Shaking Beakers - Thank You

Good morning everyone
Thank you all for your replies about the shaking beakers (sounds like a strange disease?) I tried the herbalife one and it didn't work for my lipotrim. Maybe if you were superman, but even hefty me couldn't remove those lumps with shaking. Next time I'm in town I'll either go to Lakeland or Debenhams and get the much cheaper version. ;)
Don't generally go on line unless I'm off work so - day off work today, stripping wallpaper, clearing dust. doing washing, think I would rather be in work!
Lipotrim isn't going too badly - keep being surprised that I'm not ready to eat the cat yet. Maybe it's because I had a BIG break and I know that it will work if I stick at it. I really really want to shift it, when I saw the doctor last week, he had a graph on his computor of my weight imagine the rocky mountains, or the himalayas, I was in a nice deep valley, after him weighed me this time I started to go uphill again:eek:
Hope to hear from some of you, though I know the liptrim site is always quieter .
Good luck,
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Sorry it didn't work!!!!
It seems fine for me - I put the water in first, then the pack, then shake. I didn't get lumps when I put the shake in first