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Sex life....

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Hi Keighleyjo2010,

I know exactly how u feel. I am not interested at all at the moment. However once we lose the weight then its wwwwooooooohhhhhooooooooo someone stop me lol. When i lost the weight previously it was him that couldnt keep up anymore...then i was pregnant lol. So dont worry hun u are not alone and as the weight drops u will get ur groove back :D:D
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I understand. At my biggest (22st) I dreaded sex. I couldn't understand how my boyfriend could be sexually attracted to me and didn't feel in the slightest bit sexy. I lost all the weight a few years ago and I was a different person! He appreciated it :)

Now the weight is coming off again I can feel my sex kitten coming back! I think it's confidence.

I hope you get your vibe hun x


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i've gone thorugh phases, but what's true for me, is the less sex i have, the less interested i am, and will make excuses to put it off. if i make myself go for it a few times, maybe once a week, then i get more into it.

also, it may not be an issue, but when i was on SSRIs (antidepressants), i had absolutely zero sex drive, and even if i did do it, i couldn't have an orgasm. nightmare.


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thought i would offer a perspective from a mans pov.
i used to enjoy sex but i found being on the diet my sex drive diminished, don't know why, but the thinner i get the better i feel about myself and my drive is starting to come back.
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There have been many factors that have caused a drop in my sex life, not just my weight or self confidence. When me and the OH got together (5 and a bit years ago) we were at it constantly, and it carried on like that for 2 years until I went to uni, then it was just constantly at the weekend! My weight only became a factor in our sex life about a year/18 months ago after i was assaulted on a bus because of my weight and i figured that there was no way OH could possibly find me attractive. Not the case obviously, he does, but once youre mind starts going down that road theres no turning back x
I actually have a much higher sex drive than my husband. I would be happy with 3-5 times a week and he would be happy with once a week.

I am 95% of the time the one who makes the first move and to be honest I do get upset and find it difficult to deal with if he doesn't want to. I feel rejected and hurt and feel that he doesn't find me attractive. Especially when most of the time my friends are complaining that their husbands want it all the time and they are practically fighting them off!

Anyway, I am sure that once you feel more confident in yourself you will turn in to a sex kitten! xx
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Kerrypants your story really touched me...I feel a little the same.my sex drive has gone and was a reason for starting the CD. The bigger I get the less I want it, feel self conscience and disgusting, now Im goign to do something about ti and get my confidence back!x

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