had exactly the same experience, and yes I cried as well. It is absolutely horrific.

I now take fibre whatever! from CD - nearly every day - when I remember!! Although I'm doing SS+, bowel movements do become more regular.

Not sure about the weight gain, but I'm pretty sure I was in shock after my experience. It probably is a touch water retention.

Take care,
Weight gain is almost definitely going to be water retention. 4lbs is only going to be 4 pints of water, which when you look at the amount we drink each day on this diet is not a lot really.
Somebody on here once suggested the peanut bars help, i don't have a major problem in terms of pain but can go 2-3days inbetween, had peanut bar last week and noticed immediate difference. Hope you feel better soon xx
Google 'Abdominal massage' or 'massage relief for constipation' as there are certain things you can do yourself to get things moving - there are even some Youtube videos showing you how to do it


Tequila makes miaow happy
Thanks for your replies everyone. Richman, are you feeling better? I am still struggling a bit, and still 3lb heavier, though my jeans feel loose. Going to have one last day today and if nothing shifts i will have to go to the doctors
Hi all,

Do you need to glug a bit more water?

It always helps me with my bowels and water ret. It has also given me relief from tummy aches and things.

Of course if you are drinking enough....try the fibre stuff you can get from your CDC


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ooh i feel for you, going through it to, i have now been doing senna and dulcoease, really strong black coffee, massage, my back is killing and feel soo blocked went to boots and got some suppositries(i think i spelt that wrong lol), trying to work up to using them, i drink about 4-5 litres of water a day and even thats not helping, cant wait till this diet is over so i can pooh again lol xxx


please try again
the bars can make some people windy, for me personally they tended to make my stools (tmi coming up ) loose and easy to pass and i only ever had the toffee or chocolate bars.

currently for me i use the husks daily and movicol and if thats not helped then once a week if needed i take a constipation tab ( dulcoease and the like ) i take it at night and by the morning i really have to go
I totally sympathise, I suffer badly! The weight gain is associated with water retention, which is a usual sign/symptom of constipation

Take movicol... take 2 sachets a day until you get the desired effect! Your stool will become soft and hydrated, so it won't feel like you're passing shards of glass (which is what I end up with on Dulcolax/senna, followed by a whoosh of runnips, which have forced out the hard stuff!:eek:)

Movicol is NOT a pergative (it doesn't make everything go through quickly) all it does is make your poo more water retentive.... it's soo good a rehydrating it, to give you a comfortable result, with no stomach cramps. I now only take 1 sachet every 2 or 3 days. It keeps me regular. (if you can call twice a week regular!)

It is expensive, and it tastes vile IMO, I acknowledge that, but it's cheap compared to haemorrhoids!

Fibre 89 is OK, but not enough for me. Psyllium husks are the work of the devil! The capsules are too big to swallow and the taste/texture of the loose ones makes me heave!


Tequila makes miaow happy
Thanks so much everyone. I have been taking the movicol, and the senna and coffee and water. i finally 'went' and it was the most intense pain I have ever experienced. My stool was very large and compacted and did not want to come out of the space available. I still feel like I need to go more, but cannot. I really want it, and the damn weight gain, to go away!
"Psyllium husks are the work of the devil! The capsules are too big to swallow and the taste/texture of the loose ones makes me heave!" Love it... its the same for me too..... I use the capsules, but remove the contents and add to shakes, not so good in soups.... fibre 89 better for those and then either use suppositries or Movicol when i am completely bunged up (once in 8 weeks)..... Good luck.
I take laculose and that usually does the job. It was all I had in the house when I had really bad constipation and thought it might interfere with the ketosis but didn't seem to.


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im glad you got sorted, i have been sat on the loo for an hour now lol, i have seat imprints. today ive had 2 senna 2 dulcoease, 2 supposotories, have been a tiny bit but my belly is huge, and i am in bits, if i get off i get the urge to go if i sit down nothing happens, i dont blame you if anyones having a giggle, its so funny but painful aswell. going to ask doc for movicol but what should i do in the mean time, the supositories work straight away but a tiny bit, i cant keep it in there long enough to do a proper job, does anyone know how many you can use in one day, thanks xxxx
yesterday had never been on so much pain in the whole 7 months with constepation but i jsut could not do what i wanted but couldnt leave the house as felt it was on way!! I pushed so bloody hard that ive manged to pull a muscle were i wont mention!! when i cough or sneeze in lot of pain now!!


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oh bless, lol


needs a real kick in the
ok got movocol today still feel bloated and in pain, and sick. belly kept me awake last night, dont know what else to do, dont want to stop diet which doc suggests if it doesnt ease up, xx

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I took 4 Movicol (two at a time) within a few hours. You can take up to 8 a day according to the pack. Make sure you have enough water with the. Also leaning backward rather than forward also helped!

Try this too:

Abdominal Massage for Constipation

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