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  1. Honeymoon

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    I stopped Lipotrim just before Xmas after being on it for 14 weeks. My hair started to fall out drastically. I went to the doctors who put me on iron tablets and Levothyroxine as he suspected an under active thyroid. I'm now weeks down the line with no improvement and still losing clumps of hair.

    I'm getting married in 2 weeks and the whole thing is making me miserable.
    Has this happened to anyone? I'm not talking slight hair loss, I'm talking about drastic loss. I can see spaces on my scalp where there used to be hair. This is really not what I need before my wedding.
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  3. Peggyblue

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    Yes it happened to me. After 6 weeks it all levelled out - yes my hair looks thinner but it stopped falling out. I really freaked out and stopped Lipotrim. Don't panic you will be fine xxx
  4. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    Yes it happened to me both times I've done it for Long periods. But here I am. 3rd the lucky.

    Last time it was soso bad when I went on holiday I had to keep my hair tied up. Unfortunately mine last for ages. Its because your body is in starvation mode whilst on lipo. It gets rid of stuff it doesn't really need like hair. I think 8 weeks is about the cut off point before it affects it. Sorry sweet. Hope you get something sorted xx
  5. Crazii_Makeup

    Crazii_Makeup Full Member

    I had hair loss my first round of LT, my hair fell out from the back and all along my front hairline. So it was very noticeable but as soon as I stopped the diet my hair starting growing straight away and now I'm left with all these little baby hairs sticking up everywhere LOL. But I don't mind it because I know it will grow back and the weight loss is well worth it :)

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