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Discussion in 'Shake That Weight' started by lisa027, 28 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. lisa027

    lisa027 Member

    Hey everyone

    I'm on day 1 of This plan! I'm hoping to stick it out as I have about 8 stone to lose (daunting!!)

    Looking for a buddy to go through it with to help keep me motivated lol xx
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  3. xsarah123

    xsarah123 Member

    Hiya, im on day 4, realy enjoying it. Strawberry shake my fave followed by choc. How you finding it today? Im on 3 shakes a day with one small meal :) xx
  4. lisa027

    lisa027 Member

    Hi Sarah

    I'm on day 2 and feeling good, I had a banging headache yesterday but I'm good today

    I'm on 3 shakes a day and a small meal too, so far chocolate is my fave, not to sure of the hazelnut lol

    Have you weighed yourself or checked if your in ketosis yet? X
  5. mileo65

    mileo65 Member

    Hi ! I have just started too.Day 2 weighing at staggering 130 kilos would love to hear about ur success x
  6. myvlcdtime

    myvlcdtime Member

    Lisa, well done on your great first week loss and hope there are many more :) :) :)
  7. nixb24

    nixb24 Full Member

    Hi Lisa027, I'm starting tomorrow also with around 7-8 stone to lose. I see u started 4 weeks ago, I was wondering how you've been getting on?? x
  8. lisa027

    lisa027 Member

    Hi nibx

    Well I fell off the diet and landed in carb lab and put all my weight back on haha

    How you doing? I'm on day one and so far I'm good lol x
  9. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    Hey Lisa, dont beat yourself up over falling off wagon. You are back at it now. Stay strong and keep us posted

    Charlie xx

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