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HI hun dats really mean of your husband to say them things. Just remember if you ever need any support or someone to pull you away from stuffing your face after something bad happens, there is ALWAYS someone here to help. Its a great lifeline and i dont know if i could do it somedays without all the lovely people on this forum.

Good Luck with week 1 and just remember it gets a hell of a lot easier in week 2.
Noktula I'm so so so sorry to hear that your husband is so cruel in saying those things and making you feel so miserable about yourself.

You can do such a wonderful thing for yourself by following Lipotrim 100% - and i wish you all the very very best with it :)
Hey hun- good luck on your LT journey- it's fantastic and I'm sure you'll be shifting those 6 stone in no time.

Just think...in a few months you can be ditching your bigger clothes (and maybe the husband too!!! How awful saying cruel things to you! Grrrr!)


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Do it for yourself lexy not for your husband. You are beautiful inside and out no matter what size you are. Weight loss should be for our health's sake first and for our own wellbeing not to please anyone else. Good luck on your journey.
Welcome to the forum & Lipotrim - you've made a great diet choice & you'll be at your 6 stone goal before you know it! It's really awful that your husband is saying cruel things!

Good luck with your first week, it's the toughest, but will get easier! :)

Shut him up? f*** him! Bugger that!
Do this for you babes, make yourself happy- Not some insensitive prat. sorry -I know he's your husband but really? Do Lipotrim -beat the life out of it and gain yourself some confidence and self respect and know that NO ONE ever deserves to be spoken to that way.

I wish you all the very best of luck. But I hope you husband breaks his jaw.

WELL!! This just pi55es me off!!!!
what a horrible man!...babe, do it for u, not him, if he does not appreciate u the way u are then he is not worth being with u!...u go girl, do it 100% n show him what u gat, am sure u still hot as u are, but whatever makes u feel comfortable!
we are here if u ever need any adv regardin lipotrim! xx


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i'd be out of there like a shot! i'd call him all the names under the sun and then leave - who does he think he does calling you derogetory names cuz you have gained weight? you are the same person, just bigger!! He married you, took his vows and swore by them - he is a waste of a husband and you shouldnt be losing weight for him you should be doing it for yourself!! :) good luck on this journey though, this forum is great for support and advice so use us :giggle: xx


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I can only echo what everyone else has said!! What an ass! Sorry, I know you love him & all that, but as has been said- marriage was for better or for worse! I'm sure he's not perfect (his attitude alone proves that!!)
Lose the weight and get yourself a confidence boost to tell him to cop himself on before his smartass (& hurtful) comments leave him wife-less!!
what does the average man weigh? BINGO! instant weight loss... ;)

best of luck chick, we all want you to do SO well on this - but for YOU, not him!
Well said everyone.Welcome to the forum where you will meet loads of lovely people.
Good luck with your journey :)
Can ya bloody believe this? This post has played on my mind all day!

I know I've already commented on this...but I've really been dwelling on your post hun. I can't BELIEVE your husband has made cruel comments to you... I really can't. What a CHEEK. I'd bet fifty quid he's no oil painting, and for the person who supposedly loves you most in the world to be hurting you and sapping your confidence makes me REALLY angry. I know it's none of my business...but let your LT journey give you the time to assess your relationship with food...and with your hubby. I think it's outrageous that he would do that... and I hope that as you lose weight and get some confidence back you realise that too. Nobody deserves to have their self-worth destroyed. You are BETTER than that