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  1. MargotT

    MargotT New Member

    Hi. I have quite a lot of weight to lose and I was thinking of doing the shake that weight diet and I was wondering if anyone had done the total meal replacement 4 shakes a day and how that has worked for them? I am 16 stone and only 5ft 2 and feel like a total hobbit. So I really want to jump start my weight loss. I got a taster pack of the shakes and thought they were all quite nice... This is my first vlcd and I spoke to my doctor and she said it is fine for me to try but I just wanted to know what others had experienced...
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  3. Neveragain

    Neveragain Full Member

    I didn't want to read and run!
    I'm on 3 shakes a day with a 200 - 400cal meal and it was hard for 3 days but I'm in my stride now. But 4 shakes that's willpower! Go you!!!
    I hope someone does this too so you can compare and help each other out. Good luck on the weight loss! I'm in the honeymoon stage at the moment. Loving the shakes and not feeling hungry ( let's see how long this last! Lol )
  4. lisa027

    lisa027 Member

    Hi I'm on day 1 of this diet

    I've got about 8 stone to lose all together (daunting!!)

    I done Cambridge diet last year but didn't stick it out!

    How you guy finding it? X
  5. Mo2O

    Mo2O Member

    I've done herbalife, Cambridge and other random and make shift diets. But I've got about 10 stone to lose before next summer although I'm trying to lose 3 stone before my 24th in October. After crawling the internet for cheap diets, I stumbled across Shake that weight as realised it's just like Cambridge so I though to try it out. I ordered mine today and I'm going to have 3 shakes with a protein dinner. Be it a fillet of chicken, salmon, cod, tuna but a strict protein diet which will allow me to get into ketosis and to make matters worse in going Dubai next week!!! But how's everyone else holding up?
  6. lisa027

    lisa027 Member

    I'm on day 1 and hasn't been too bad, I'm feeling tired and got bit of a headache but still feeling positive lol

    I've got about 8st to lose in reality but find it daunting lol

    I'm sure you will lose what you want by time you go to Dubai!
    How you finding it? X

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