Shakes: Hot or Cold?

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  1. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi all, at the moment i am doing CD SS and i am living off just Chocolate Shakes (i have it as hot chocolate). I am getting abit bored of it and want to add some variety to SSing so i want to try some of the other flavours.

    When i have done CD in the past, i could only stomach one flavour but i'm thinking my tatse buds might have changed so theres no harm in trying the other shakes.

    I am going to try the following flavours and would like your opinions to which shakes are nice cold and which are nice hot. I know everyone has different tastes but i thought it would be useful to ask.

    The shakes i am tyring are:

    Chocolate Orange (lactose free)
    Toffee and Walnut

    Thanks in advance for your replies xx :)
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  3. BeccaB

    BeccaB Member

    Cambridge diet
    I've tried the cappucino hot and cold, but did not like it either way, prefer the vanilla with a teasponn of cofee in it instead. The only other one I like on you list is toffee and walnut, but I know most people don't, I've never tried it with hot water though. I absolutely hated the choc orange and strawberry, and the butterscotch one I found okay and will occassionaly have. Have you thought about trying choc mint, its lovely both hot and cold, and the choc tetras are nice too. But as you say everyone has different tastes and I always find I'm curious to try them all anyway, and that my taste buds change throughout this diet and I stop liking something I loved the week before.
  4. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thanks for your reply Becca :). I think i will try the Cappucino hot and the rest cold. When you had the Vanilla with coffee, did have hot vanilla? I lived off just Choc Mint the last time i did CD and i used to have it cold blended with ice cubes. But this time round it tastes horrible. I hope the Choc Orange is nice, i love anything choc orange.

    I think my taste buds will also change from one week to the next. lol. I'm just hoping there will be one flavour i can stomach so i can have something else other than Chocolate. I also have Porridge sometimes and the Choc tetras.

    Thanks again for your reply.

  5. kokokisses

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    Chocolate Orange (lactose free) I want to try this one but my CDC doesn't provide it
    Butterscotch I love butterscotch and hadn't had it hot but may try it just to see.
    Toffee and Walnut This is gorgeous very cold.
    Cappuccino Haven't tried
    Vanilla Haven't tried
    Strawberry Haven't tried
    Banana Lovely very cold

    I haven't really tried many hot. I hope you enjoy them. xxx
  6. NooNoo1970

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    I have the banana and choc shakes, strange as I cannot abide bananas!
    BUT they have to be made up with loads of ice and chilled water. I crush the ice first add the water to make up to a pint and then tip in the pack, all of this I do in a blender, they are lovely think and creamy! and I drink with a straw.
    Dont really like any of the shakes hot, I have the tom soup but thats it.
    Good luck with your experimenting! Let us know how it goes x x x
  7. White Tulip

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    I have to have lots of ice with mine, not tried any hot. I don't have access to ice at lunchtime but the water in the machine is pretty cold, but not quite as good as the icy shake in the morning. I don't like the butterscotch - it reminds me of Angel Delight as a kid and I didn't like that !
  8. SacredSilence

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    I have the Banana, Strawberry & Vanilla cold.

    The Cappuccino, Chocolate & Choc Mint hot.

    Cannot stand the Choc Orange one which I`m surprised about cos I love it any other way usually. Can`t have the Butterscotch or the soups apart from the Tomato which I had hot but didn`t much like. Not tried Forest Fruits x
  9. Soon to be yummy mummy

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    Restarting Cambridge SS after gaining all my weight back :-( I WILL do it this time!
    Hey hun,

    Have you tried the choc mint hot and blended?? it makes it really thick and frothy - delicious!! my fave and i've been more or less living off it! lol!

    I also like the butterscotch hot and blended, and the strawberry and banana's blended, cold with lots of ice - makes them frothy and creamy.

    I HATE the toffee and walnut and forest fruits - they taste too chemically to me!

  10. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi ladies, thank you all for your replies. I tried the Cappuccino hot and the Choc Orange cold today and they both went down the sink, lol. They smelled gorjus when i opened the pack but then when i made them they tased awful:(

    I will try the strawberry and banana cold tmrw. I hope they taste nice.

    Thanks again for your replies xx :)
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