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Seriously synfull birthday cake (Photos!!)

Its my birthday on Tuesday, we had a bit of a get together at my mums today and she made a serioulsy naught birthday cake :D

Ive been having low syns all week especially so i caould have a slice :D Mum cooked a big gammon, new potatoes, huge salad, full fat quiche (including cream) for everyone else and a little individual syn free pastry free quiche for me. So all of todays syns and the spare from the rest of the week made sure i could enjoy a very thin slice of this.....

I've counted 20 syns for my thin slice (plus as i said i had spare from the last 4 days too)

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Cakes looks very yummy:drool:

By the looks of things I can see you had a wonderful birthday!
Oh my gooooooodness! Not sure if I want to kidnap your mum to get her to make one for me or file a restraining order to make sure she never does ha ha!

Looks amazing! Happy birthday!! Oh and well done on just having a thin slice- think any good intentions I could have mustered would have dissolved right in front of me!!


Hula princess in training
Oooh Happy Birthday in advance :birthday: And that cakes look so amazing - Its making me drool :drool: lol

Well Done on saving your syns for it and sticking to having only one small slice!

*Runs off to get Chocolate Aplen Light bar*


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*its ok, there was fruit on the chocolate cake - so that cancels out all the syns in the cake, its special birthday magic* :)

Life is still for living, and allowing yourself a bit of your own birthday cake is fine. Everything in moderation is totally allowable, its when the niceties become more than just moderation that problems happen.
Hope you enjoyed every mouthful :)
What surprised me was that i had to eat my thin slice in 2 sittings (usually i'd be able to eat a big piece without even thinking about it) Just goes to show we get used to eating differently.

I did enjoy it though, and the raspberries went so well with the dark chocolate :candle1:

Helen xx
OMG that cake looks absolutely devine!!! I couldnt have stopped at a thin slice ..... mmmmmmmmm Happy Birthday xxxxx


Just doing it this time
OMGoodness I could JUST eat all of that, I LOVE chocolate cake. Scumptious. Making me feel hungry - better get to bed and quickly
Such an awesome cake! Happy Birthday for Tuesday x
Thanks everyone :)

My boyfriend said i shouldn't have posted photos when everyone's trying to loose weight, but thats the beauty of slimming world, there isn't anything thats 'banned' you just have to syn it :)

Helen xx
WOW!!!! that looks delicious!!!! Happy Birthday, have a great day !

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