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SERIOUSLY craving food/naughties..


Sensibly losing :)
I am having my first bad day it seems.. can't shake it off. Have tried everything I can think of.. its literally driving me round the bend and its in my head at every moment. Its not been helped by the fact that I just had to pop to tescos and have bought the kiddies a nice lunch and some other bits n bobs... it not out of the ordinary.. I did the big food shop online to avoid it but have been to the shops this week and not had a problem.. I feel like I am going out of my own mind.. I am really wanting the bits I have just bought, but I woke up this morning and it was as if my whole body was calling for food.. so think its been exaggerated now I have been out and bought bad stuff..

Its silly, I have been fine all week, not missed food and if anything have even felt completely empowered by being able to go out and only have water... but now look! Its my first weigh-in tmw morning at 10 and I am so so exctied for that i cant describe as I have had a cracking weightloss, i just dont know how i can get through today without stuffing it all up. I am 33 yrs old FGS and a thought about bloody onion rings or choc cupcakes has taken over my most sensible brain.. thats not right!

I wish it were later in the day then i would just slope off to bed with a hot cup of tea and sulk/sleep - its easier when I am not downstairs or near the kids stuff. But its only lunchtime and I have hours to go, plus I need to make a pie and bits n bobs for dinner... i think I may have to sew my mouth shut! Other than that I have no idea!
I have that sicky hungry feeling, loud belly and strange head!
No need to reply, just typing this out has removed me from the situation for a little while!!
Does this bit stop when you have been on it longer??
Thanks :)
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Sensibly losing :)
.. not sure if related but also have ulcers in my mouth for the first time in my life...?? very much in ketosis still so I know its not that i have slipped out... I just wanna stop this physical feeling in my belly (water n hot drinks not killng it) and the constant thoughts in my silly brain!!!!! frustrated is not the word!!! LOL!
I have days like that on and off, tomorrow i'm sure u will be fine! I went for an afternoon nap one day just to make thetime go faster :p Good luck, keep strong u are doing wonderful, anything u put in your mouth won't satisfy you half as much as losing a lb or 2 xx


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Keep strong!!! Go and sort out the kids rooms/clothes, have a sort through yours, read a book and the feelings will soon pass!!! It's first weigh in tomorrow.... Don't give in now!! U can do this and u will have a great loss tomorrow!!!

Cham Pers

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After 15 days and 1 slip up i finalky dont want any food. This time last week was hurrendous i just didnt know what to do with myself as i felt so empty and needed food. Today ive been baking and really not bothered about it. Sandra said this day would come but i didnt believe her at the time because the urge to eat was so consuming!
i was like that for a while too i kept craving breakfast rolls and hot chicken rolls but kept strong focused on my goal and resisted all temptation. The feeling does go its your brain trying to trick you into eating. keep strong and best of luck


Never Ever Give Up!
I'm in my 11th week and I'm still starving! Some days are worse than other ones though... :(


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Hate to say it but .... i'm not surprised. You really didn't trick your mind yesterday when you chewed that piece of food and this is the outcome.

There is no 'cheating' or 'tricking your mind' on this diet im afraid.

Glug lots of water, keep yourself occupied and think how your end goal. That should get you through the rest of the day.


Sensibly losing :)
Thanks all :) Much appreciated.

I have had a terrible afternoon and I caved. It was either that or go insane or collapse. I seriously felt ill in the end, couldnt get up without feeing giddy and having to hold on to the sofa.. and with 3 kiddies thats not what I need.. I ended up having some cubed plain chicken (only 4 pieces about a cm in size each) and another shake that I wasnt even due for... the water was making feel sick and belly empty.. Anyway, I still dont feel good and I am off to bed at the grand time of 7.30pm! rock n roll eh! I feel bleugh, I have been doing quite a bit and I dont know if this has anything to do with feeling worse?.. I cant keep my eyes open! Hoping for a better day tmw.. going to have my weigh in at 10am and luckily the middle one is in nursery all day tmw and eldest at school which leaves me with just the little one so hoping for a more relaxing day. I know mentally I will feel betetr tmw having had my weigh-in as the buzz will sort me out.. I just hope that caffeine can help me tmw as I cant be feeling like today again... anyone got any tips on anything you can do to boost yourself a bit? is it a case of waiting until your body catches up???

Thanks again! .. and good night!! :)

Donna xxx
Ah Donna.. hope you're ok... funny you should have that kinda day... on the morning of my first weigh in (Day 8) yesterday.... i got up and felt lightheaded and very hungry and fed up.... went and got weighed and even with the fantastic weightloss i really struggled.... was out last nite in a hotel with hubbie and kids and what with dinner in a restaurant... brekkie in the restaurant this morning.... lunch out... then kfc on the way home.... i just pulled all my strength together... tuned out.... even put everyones kfc on their plates and got them sorted..... sat down with my shakes and here I am now... tired and a little bit irritable... but SO proud i got through this hurdle and am focused and back on track.... you can do this.... you know you can... think about why you went on it initially. I look at my two children and think im doing this for you.....


Sensibly losing :)
Ah thanks for that! I am having a really sh1tty day today, and feel even worse for coming on here and seeing how badly one of my posts was taken... I came on to try and make myself feel better and forget how I am feeling and then I see all of that and could thrw my laptop thru the wall ;) I wont of course! ... It wasnt intended and got taken out of context and I feel I have had my card marked now and thats it! hmm!

Anyway, you are SO right, I completely agree with you. I am also sort of day 8 as the day before I stopped all carbs and ate barely anything as I got myself in such a state about my weight.. I really do think that my body is catching up with itself. I am also on morphine, codeine, nerve damage tablets, anti-inflamms and have an underactive thyroid.. so its no wonder I am feeling a bit crap..! Anyway, I am in bed now, the world is good and I am knackered.. tmw is a new day! I am going to seriously hit the caffeine as before I was drinking tea and coffee all day - now I cant stand it black so have that slump to deal with.. its probably a combination of everything!
You wont hear any more whinging from my corner as of tongiht!! :D

How you doing? HUGE WELL DONE on your success!! Well done on toughing it out - you must have been buzzing!! :) :) xxxx
After 15 days and 1 slip up i finalky dont want any food. This time last week was hurrendous i just didnt know what to do with myself as i felt so empty and needed food. Today ive been baking and really not bothered about it. Sandra said this day would come but i didnt believe her at the time because the urge to eat was so consuming!
When will you lot learn that I am always right:D

So pleased for you babes, told you so.....told you so......told you so;) x

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Yep your so right Sandra hun, it comes in the end! It feels like hour after hour after hour you cant physically do it but YOU can. Donna the side effects will slowly dwindle away and you will feel great. Trust me hun just keep hanging on in there. Ignore all the other stuff that went on today, everyone has got opinions and its really OK to have a sense of humour so please dont stop being you. Your lovely as you are xxxxx
dont worry about your comment.... you meant it in jest and it probably just sounded worse! We're all on here for one thing and one thing only... to lose weight and support each other thru the good and bad times... im grand... but won't lie to ya I had to pull all my focus together to get through yesterday and today.... but glad I did it... this wont last forever.... before we know it, we will be back out in the world of FOOD and then let the real battle again... but you know what... BRING IT ON!!!!!

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
YEAH Leluna, lets DO it. Lets lose loads of weight girlies... COME ON! :)

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