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sero bars


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I like the chewy ones. Not so keen on the 'crisp' ones cos my teeth can't take it anymore:eek:

As for whether you can use them in maintenance, I suppose it depends whether you mean 'whilst moving up the plans' or when you've actually finished cambridge.

Moving up the plans: preferably not

When you've finished: Yes. You can have whatever you like, as long as you don't have too much of everything ;)


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Hi, I use them and a variety of other lc bars for maintaining. I did also use the tesco lc choc chip ones when losing on CD - with the blessing of my CDC - as the CD bars kicked me out of ketosis. I use the bars when I'm travelling or at work meeting when they're serving high carb or generally unhealthy food. I keep them in the car in case I get held up and am starving.

The best bit is people at work think I'm having chocolate and say things like ' you'll never keep the weight off like this' bless.
Do the Tesco Low carb bars taste ok?

It's just that I tried a Tesco Low carb shake the other day, and I didn't even manage to swallow the first mouthful - to describe it as edible would be a crime under the Trade Descriptions act:p

My CDC doesn't do bars:rolleyes:, and I'm away in a few weeks time so want to take some tetra's and bars with me to fend off too much naughty food, so if the Tesco ones are ok I'll get them instead!
The peanut and the cranberry crunch are lower in carbs than the other bars, I too have noticed the odd "twang" of hunger after eating one of these, my favourite being the chocolate orange!


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Yeah, it was the chocolate and orange that i had. thanks for telling me that. I will give the bars a wide berth i think

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